One of the FEW times my photo theme IS sports related…but it is what it is. The afternoon before my boys play the hometown team.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

It might be the weekend, but I am on the clock as it is NFL football day.  Let’s turn and burn.

1)  I never thought it would happen.  I admit it.  The Saints WON their appeal in Bountygate.  Do I agree?  Absolutely.  Roger Goodell is keeping players from doing dumb stuff at strip clubs off the field, and I like the strictness he brings to the job.  That being said, you are a fool if you think that bounty activities don’t happen to some degree in every locker room.  It is one thing to make an example of someone on a controversial issue.  It is a whole other thing to take a player off the field for a year who was just contributing to the system in place.  I am happy for Jonathan Vilma.

2)  I guess if you can’t actually WIN championships, you might as well use some obscure early 80’s ruling to just ADD some banners to your stadium.  Jeers to you, Texas A&M.  Most of us weren’t alive so we won’t fight you on this, but really?–ncaaf.html

3)  I would LOVE to tell you more about the BMW tournament in golf.  I would LOVE to tell you about how Rory and Phil are neck and neck on the front nine.  I would LOVE to tell you how Tiger looks after each shot as he trails by four.  I would LOVE to tell you about other big names on the leaderboard like Furyk, Scott, Singh, and Johnson.  But I can’t.  My boys don’t play until 6, but it would be just WRONG to turn to any other channel but the two NFL games.  WRONG.

4)  I didn’t catch one minute of Azarenka’s win over Sharapova.  But I could HEAR it from the bar in Colorado that I was at.

4a)  The sobber beat the shreaker.  I hope Serena hits a tennis ball in Azarenka’s grill today to stop that horrifying noise she emits when hitting the ball.

5)  I will come clean, and my explanation is not hiding anything.  I went 3-5 on the games yesterday in my picks.  My second straight losing week technically.  One, that is why I quit betting.  Two, it is early in the season and I wouldn’t be betting all these games until I figure everyone out.  Three, I would have won overall, because I would have bet a LOT more money on Georgia GETTING points and literally RAKED on Stanford minus 15 against DUKE.  Duke?  Whatever.  Moving on.

6)  Adrian Peterson started today amazingly.  He also already has 2 touchdowns.  Dude is simply a machine.  I remember watching this highly touted recruit’s FIRST game at OU, as I read religiously.  You could tell from the first time he touched the ball how badass he was.  And, evidently, he is a fast healer, too.  Bonus.

7)  The US lost to JAMAICA in soccer.  First, they school us at track and field sprinting.  Now, they are beating us at soccer?  When the hell did we suddenly turn into THEIR bitch?

8)  You have to give Rex Ryan credit.  It must have been TOUGH to not do ANYTHING in preseason that resembled what you planned on doing in the regular season.  The announcers were probably glad they didn’t have bloody mary’s before the game, because I watched the first half of their game, and their offense kept them on their TOES.  In the first 5 minutes alone, Sanchez AND Tebow lined up as receivers.  Crazy shit.

9)  I hear that Lance was barred from running a marathon in Chicago.  I am confused.  I understand not letting him do any cycling races, but why a marathon?  Are they concerned he is going to beat one of the Kenyans, and are they testing everyone else in the race?  It is running, not cycling, you clowns.  Let him do what he wants.

10)  Who is Tianna Madison?  She is an Olympian and, oddly enough, one of the few people out there being sued by her parents.  I think is was slander or something.  It was a dumb enough story that I didn’t really look into it, but was intrigued by the whole parents suing thing.  Come to think of it, why am I writing a hook about it?  How did THIS sneak on my legal paper list?  Damn.  I got tricked.  Moving on.

11)  I watched a movie last night again that is HIGHLY underrated.  If you want to watch an edgy, hilarious comedy that still ends feel good/ cheesy in a cool way, check out Role Models.  It has the hilarious psychologist from Two and a Half Men, Stiffler from American Pie, and Paul Rudd, who is dry comedy at its best.  Short story is that two guys have to be big brothers to kids or go to jail.  The kids they get are awesome, and very different.  And the way they sneak Kiss references in is pretty cool.  Good stuff.

