Not sure why you bother me, but you do…get to the football game.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Afternoon speed rant.  Let’s turn and burn.


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1)       Jimmie Johnson won the NASCAR crown.  One, I just wanted to know the feeling of leading off the rant with the sport I like the least.  Two, whether I respect the sport or not, to have ONE person dominate ANYTHING like he has is truly remarkable.  A bunch of people, cars, turns, and things that can go wrong, and STILL one guy turns left the best.

2)      The Bears beat the Ravens, the Steelers won, and the Browns lost, meaning there is a three way log jam at 4-6 in that division.  The Steelers are two back in the standings from the Bengals.  They play them one more time and the Bengals play at San Diego and home vs. the Colts before that game.  I just need them to drop one of those two to set the table for the showdown.

3)      I know he played a very good defense LAST week, but the Saints corralled him now too.  When the hell did Colin Kaepernick become so ORDINARY?

4)      All of those new blood teams who were ecstatic when the Steelers and Giants started so slow are now rolling their eyes and giving the standings another hard look.  Giants and Steelers are approaching being IN the mix.

5)      What address do I send my feel better card to Trent Williams?  Is there a specific entrance the mail goes through?

6)      Says here that Del Rio tries to ride this season to a Broncos ring and then heads west to USC.  He went to USC, still has the urge to be the top dog, and probably wouldn’t mind living next to the ocean also.

7)      Remember that kid from Grinnel College who had 138 points a year ago?  Jack Taylor.  Well, in case you were curious how he is doing, he had 24 3’s this weekend and poured in a slacking 109 points in a game.

8)      I understand we don’t have the playoffs in college football until NEXT year.  I don’t care if people get paid to talk about it.  I think we ALL are overreacting right now about who should be ranked higher, Baylor or Ohio State.  Both teams don’t exactly have a cakewalk for their home stretch.  Things might pan out.  That AT Michigan game won’t be EASY.

9)      I can’t believe the final step for FSU to take before a BCS Championship Game MIGHT be vs. DUKE FOOTBALL.  Congratulations to Duke being a player, but that would still be atrocious.  Can’t you all pick another year to be decent?  Even though they both suck, playing Georgia Tech or Virginia Tech just SOUNDS more normal.  Or, let’s figure out a way to get same division CLEMSON in there.

10)   The Chiefs lost to the Broncos last night in a football game that really taught us a lot.  Alex Smith is a game manager, and their defense is not bad, but if he needs to MAKE plays, he usually fails.  Peyton looked damn good on a hobbled ankle, but even better since the O-line did a fantastic job in keeping him upright.  His quick decisions of course help.  I still say this was 15-20% due to home field advantage though, and I think the game at Arrowhead in two weeks might be classic.

11)   Two guys wore the exact same number of jersey to the bar yesterday.  It was slightly disturbing.

12)   Odd stat.  Tell your friends.  What running back has the best YPG EVER?  Jamaal Charles.  5.5.

13)   I am so over the Broncos fans yelling “In-Com-PLETE.”

14)   Carrie Underwood really bugs me.  Or maybe it is Faith Hill.  Or maybe both of them irritate me.  Not sure.

15)   Lindsey’s dad put a few toggle bolts in the wall yesterday, looked at me, and said “you are on your own, big boy.”  Big boy?  Not sure you want me to be on my own with a power drill and an oddly built wall.

16)   Belmont took down UNC this week in hoops.  UNC has two guys sitting out right now, so it is not really a fair judgement, but considering they have been talented yet bipolar the last couple years, I WILL judge them a little on this game.

17)   Iowa State beating Michigan was considered a huge upset over the weekend also.  I think it is not as big of deal as others think.  Iowa State/ Transfer U is underrated I think, and Michigan may need another month or two to put together their new pieces of the puzzle.

18)   Ahmad Brooks is mad about getting that roughing pass called against him and then his team losing the game because of it.  He can fume all he wants.  He put himself in that position for the call, doesn’t have the cleanest history, and this could be a HUGE swing game for the playoff picture when all is said and done.

19)   The Knicks are rumored in a couple of trades involving Shumpert, Rondo, Faried, and others.  However it ends up, I would almost guarantee they will shake things up with a trade before the deadline in SOME way.  I think they HAVE to.  I think the Nuggets can get a good player for Faried.

20)   Man, what a crappy week for PGA golfer Jason Day.  EIGHT of his relatives died in that typhoon.  That just downright sucks.

21)   Michigan State basketball is #1.  That is pretty much where they should be if you read this rant and asked me.  I need to sit down and watch Arizona play very soon.  That kid Aaron Gordon is the ugly duckling in the media for prime time freshman.  I have to check him out in college.

22)   That is it.  If you feel the urge for more, I wrote 127 hooks or so yesterday.  Have at it.  I gotta go.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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