Pay it Forward…and then stay off the playground.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

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Let’s turn and burn.


And there goes some other bubble team’s hopes as of last night.  Villanova beat Georgetown last night in impressive fashion.  You can skew the RPI and conference record all you want now, because fact of the matter is this.  They have beaten THREE top five teams at the time.  It is a shame they don’t give out locations for teams and assigned spots early, because Nova can officially book their trip to the tourney.


Just when you thought the Yankees looked old going into the season, another one bites the dust.  Mark Teixeira injured himself in the World Baseball Classic.  Don’t worry.  This is not a hook about the legendary and mainstream powerhouse baseball tournament that we all wait for like the World Cup.  This is a hook about the fact that the Yankees are going to be missing several key players initially, along with having a high average (overpaid) age.  I have said this before and will say it again, with Toronto suddenly loaded for bear, and upstart Baltimore not going anywhere, they could be down and out before the All-Star break.  I didn’t even have to mention usual mainstays Tampa or Boston.  Wow.


Dwight Howard amazingly logged into this topic TWICE since my last blog, about two random issues.  He is backtracking on statements made about the city of Orlando and their fans, AND explaining to people why he is “text buddies” with Phil Jackson.  Maybe I should rename this topic.  Instead of “stupid,” we could call it Buster Howard.  Nah.  Then, my Rant Squad peeps would start complaining.  Regardless, Dwight, you qualify for this segment more than the average Joe.


I was going to “share” a serious story, but early today I received something that overrides pretty much anything.  I really like Aston Martins.  Seriously, I really just like the car.  Here is the ad, and you are welcome, gents.  Share with your friends.  “Pay it Forward.”

(I haven’t seen that movie in a while.  I need to see that again, and maybe turn it off before the cute kid gets stabbed.)


Capture aston


I watched the most recent The Following.  (SPOLIER ALERT)  I TOTALLY misread this whole concept.  I thought we were going to have at least a year of bad Joe staying in prison.  He ALREADY got out.  I would think that would be the cliffhanger at the end of the season.  I wasn’t even sure about the amount of people in the “cult.”  I think you all were a little premature with this plot twist…but I will continue to watch the thing.

Oh, and Scott, I still don’t have that game list.  Are you making me get the lines of all the games on my own to consult while you are in Vegas?  Send them over, bro.


There is a new AT&T commercial with the funny guy and the kids.  I would rate it higher than the monologue kid talking about more/less, and I appreciate them taking my advice on involving more kids in the dialogue.


Five.  That will be the number of teams from the Big 12 in the tourney this year, barring a run by Baylor in the tournament.  Transfer U beat Oklahoma State last night.  Their RPI is 51 now, they have a winning record in league play, and this win puts them over the top I think.  Oklahoma beat offensive challenged West Virginia, but it is still a game they should win.  Their RPI is 25 surprisingly, OSU is at 30, and they will join KU and KSU in The Dance.


Wes Welker will test the market in free agency.  I assume his phone is ringing off the hook right about now.  I would be calling him.  He hasn’t showed he is slowing down, has a specific role that no one outside of Danny Amendola can fill (the Pats hope), is smart, hard working, and better at least be getting a ring from area codes such as 215, 610, 717, 412, 267, etc.


Feel good story.  A fan at the OKC game the other night made a half court shot to win $20k.  Props to his luck, as he got on the floor by covering his Lakers jersey, drained the shot, and then told people that $20k would go all towards his wife’s medical bills.  She was diagnosed with cancer last October.


Vince Young is making a comeback, attending pro days and such.  He also wrote a letter of apology to Jeff Fisher for…being a pain in the ass during his tenure.  Talk about someone who should have quit after college.  Vince Young has the odd status of being one of the most irritating professional football players, but we will still remember his performance in the championship game at Texas as one of the greatest of ALL TIME.


We would really be testing the Ewing Theory

if Melo continues to be injured for the Knicks.  I love Bill Simmons, and I believe his theory to a point, but I think it would test it to the max if Melo wasn’t in the playoffs with the Knicks.   Different type of offense that needs Melo.  Of course, they DO play in the Eastern Conference, meaning they could probably at least win a round or two without him.

That is it.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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