12)  The Washington Nationals shut down super pitcher Stephen Strasburg for the year.  I don’t like the decision at all.  I predicted the Nationals over a year ago to be World Series contenders.  This might bury that prediction.  There might not be a lot of backlash right NOW, but wait until they lose a close Game 6 or 7 in the playoffs and then play “media mad libs.”  If only…(blank), (blank), (blank).   I am looking for a plural pronoun, a past verb, and a proper name.

13)  I see Andy Murray is in the US Open finals.  I actually caught most of the Dkojovic DESTRUCTION of Ferrer this morning.  This all means what?  It means that Murray can stay ranked #4 after he gets SMOKED by Djokovic on his best surface.  Go watch a documentary on the Buffalo Bills, Andy.

13a)  That is a really funny reference, people.  I just pulled tennis and football together in an accurate, legit parallel.

14)  It is a violent game, and it will happen from time to time, but sad to see the story about Tulane’s safety breaking his neck, and my thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.

15)  I hear the Big East won’t change its name even with new, geographically incorrect members.  I say you all stand as you are.  If the Big Ten can still be called the Big Ten with twelve teams, then I have no problem in you staying the Big East.  Matter of fact, go get Hawaii and Anchorage next year.

16)  I am bringing back the word “rad.”  Sure, I am older, but I told Lindsey that she looked rad with her new cool nose ring.  Word to the Mother.

17)  Ok.  I officially feel useless and extremely lazy.  In my without a doubt FAVORITE story of the week, Alex Zanardi (who lost his legs in a racing crash a couple years ago in Formula One) wins a gold medal at the Paralympics.  This is just awesome.  Dibbs, bro.

18)  Talk about wondering where you stand with the team.  I found it odd that Notre Dame subbed in veteran Tommy Rees at the very end of the game when their QB was healthy as far as we knew.  Did it work?  Sure.  Did you just hurt the confidence of your young stud, QB?  Yes.

19)  I am lucky to be a VERY sound sleeper.  I can identify three instances when I can’t sleep.  Age 5-12 the night before Christmas, being in a non window seat on a plane in coach, and the night before the first Steelers game.  Needless to say, i was kind of hyper last night and didn’t sleep very well.  THAT is where Role Models came into play.

20)  I don’t care how dated the commercial gets, and I am not even a Packers fan, but I still find the discount double check commercial hilarious and am glad they are airing it during games again this year.

21)  Mark Teixeira (can I buy a vowel, Pat?) might be out for the season with a calf injury.  If he is out, and with the pitchers having their own problems, I think the American League is Texas’s to lose.

22)  Arkansas lost to Lousiana-Monroe in OT, and they dropped from #8 in the nation to unranked. I am proud to know the only worse drop in history without having to even look it up.  Michigan lost to Appalachian State while being ranked #5, and then dropped out.  Damn, I am good.

23)  That is it.  I need to go watch the Packers-49ers/ NFC Championship first look, and then prepare for my Steelers to face the Broncos.  Where am I watching it?  On my couch.  School night, people.  For the record, I will not be concerned AT ALL if my boys drop this game to the Peyton show.  I think the Steelers lose by 6 points, but of course will be ecstatic if they pull it out.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.  Enjoy the games.

23a)  In regards to my photo theme, Rocky Bleier is without a doubt my favorite Steeler EVER.  I am not a jersey guy, and have never proactively bought ONE jersey.  But, if I did, this would be the list:  Rocky Bleier, Jack Lambert, Lynn Swann, and Troy Polamalu.  One of my prize possessions (way below my Kramer painting and slightly below my Len Bias signed sneaker, but still in the conversation), is an airplane throw-up bag signed by Rocky.

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