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In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Day rant.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)       Greetings and salutations, people.  Let’s all try and get through the day not being as tunnel visioned as LeBron.  LeBron is hitting up the media about KG and Paul Pierce leaving the Celtics and how it relates to them BS’ing Allen last year about leaving.  LeBron.  Have a seat.  Slow your roll.  Turn off the microphone.  You LEFT Cleveland.  Allen LEFT the Heat (for less money).  Pierce and KG got TRADED to the Nets.  Big difference, King Einstein.  You are not as numbing as Snowball, but don’t let me put you two in the same sentence again.

2)      I will roll out my college picks tonight.  No time during the day.  I pledge to do MUCH better this week.

3)      The #7 recruit in the land chose Texas A&M.  If you were wondering about the enigma that is Texas sports, check out this.  The kid is from Texas.  He chose a Texas school.  Texas didn’t even make his final picks.  The rest were Bama, TCU, Ohio State, and FSU.  Weird, and a sign of the times.

4)      Case Keenum will start at QB for the Texans.  This would be the same Case Keenum who spent what it felt like 9 years at University of Houston.

5)      Vick is out.  Come ON Foles.  Fitzgerald got me a lousy 2.13 points last night.

6)      Ok.  I ran this by a coworker, so I am pretty sure I haven’t lost my mind.  When Arizona scored a touchdown late last night, the score was 34-22.  They went for two.  WHY?  You wait to go for two on the next touchdown.  You kick the extra point, making it 34-23.  Then, you score and THEN go for two, making it 34-31.  Then you kick the field goal to tie.  Idiots.

7)      Oh, and nice last drive, Carson Palmer.  Not ONE shot at a sideline pass to STOP the clock??

8)      Coach Woodson has told Melo to stop talking free agency.  I would stop that sentence two words earlier.

9)      Being down 3-2 in a best of seven games series is not good in any way.  Being down 3-2 and going BACK to Fenway is terrible.

10)   That closer for the Red Sox throws some NASTY stuff.

11)   Although I don’t buy cheese, Lindsey is having problems hiding HER bought cheese.  Sorry, Linds.  I will do better.

12)   When you go see a 200 million year old rock formation, I ask that you not be these people.  Yes, that is him trying to push it over, which he does and then celebrates.  http://deadspin.com/jackasses-topple-200-million-year-old-rock-formation-1447403778


13)   From Deadspin again, today’s unfortunate ad placement.


14)   For a season that is starting VERY soon, NONE of the major websites are writing enough college basketball buildup.  Or at least, not for me.

15)   I am writing this wondering why the mechanic hasn’t called about Eleanor.  It was just a tune up and to fix one little thing.  Maybe he had a couple urgent repairs come in this morning.  Yeah…

16)   I have suddenly gotten entranced with Smoked Tabasco.  I used to LIKE it, but now I kind of NEED it.

17)   Seriously, Seinfeld was smart to get out when he did.  I think about smart phones, watch all the episodes, and realize that pretty much not ONE of the episodes could come close to working today.  Their brilliance was miscommunication, and cell phones would have wrecked those plots.  At least I understand why the younger generation doesn’t think it is funny.

17a)  Actually, I still don’t understand why ANY person doesn’t find Seinfeld funny.

18)   Gronk is cleared to play this weekend.  Welcome back, and there is now an available spot on the daily sports wire for something pertinent after the last few months with you.  If we could wipe out the daily Derrick Rose updates, we would have TWO spots.

19)   That is it.  Going to save the rest for the weekend.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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