Passing the torch…and a movie not seen by enough people…


Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Evening rant.  Let’s turn and burn.


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1)       If Alex Len goes #1 to the Cavs, I will eat a green olive straight up.  Or a pickle.  Or a black olive.  That is a HUGE bet.

2)      The Cavs are trying to get a dream trade.  They turned down Kevin Love today?

3)      With Aaron Hernandez going to prison, let’s see if we can congregate Rae Carruth, Lawrence Phillips, and him at the same prison.  That would be a hellacious WR-RB-TE prison football team combo.

4)      The NBA draft is tomorrow night, and I think I am in the top 5% of the population in excitement.  It is basketball, and combines my love of college and pro basketball into one night.  It is also a MORE interesting draft because when guys like All-ACC  CJ Leslie are probably going in the second round, the draft might not be flashy, but it is relatively deep.

5)      Federer goes down in the second round at Wimbledon.  He said he is fine and will look forward to next year.  Father Time says that this is one of your last runs.  Grass is fast.  Your skill is unparalleled.  But fast kids will start catching up with your skill on that fast surface you have made your home.  Hard courts neutralize your strengths.  Clay?  Nadal owns that for about two more years.  You might be done, bro.  I bet you it was a really fun match to watch, if you are like me and consider holding serve religiously “fun.”  Kind of like a pitchers duel.  7-6, 6-7, 7-5, 7-6???  That sounds like a fancy grass match.

6)      Suddenly, that whole orange sole story about Roger seems irrelevant and boring.

7)      I forget that 90% of the time I am sarcastic.  That hook #5 was not sarcastic.

8)      I admire Aaron Hernnandez.  He has somehow made it to this point in his life without ever watching Law & Order or CSI.  Dude, you killed a guy BLOCKS from your house and then tried to destroy evidence?

9)      Maria Sharapova is out of Wimbledon also.  6-3, 6-4?  You got smoked on what used to be your favorite surface.  This is crazy folks.  We are not even through the second round.  I know MOST tennis names within the top 100.  SEVEN past #1’s are out, seven people retired today alone, and even the dude who beat Nadal is out.  Azarenka is out TOO.  The road is becoming PAVED early for Serena Williams to steamroll this tournament too.  Maybe she should stick around for a couple more years.  People just bow out.  This ruins my dream of media fighting Sharapova and Serena getting together in the finals.

10)   I really want to go out and play bball again in a full fledged game.  I got game.  My knee does not.  It is days like yesterday when I didn’t do anything physical to tweak it that remind me I should just go by myself and shoot hoops.  It hurt, I can’t go less than 100% on the floor, I am a rebounder at heart, and I would have to look like late Kurt Rambis to out there now with both knee bandages and wraps.

11)   By the way, in the Fillerbuster’s world, one knee bandage is cool.  Two is NOT.

12)   I am sitting here depressed that Johnny Manziel hasn’t tweeted anything dumb in the last few days.  IF there were draft picks for my Rant Squad, Johnny Football is my LeBron James.

13)   I have no problem with LeBron thinking about MJ during a final shot in the Finals.  It is not weird.  He is not chasing present players after this last title, he is chasing players from the past.

14)   I am hearing that Warren G is coming to Denver in September.  Being that Regulators is hands down the greatest rap song in history in my book, I suppose I should work on going.  I think that my new guy Flo Rida is also going to be there.  It will be like watching one of the most underrated movies of all time, The Score.  Brando, DeNiro, Norton.  Changing of the guard.

14a)  PLEASE go rent it if you have not seen it already.

15)   There are more Brazil protests during soccer matches.  That is not the thing that is stopping me from booking Brazil tickets to the World Cup.  I don’t mind riots.  I have been in more dangerous situations than I should have been.  One more won’t kill me, and my bucket list still has the old running with the bulls thing and swimming with sharks.  This would just be a financial thing.  Now that the US soccer team looks good again, I am casually looking for a logistical plan to get down there.

16)   And boom goes the dynamite.  Dibs to the Supreme Court for giving the thumbs up to gay marriage.  Catch up, you people who aren’t down with this.  Or go grab a DeLorean and take a trip to the South a couple hundred years ago.

17)   It doesn’t matter whether he is new on Twitter.  It doesn’t matter that he is a cheater.  It doesn’t matter that he is overpaid.  It doesn’t matter that he has never really delivered in the playoffs.  It doesn’t matter if he was lying.  Brian Cashman?  You made A-Rod look like the GOOD guy by cussing at him on Twitter yesterday.  He is still your employee, and you are still the boss.

18)   I only mention this because one of my favorite friends and colleagues, Bob, is a UCLA guy, but congrats to UCLA for taking down the CWS title.  First one ever, and they took down the boys who took down my UVA boys.

19)   Lindsey and I took a Living Social deal party bus to the Blues Brothers at Red Rocks last night.  Let’s just say this rant is on the clock because that was the first time in about a year (ballparking) that I have been home later than midnight on a school night.

20)   LOCALS.  Go do a film on the rocks if you haven’t.  It is dope.

21)   There is that dope word again.  Damn.

22)   I think this Orlando trade for Eric Bledsoe is interesting.  Do it, Clips.  You get Afflalo, who is a shut down defensive 2 guard.  It is better than having two possible All Stars at PG, or making the backup PG a tweener SG.

23)   Boston Bruins.  You are cool.  Not that the lifetime tickets will be for that long, but giving that 77 year old fan who couldn’t afford your tix lifetime season tix was pretty tight.

24)   Are we STILL talking about Casey Martin’s golf cart?  Let the kid (now old man probably) play.

25)   Weird sports day.  Hernandez.  Arrested for murder.  NFL LB Walcott.  Arrested for murder.  Kerry Wood finds a body in Belmont Harbor.  Things happen in three’s, so we should be all good.  Don’t get any ideas, Marcus Vick.  I have to be honest with you.  I am not even sure if he is out of jail.  My Rant Squad is tough to track.

26)   The sweetest words ever sitting next to my buddy, Ponto, at work.  “Filler, I am making a breakfast burrito run.  Want one?”

27)   Tsonga was one of the retirees at Wimbledon.  Now we are at like TEN Grand Slams that I have predicted him to win outside of the French Open.

28)   Thanks, Chip, but we are not THAT mad.  Oregon only got 3 years probation and minimal scholarship losses.  Between that and the Seattle PED problem, what is going ON in the northwest?

29)   The Nets have asked about Kevin Garnett.  I would rather know about the plus .500 NBA teams who DON’T ask about KG.  It will be a shorter list.  Locker room presence, and still has a year or two left in his bones.

30)   Teixiera is done for the season?  The way this season has been going for the Yankees, this is a good thing.  I am joking of course, but I can’t believe they are where they are with the injuries they have going on right now.

31)   That is it.  Time to help Lindsey clean OUR new crib.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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