Odd. He is running away from US.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Morning rant.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)       Serena won yesterday.  I forget the line from Independence Day, but the trail is blazed, the path is clear, or the way is paved.  What I am getting at is that she has an easy path.

2)      I could sit here and pick among the various multitude of jokes we could extract, or I could just let you create your own.  http://sports-cards.bidstart.com/TIM-TEBOW-Aaron-Hernandez-2010-Press-Pass-94-/26473181/a.html?gclid=CLCb6ZK3iLgCFY0WMgodslwAhA

3)      Break down his 3.10 ERA or .90 WHIP ANY way you want, you still haven’t put a number besides a ZERO in the loss column for Max Scherzer.   Dude is 12-0.

4)      Rockies Michael Cuddyer is at 26 games on his hitting streak.  We care.  It is news.  Pretty scary that he is not even half way there to what Mr. DiMaggio did.

5)      I was at the local 80’s video game place Friday night.  My Frogger skills definitely have diminished since my “prime” at 9 years old, and gotta love the old guy who pulled over a CHAIR to play Galaga.  Dude was there when we arrived, and dude was there 30 minutes later when we left.  Not even a bathroom break.

6)      Congrats to the Stanford Cardinal for landing the #1 QB recruit, although considering he could throw a rock from his house to the campus, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised.

7)      Congrats to the Wahoos for snagging #3 overall recruit and #1 defensive tackle Andrew Brown yesterday.  It’s been about 23 years since I could say something like this, but UVA is the only school in the nation with TWO top 11 recruits.  Now, we just need some skill position help after locking up the #1 DT and #1 safety in the land.  I remember when UVA got ALL Virginia located recruits until Mr. Beamer started raining on that parade.

8)      After locking up Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, the Brooklyn Nets are looking at bringing aboard openly gay player Jason Collins.  I like the pickup if they pull the trigger.  One, because I want Jason Collins to have a job, and two he would be a great serviceable backup C.

9)      Somehow I missed Despicable Me up until Friday.  I decided to check it out with the second one coming out and it being Lindsey’s favorite cartoon movie pretty much.  It was fantastic.  Looking forward to the second one now that I am caught up.

10)   Sloane Stephens advanced by beating a woman who actually has ME in the age department.  She beat a 42 year old who probably had someone retire against her.  Doesn’t matter.  She is through.

11)   The Bucks are looking to re-sign Brandon Jennings.  Kid is too young to give up on him yet.  I agree with this.  It is not like he has been BAD.  17-6-3 is not bad at all.  I would be more concerned with the 13-3-2 in the four postseason games.

12)   Someone won a stage at the Tour de France.  Cheater or not, at least we CARED about the event when Lance was racing.  I could care less about that thing right now.

13)   Colts Joe Lefeged put his bid into my rant squad by getting busted for gun charges.  I like the creative start, but you need two more, bro.  Rules are rules.

14)   Serena and Djokovic advance easily.  Copy and paste this a few more times.

15)   The Rockets and Snowball are talking.  Damn.  And I LIKED the Rockets.  It is smart though.  There aren’t too many guys his size at his age with his skills (minus FT shooting) running around.  Him being an idiot doesn’t affect the ball going in the hoop.

16)   Now, A-Rod “can’t wait to get back” with the Yankees.  Dude, run away from mic’s and Twitter like they are Yeti.

17)   Not sure where the Yeti reference came from, but I like it.

18)   Actually, I have The Social Network on in the background.  Maybe I should have used zombies instead.

19)   Nah.  Sticking with Yeti.

20)   The Raptors are talking with the Clippers about Eric Bledsoe, and someone put Bledsoe on 24-7 suicide watch.  NO ONE wants to to go the Raptors.

21)   Lindsey and I went to Sliceworks the other night, a local pizza place with a cool view of Colfax (that was funny).  Anyway, I had pizza with baked potato on it and it was DELICIOUS.  I was sad to see no egg-pizzas, but I WILL be going back for some potato pizza.

22)   I happened to be in the same room as people watching The Girl Next Door Saturday.  For a movie I assumed I would ignore for like, I have to say it wasn’t horrible.  Let’s put it this way.  I waited to do any plans until after I found out what the resolution was.

23)   Apparently, Denver has a place called the Pi Kitchen and Bar.  SO cool, but probably irritating for the staff there with the change thing.  $3.14 beers that go until 6:28 for happy hour.

24)   The Pens are near locking up Letang with a long term deal.  Even though they only have one Cup to show for it, this will pretty much complete their core being locked up for a couple years.

25)   Say it with me slowly.  The Pirates are the first MLB to 50 wins.  Crazy stuff going on.

26)   Chris Paul will re-sign with the Clippers.  And the grass is green and the sky is blue now that Rivers was locked up.  That is a party you don’t want to leave right about now.

27)   I have decided to attend one Panic show.  It would be wrong NOT to.  It is ridiculous that I have missed three shows when I used to go all nights every year.  The Sunday afternoon one is my favorite anyway.  I am rolling some dice.  I don’t have a ticket.  I am doing the whole get dropped at the base of Red Rocks and see how things work out.  Things always work out for me at Panic shows.  If the rest of my life worked out like a Panic show, I would own a couple jets at this point.

28)   Fun day on the links yesterday.  DH Lee gave the crowd the finger and Jessica Korda fired her caddy between the 10th and 11th holes.   I suddenly have an urge to watch Tin Cup.

29)   Josh Beckett has season ending surgery.  Not that he was doing anything anyway. 0-5, and 5.19 ERA.

30)   That is it.  Have to go have an unpredictable day.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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