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  1. Collateral damage.  Birthday-safe.  Favorite gray pullover-gone.  I will take safe any day and buy another pullover.
  2. Sitting here watching OSU-UM.  Good game thus far.  Can you guys score a few more points?  Thanks.
  3. You $30 free at Charlie Brown’s if it is your birthday.  Best kept secret in town.
  4. So, I got into a situation I didn’t think I would would ever be in last night.  People were buying me drinks, and I had a couple beers and ate.  I thought the $30 tab was for food or drink.  I was wrong.  I was slow playing my birthday and then found out the $30 was only booze.  Let’s just say the next 10 minutes pretty much ramped up the night.
  5. Little things that make my brain go.  At the same time last night, it was 48-28 in both the WM-Toledo and TTech-Baylor game.
  6. The movie Nocturnal Animals…just looks weird.
  7. Someone is bringing mac and cheese tonight to Kristin’s food party tonight, and they better.  Charlie Brown’s didn’t have it, and I had to settle for queso and chips and a grilled ham and cheese.
  8. I eat like an 8 year old.
  9. I am not surprised that Baylor-Texas Tech went over the over-under.  What I AM surprised about is that you knew it was going over by the end of the first half.
  10. We are working on the whole #twocatmark thing.  I like what someone said last night for a tagline.  “Cats allowed, dogs preferred.”
  11. My wife and I have an age gap that sometimes, occasionally shows itself, and not just about Ratt and Winger.  My favorite conversation over the weekend was explaining to her that the guy from Frasier is not the guy from Frasier.  He is the guy who was on Cheers and THEN became the guy from Frasier.
  12. Something tells me Lindsey and I need a Cheers marathon.  It will give her a break from the eternal Seinfeld marathon she endures.
  13. People are not happy about it being a day after my birthday.  They are excited because I shave my horrible 1975 coach, 1979 porn star, any era weird possible sexual predator mustache in 4 days.
  14. So, did Texas really fire Charlie Strong now, or is this still just rumored?
  15. I lied.  My favorite part of the weekend was hearing what Drew said when he answered his house phone Friday night.  I can’t tell you any more.  Just had to pass along how funny Mahomes was.
  16. Marty, “I see what you did there,” the phrase I asked permission to use as my own, is spreading like WILDFIRE amongst Lindsey’s friends.  Thanks, man.
  17. Maybe that made you smile over the weepiness of your Nebraska demolition.
  18. Top Golf has PBR.  I tell you this, because it makes me think the $20 carafes of mimosa were BS.  PBR was $3.50.
  19. I would like to say that if I lose at pool on my birthday, which I did last night, it is a write off.  “Write off what?  You don’t even know what a write off is, do you?”
  20. This UM-OSU game from what I have seen is totally about making JT Barrett pressured in the pocket.  Constant.
  21. Wow.  OSU just missed a chip shot FG.
  22. I know people have Sirius.  My ride is 2005, so don’t.  Hell, I have a tape player, but unfortunately threw out my tapes when I moved in with this chick named Lindsey.  Anyway, I have to get lucky on normal radio.  Today, I drove home after getting Jackson’s refill of $45 medicine during Panama and Born To Run.  Not sure I can think of a better combo.
  23. I could try and explain to you how much I love the song Panama, but it wouldn’t resonate.  Let’s put it this way.  In 8th grade, we were allowed to do an oral report on any country in the world.  I did Panama and air guitared that song with a strobe light at the end of my presentation.
  24. LSU boosters must read my blog.  Yes.  Hired officially Ed Orgeron.  Well deserved.
  25. Not sure if the Cavs should be so proud of that two game 20 three pointer record.
  26. You can think whatever you want about Fidel Castro.  The fact is that he brought sport into the politics he supported.  He changed things and had a following.  We might do things differently, but I think we all want to change things and have a following.
  27. Peppers is so freaking good.
  28. Not sure if you are aware of this, but UVA basketball is pretty freaking good.  Just beat a pretty good Iowa team 74-41.  One of our closer, more suspenseful games.
  29. Thanks for dominating, Washington football.  You couldn’t score 2 more points in your rout?
  30. It is weird that I have to do it, but GO BENGALS.  Beat Baltimore, guys.
  31. Barrett has given up on having time, and is shredding the defense simply by running it.
  32. I am so sad.  Rooting for an OSU field goal and not touchdown, so they so into OT and get me over the over-under.
  33. I am older than Lindsey and all of her friends.  Got to be frustrating for them that my recovery time after a fun night is about 50% faster than them.
  34. Genesee view from her parents’ place.  genesee-blog
  35. Cats allowed, dogs preferred example.  people-with-puppies-blog
  36. Puppies sleeping.  puppies-sleeping-blog
  37. Yes, they dance too.  puppies-synced-blog
  38. Seriously, I will be a professional photographer in my spare time at some point.  Notice the moment I caught in the back right also.  Perfect.pancho-kelly-blog
  39. Of course, if you are NOT a puppy, it sucks.  not-puppies-blog
  40. It is like the band Chicago in the 70’s.  Got enough people?  waltz-enough-people-blog
  41. Yup.  They let me get up on stage and play on left.  me-waltz-blog
  42. I feel like I got shafted on the last photograph night of the mustache.  Nothing.
  43. I feel like if Michigan loses this game (in OT and covering the over finally), Harbaugh should blame it on his choice in glasses.  What is going ON with that?
  44. waltz-blog
  45. Think you are having a bad day?  No.  j-miserable-blog
  46. Blurry pic, but it was my birthday and a long night.  Image is still nice.  5-pts-blog
  47. Listen, I don’t know about you, but I just wake up and try to be as cool as this guy.  pancho-blog2
  48. Thought I was lying?  No.  bryant-blog
  49. Happy wife.  linds-j-blog
  50. Cervantes.  dj-cervantes-blog
  51. And finally, two of my favorite people met last night.  They both have the same view of the world, and they…are the shit.  Ross and Avery.  ross-avery-blog2
  52. Shit.  I just remembered we are hosting a party tonight.  I better clean up.  Gotta go.  Hope you enjoyed or at least more informed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.
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