On the record…

Ready for the games on the couch, going on the record, and blogging throughout the day.  Here we go:


Wichita State is a great story.  Ohio State has already survived the scares in which I thought they would lose.  LaQuinton Ross has proven to be the third scoring option I thought Ohio State lacked.  Cinderella stories are cool, but I don’t see any new version of Butler, VCU, or George Mason this year.  Wichita State is feisty early, but the tournament experience and talent of Ohio State catch up to them.  Give me Ohio State 61-51.

(I will be ROOTING for Wichita State though since I still am not a believer in Ohio State.)


Early rounds are half of the Cuse’s problem most years.  Once they advance, then Boeheim can usually get them home if the bracket sets up right.  If it is a bad shooting night for Syracuse, I can see it being tight.  That being said, the zone will bother Marquette, and they won’t get as many fast breaks as they did against Miami.  Give me Syracuse 73-70.

******I will say I am nervous about HOW Marquette matches up with the Cuse.  IU had smaller wings and Marquette’s offensive rebounding gives them a chance.  Buzz was freaking setting screens against the zone last time.  Crazy stuff.


First of all, I expected Michigan State in this slot.  Second of all, there are only two days for Coach K to prepare the chaotic storm that is Louisville.  Third, Ryan Kelly has been inconsistent.  Fourth, Louisville’s pace will bug the heck out of Duke.  Fifth, Louisville has two guys they can throw at Seth Curry to slow him down.  Sixth, Plumlee always has problems if there is a bigger guy on the floor, which Louisville has.  Louisville 79-71


You can beat Michigan if you can throw some bigs in the mix.  Florida has one.  Trey Burke is putting this team on his back.  I have loved this team since day 1.  They are young, but their talent already got them by the toughest test of the region in Kansas.  I am a closet Billy Donovan team, but with two days to prepare, talent wins.  Give me Michigan 64-59.


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