Oh, this baby loves the slop, loves it, eats it up. Eats the slop. Born in the slop.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock, but it is the weekend.  Just filling a little of the time void between the Derby and Game 7, and actually going to cheat by flipping between I Am Legend and the first quarter.  It is what it is Old format.  Let’s turn and burn.  Let’s clear the list.

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1)       What a sports day.  Regular season baseball, playoff hockey, the Derby, a Game 7 NBA game, and Money fighting tonight.  Go and enjoy.

2)      That Celtics 26 point ALMOST comeback was amazing to watch live.  I knew I might be watching history.  Instead, I watched ALMOST history.  The Knicks just got too big of hit at the beginning of the game.  When you spend most of the game trying to CATCH UP, and you are older, it wears on you.  It takes more energy…and evidently more time.  I have to hand it to the Knicks.  Right after they fell apart, they hit some HUGE shots at the end to hold the Celtics off.  I see the Pacers taking them down though.

3)      This is a fun time of year.  As the teams first don’t make the playoffs, and then get eliminated in the playoffs, the side stories of what the fallout will be begins.  Where will Josh Smith end up?  What will Chris Paul do?  Will KG and/ or the Truth retire?  Will they be sent to a contending team to give them a chance before they bid happy trails to fantastic careers?  What will Snowball do and does anyone care?

4)      Odd first round of the playoffs.  They were all routes, then all of the losing teams came back, and now what?  We end up with ONE series with a Game 7?  Weird.

5)      Because you KNOW you want to know and tell your friends.  http://www.slate.com/blogs/browbeat/2013/05/02/chris_kelly_of_kris_kross_dies_contributed_to_long_history_of_jumping_songs.html

6)      McDonald’s is a place where I try not to look at the appearance or quality of the person making my food, but I will still say that I am excited about their egg white sandwich.  Only place in the entire world where I don’t dip my fries in something.

7)      The Pacers quietly are in the second round, missing a superstar, and are VERY dangerous.

8)      I am confused.  WHY did David Lee play for just over a minute?  Was that a spiritual or motivational tool?

9)      Seriously, aside from the dog dying, I Am Legend is pretty badass.

10)   LeBron was his 4th MVP.  In the last 25 years, Tiger Woods has done the most dominating season in all of sports in 2000 (I would like to throw ’88 Steffi Graf in the conversation but I don’t think you would listen), but the fact that LeBron has been dominant for about FIVE consecutive years makes him amazing.  I still hope he loses.

11)   Kevin Durant says to Royce White “who’s he?”  So is about 90% of the population.  Not me, but I get it.  You have too much free time on buses, Royce.

12)   So a viewer picked up on Sergio Garcia’s penalty?  I thought it was a penalty how SLOW he played about 5 years ago and I didn’t say anything.

13)   OK.  I give in.  I gave Luol Deng shit for having the flu and sitting out.  He is in the hospital stumping doctors.  You are cool, my man.  Sorry.

14)   If you opened the article about Kobe arguing with his mother over mementos, then email me the synopsis and let me know what is going on.  I only have so many hours in the day.

15)   I don’t know about you, but I am seriously sad the 17th hole walkway at Sawgrass is under water.  That hole is AWESOME.

16)   I want to make an entire blog about Seinfeld and the fact that today’s Derby was run in mud, but I won’t.  I assume Orb’s mother was a mudder, and will leave it at that.  Nice job, Normandy, by the way.  You got a respectable fourth.

17)   So Phil Jackson is joining the Pistons.  His trips to Tibet must have not let him see their roster, and I guess he is now the Bill Walsh of basketball.

18)   My highlight last night was hearing Hubie Brown yell “Oh baby” after a ridiculous floater in the lane.  He never does that.

19)   I would like to start an intervention group for all of the teams who passed on Chandler Parsons in the draft.

20)   I admit that although I know 95% of all NBA players’ college teams, I DIDN’T know that Westbrook’s backup Reggie Jackson went to Boston College.  It took a lot for me to come clean on that.

