Oh yeah! When am I up?

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Speed version-20 minutes.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)  Oregon basketball takes down Arizona.  Oregon is sneaky good, and Arizona was due. The Wildcats are getting the recruits these days, but still molding them.  Arizona got lucky on a ref’s call against Colorado and then barely scraped by a subpar Utah team.  Arizona has the talent to hang with anyone in the land.  They also have the missing elements that won’t allow them consistency.

2)  The Browns hire Rob Chudzinski as their new head coach.  I like this hire a lot for the team.  First, none of the big names were jumping at the chance.  Second, you get a guy who has been on the assistant level for a while, is young, and will be hungry.  Third, he was an assistant at that team, so he is familiar with the goings on.  Finally, they get a Browns fan through and through.  If he is successful and starts winning, you know he is already AT his dream job because he grew up a Browns fan.

3)  Buss says he won’t blow up the Lakers yet.  I concur.  Because they have big names having problems with each other and injuries, and because they are a storied franchise, and because they are in a prime market…they are getting a lot of pub.  I guarantee THIS.  Sure, they might struggle to get a #8 seed with their schedule getting tougher from here out.  I WILL tell you that the 1-8 matchup’s ratings will be off the HOOK.

4)  DBacks Justin Upton vetoes a trade to the Mariners.  What?  He would want to go from one semi-loser to another?  I would bet Ichiro and him conversed on text in the last few days.  The only better thing than getting the hell out of Dodge is not going there in the first place.

5)  The NHL is beginning its ratification process.  A ratification process?  They have had so many play stoppages (close to 10% of all games under Bettman) that they have an official process.

6)  Bernie Kosar is talking about how many concussions he had.  This list of NFL players coming out to discuss THEIR concussions will be as long as the line waiting to hit Stewie in Family Guy.  Someone give the Kool-Aid guy a call.  He is needed again.

7)  The Niners will stick with David Akers as their kicker this week.  Talk about the lesser evil, or picking up a crappy kicker on your fantasy bye week and then hoping your guy is still there on Tuesday.

8)  I am drooling and evidently won’t be accomplishing much this weekend.  You could throw OUT the NFL playoffs (which of course I don’t want you to do), and I would still be happy.  Check out THESE games.  Duke/ NC State.  Michigan/Ohio State.  Minnesota/Indiana.  Whoa.  THAT is badass.

9)  Jacksonville says they will not be bringing in Tim Tebow.  They say they don’t want his football play, but actually they don’t have enough media people employed presently.

10)  Hello to YOU also, Scott Langley.  The PGA rookie merely started out his career on a legit PGA course with a 62.

11)  Really?  Dirk for Dwight.  That just sound like FUN.  Do it.  I want to hear Kobe try to talk shit to the tall German.

12)  The robot emails are attacking me via blog comments.  I don’t know how much longer I can keep comments “on.”  By the way, robot employers, this Louis Vuitton robot is one HUNGRY robot.  You should grab him.  Kid has motivation.

13)  I just caught wind of the nickname that the Broncos receivers are now calling themselves.  Kind of funny.  Black and Decker.  Hey.  THEY are calling THEMSELVES that and telling the media.  It is their deal.

14)  Who is Kelly Olynyk?  He is the guy who will ruin your bracket and the guy who is having the best season by far for someone not on that pre-picked Wooden list.  Gonzaga.  Dangerous.

15)  UVA lifts me up and beats UNC.  Then, they turn around and lose to a VERY bad Wake Forest team.  Make up your mind.  Nevermind.  Don’t answer that.  Continue to tease me, as I think you are much more the latter than the former in those games.

16)  Wyoming basketball is losing now as we enter conference play.  Not only that, if you are a Wyoming fan, you just lost your second best scorer.  He broke his ring finger how?  In a good old fashioned Wyoming bar fight.  Cops probably weren’t even called.

17) NFL predictions:

Broncos-Ravens: I am the FIRST person to try and find a way to pick against the Broncos, and I know that Peyton is 0-3 in sub 40 degree weather.  That being said, I have seen enough Broncos games this year to be impressed.  Broncos 27-17

Pats-Texans:  Pssst.  Hey.  HEY!  Yes, YOU Texans.  Your time will COME, as soon as you learn that home field in the NFL playoffs is extremely important and you should finish the season STRONG.  Pats 34-20

49ers-Packers: …unless you are the Packers going against a newbie QB.  Start the “what if we would have started Alex Smith talk.”  Packers 23-17

Falcons-Seattle:  Seattle is the trendy pick, and they have a defense that is going to drive the Falcons receivers NUTS.  That being said, I am convinced Wilson will be a rookie for at least 5 minutes this postseason, and I think it will cost them.  The Falcons are at their crib, and are looking forward to losing to Green Bay the following week.  Falcons 21-16

18)  That is it.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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