21)   It was on Tosh, half joking, but I have to come clean again.  I worked restaurant for 14 years, and I am still confused whether a euro and gyro are the same thing, pronounced the same, or whether there is even a third party in this thing.  TOTALLY confused.

22)   The Griz won 4-2 against the Clippers.  This has an asterisk.  Not an asterisk that is not normal in sports or unfair, but this thing would have gone 7 if Blake Griffin had remained healthy.

23)   I watched the Life of Pi last night.  I now understand why it won best effects for the Oscars, it was a great movie, and it was like the non fighting, serious, non big name, sea version of Fight Club.

24)   Warriors Jarrett Jack is from the Matrix.  He must have morphed his predecessors, Jacque Vaughn and Jamal Tinsley, into his body.  Combined all as one, they make for ONE decent shooter.

25)   Lindsey turned on Diehard in front of me and her roommate, Joe, and actually expected me to go right to bed.  Not.

26)   I don’t have the cash nor energy to go see him fight, but Floyd Mayweather is about two hours from slowly dismantling Guerrero.  One way or the other, and one year after pulling in $85 million WHILE IN JAIL, he will clear May with a cool $32 million.  No wonder he changed his nickname to Money.

27)   The Caps are up 2-0 on the Rangers.  They went to an overtime period last night.  0-0.  Why did it end?  BS.  The Rangers got busted for that stupid rule of flicking the puck in the stands.  Lundquist has played BRILLIANTLY, and is still down 2-0.  Shame.

28)   So.  Lots of sex, right?  I would say more, but I have a feeling I already have you interested.  http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nhl-puck-daddy/chicago-blackhawks-had-tremendous-amount-sex-season-report-130942430.html

29)   In the words of Hall & Oates, so close, yet so far away.  Almost really bad.  http://www.happyplace.com/23495/reporter-taking-selfie-photographs-baseball-flying-at-her-head

30)   In case you care about stats like these like I do, only 6 of the 19 horses today in the Derby had ever raced in mud.  And…in case you ignored this link yesterday, perhaps you will click on it today.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9L3KU5eiEBo

31)   We might have to write a BOOK about this.  The Blue Jays spent a bunch of money in the offseason to overtake the usual suspects (Boston and NYY).  No one knows what is wrong with them, and they just lost to Seattle today (who is not good by the way), 8-1…at THEIR crib.

32)   Mike and Mike had an interesting conversation recently.  What ONE event, if you had to give up every other one, would you refuse to be taken away?  Golic had the Super Bowl, and Greenberg had Sunday at the Masters.  Today, I entertained myself by picking my rough draft 5.  In about 20 seconds, I have the following:  1) College bball championship 2) Super Bowl 3) Sunday Masters 4) BCS/ Playoff College Football Championship 5) tie between US Open Sunday and NBA Finals

33)   Before the derby, I watched that INCREDIBLE call of the funniest horse race of all time.  If you have 2:38 of your life you can spare, you HAVE to listen to this.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BVMY-VX7NyA

34)   Is that whole Champions League/ soccer thing done yet?

35)   I need to clear the list, so the percentage of actual sports hooks will decline as of right now.  Stick around if you want random stuff though, as I need to clear the list for the beginning of the week.

36)   Kesolowski and Logano lost their appeals.  You are reading the wrong blog if you expect me to go deeper into this NASCAR subject.

37)   The Bucks didn’t renew interim coach Jim Boylan’s contract.  He has no roster, you played the Heat, you haven’t made the playoffs in three years, and you are getting RID of someone?  Non sequitur.

38)   Sometimes I have a joke, and sometimes I get writer’s block.  Usain Bolt got injured in a Jamaican meet this week.  There HAS to be some funny joke about Insane Bolt and this story, but I have NOTHING.  I feel like George when him and Jerry are trying to get out of the dinner with Elaine’s dad.

39)   In that commercial where the guy is shaving in front of the mirror and keeps saying “I would _________with me,”  what does he stay at the end of it?  Humple puff?

40)   I am going to see my best friend and fraternity brother, Scott, in two months.  He just told me we could cruise in around with his 2nd car “garage” ride.  That would be, I believe, a ’63 Mercedes convertible.  SO excited.  I think it looks somewhat like this:  http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://1-photos4.zibe.com/used-1963-mercedes~benz-190sl-stunningconvertible-145-4102272-1-400.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.zibe.com/for-sale/used-1963-mercedes~benz-190sl-stunning_convertible-ramsey-nj-145-2648771.html&h=300&w=400&sz=30&tbnid=OO1aecxFJ_WIJM:&tbnh=91&tbnw=121&zoom=1&usg=__jztLe2HFsGjTNCxjHSkE_byvEPw=&docid=Rg9JLTVXpn2dCM&sa=X&ei=ZbaFUXmI2MkBo9yAqAE&ved=0CEYQ9QEwAQ&dur=23

41)   A story to check out when you complain about the mail being late or something similar trivial:  http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/early-lead/wp/2013/05/02/8-year-old-cancer-patient-has-big-game-against-portland-timbers-video/

42)   A BBC sportscaster just pleaded guilty to 14 counts of assaulting KIDS.  What is WRONG with people?

43)   The fact that Chicago is leading in the third right now is amazing.  Nate Robinson is their one and only PG.  They are playing a total of like 5 fully healthy guys.

44)   Lindsey’s roommate, Lorie, just randomly made hot dogs and put out Fritos.  The hot dog was down so fast they thought I hid it like Seinfled hid mutton, and I forgot how much I love Fritos.

45)   Good job on Obama for meeting with the kid from the Nebraska football game.  If I had money to burn, I would go see the kid also.  Great story, and the ESPY’s will eat it up.

46)   When Lindsey first showed me the penis-NASA machine thing, I didn’t laugh.  I was being aloof, or it was the presentation.  When Colbert did it, I almost rolled off the couch. http://www.colbertnation.com/the-colbert-report-videos/425786/april-24-2013/tiny-triumphs—nasa-s-giant-penis-doodle

47)   I am going to hear my pastor at a new church tomorrow tell us why he got kicked out of the last church which I originally got hooked on.  I will be there.  The guy did my “re” baptism.  I owe him a least THAT.  Love you, Gil, and I am far from perfect either, which is why I follow you around.

48)   A Dodgers prospect was arrested for speeding this week.  Are the Dodgers and Yankees prospects hanging OUT?  Do I need to develop a Rant Single A Squad?

49)   Thoughts and prayers to the Utah soccer ref who got put in critical condition after being beaten by a teen player.

50)   This is LONG, but is funny.  “Hang” in there, as I assume most of us have been there.  http://www.buzzfeed.com/bennyjohnson/what-its-like-being-hungover-at-work

51)   Lindsey is making me a pizza casserole.  She listed like 7 ingredients that might be in it.  I then found out I could only pick 3.  I was confused.  I heard “pepperoni, tomatoes, mozzarella, sausage, eggs Canadian bacon” and I just said “YES.”

52)   The Jags signed the brother of Aaron Rodgers as a backup QB.  Considering I can’t think of their STARTING QB off the top of my head, and the family has good genes, I think this is a good idea.

53)   The Dallas Stars dismissed GM Nieuwendyk.  This is another example of “look at your roster, you maniac.”  Are they expecting miracles?

54)   I am not sure what makes me happier.  Me appreciating the number of people who read this, or the joy of me actually writing this thing.

55)   That is it.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

55a)   I am not saying they are better or SHOULD win this, but the Bulls seem just more PLAYOFFY.

57)   Just a tagline via Bryce Harper.  I have cleared the list.  Talk to you Monday.

57a)  Chicago just won, and I just had pizza casserole.  Lindsey is smart.  She brought me a fried egg also.  Dirty good.

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