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This section will be once a month random thoughts, pics, quick hitters in the sports world, etc. from The Fillerbuster.  Basically, the sports will mainly stay on the main page, and this will house more of the regular random thoughts.  Old school readers know what I mean, and the rest will soon.  I won’t update this page but once every two weeks or so, but will keep it to one sentence, one line opinions and items that are more long term.  Unedited totally, as I have no intern or marketing department yet.


(last installment was in the Cabo blog)

  1.  I thought OU would at least give a GAME to KU instead of getting trounced by 30 plus.
  2. Ruthy Hebard, the non household name, who now holds the record in college hoops (men and women) for most consecutive FG’s (33).
  3. The Red Sox picking up JD Martinez was GREAT add in a relatively quiet offseason overall.
  4. Fans are still taunting black hockey players??????
  5. Sad.
  6. Yes, the Eagles are trying to TM “Philly Special.”
  7. I didn’t recap the NBA ASG because the plane started landing on my airplane rant, but know that Booker is an assassin, Mitchell is a STUD, and the game itself at least TRIED to be decent at the end?
  8. Get ready for spring training and the Ohtani show, and for you people who don’t know about this, he is supposedly a massive threat with bat and pitch.
  9. You will soon be overloaded with media coverage.
  10. If you are looking for contenders and stats to back them, the Warriors and Raptors are the only two teams in the top 5 of the NBA in both defensive and offensive efficiency.
  11. The amount of teams all within 17-21 wins in the NBA fighting for Doncic and Ayton is uncanny.
  12. A guy went all the way to Ireland to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers, but ended up seeing the Red Hot Chili Pipers.
  13. That is a true story, folks.
  14. The rich get richer, because Blake Griffin and his hefty contract saves him 1.6 million in taxes by going to Detroit.
  15. Jokic had 17 assists last week, and is the first big man since Wilt to do that amount.
  16. The Celtics are 28th in offensive efficiency since January 1st.
  17. The Rockets are 28-1 when Harden, Capela, and Paul all start.
  18. I think limiting mound visits in the MLB is dumb and won’t solve any problems.
  19. Rough week for Cuban, as he compounded $600k in tanking talk fines with the whole sexual misconduct within his doors.
  20. Weird to be a fan of a coach, but I am NOT a Raiders fan, but will be rooting for them secondarily when not rooting for my Steelers.
  21. I have no idea where my Steelers image went on my blog front page, and really need a WP expert to help me get a UVA one up there now.
  22. The Flyers got Petr Mrazek and I am excited for the first time in many NHL years for my home team.
  23. Not present home (Denver), my OLD home, and I will never change my allegiance…sorry, Avs.
  24. Beyonce’s daughter is actually named Blue Ivy?????
  25. I guess I will have to use my MoviePass and go see this Black Panther movie that is breaking all kinds of records.
  26. I was happy that a younger co-worker also thought that the new Star Wars just sucked.
  27. My new addiction seems to be finding bracelets, and perhaps that is because Slash wears a bunch and HE is pretty cool.
  28. Denver dropped 72 degrees in temperature in TWENTY FOUR hours.
  29. Ryan Shazier says he will play again and that makes me wary AND excited.
  30. Anyone else find problems in the fact that Jarvis Landry will make $16 million this next year?
  31. It is nice when your basketball team is #1 because they are even on main Colorado TV when they play…Georgia Tech???
  32. The jalapeno salsa cream cheese from Einsteins is like my new favorite cream cheese EVER.
  33. I have a fancy shell winter jacket and notice that EVERYTHING falls off my shoulders…cool looking, not very practical.
  34. Less than a week after MSU’s magical comeback on Northwestern, Drexel comes back from THIRTY FOUR down to win against Delaware…nuts.
  35. Texas Tech losing to Oklahoma State kind of lessens the elevation of the KU game Saturday, doesn’t it?
  36. Big Papi’s show idea was that he needs a job?
  37. Classy, older Toni Braxton is engaged to crazy looking BIRDMAN?
  38. The Spurs-Leonard thing is just WEIRD.
  39. The Spurs have won at least 50 games in EIGHTEEN consecutive seasons.
  40. Mike Patrick has made some great calls over the years, and he will be MISSED in retirement.
  41. I have notes on the NBA playoff format, but am saving it for a focus article.
  42. Steve Irwin would be 56 years old today.  Sad.
  43. Zona loses Trier, and if that holds, THEN I will finally admit they can’t win it all….finally as I have had them in my Final Four all year even during their slumps.
  44. Prepare yourself, basketball world, as Michael Porter is CLEARED to play and is SPECIAL, folks.
  45. That’s it for today, folks.  Peace.


  • These are NOT edited, so sorry for any grammatical errors.
  • Just replacing what I post on the This And That page with some random thoughts. #oldschool
  • Robert Parish was a stud among studs, but we are not talking about what is above the shoulders, and I say that because saying Paul Pierce was better offensively than Larry Bird is just…plain silly.
  • It is very weird how I am religious about Twitter tweets when I am in my routine, but don’t really care about it when traveling.
  • I knew conference play would be a back to earth experience for the Sooners basketball team, but I didn’t expect the bottom to TOTALLY fall out.
  • I like The Crossover that ESPN does, but not really sure why they planned it ON the most useless holiday of the year catered to women.
  • Let it stop, because if Chris Paul, Melo, LeBron, and Wade can’t figure out a way to be on the same team, then how are underachieving, kicked out of school kids under a monster father going to pull it off…ugghhh
  • Anyone else SO excited about volatile, speak your mind Isaiah Thomas and LaVar Ball (and his dad) being on the same team?
  • We all loved the season that Kareem Hunt had, and let’s all hope the woman who says he pushed her in a hotel hallway is LYING.
  • I am shallow in some parts of life, so maybe I am in the minority for finding the story VERY funny that a Chicago TV station made the mistake of putting up PF Chang’s with Olympic rings accidentally.
  • Hey, I wanted UVA to STROLL into the #1 ranking like any alum, but when most of the top ten ALSO loses at home, who can really complain???
  • If it is a tradition involving volatile Goose Gossage, I am NOT NOT inviting him to spring training…just saying.
  • The Texas-Baylor hoops game I simply had on as background noise last night SEEMED to be a useless game, but some genius figured out the loser would swing 30% the WRONG way for tourney hopes…the game went to double OT with Baylor winning.
  • How’s that rebuilding going, Shaka-miss the state of Virginia???
  • I hope if I am a Wizards fan the phone is ringing OFF the hook, as Derrick Rose is past his prime and an injury waiting to happen, but having him BACK UP John Wall sounds lovely.
  • You know the sports wire is hurting when I actually KNOW that the top German Shepherd and contender is OUT of that dog show going on right now.
  • The Boston PD DOES know a deleted tweet is still a tweet, right?
  • Esteban Loaiza made $43.7 million during his MLB pitching career, and evidently did NOT invest, since he was just busted with drugs with the words “kilos” and “distribution” next to his name.
  • Hey, Johnny Football, we already sort of KNEW you were bipolar, but if announcing it to the media clears your conscience, then all the power to you.
  • When I come back from a trip and not sure what is new and what is an old article, the ones about Reuben Foster getting arrested again REALLY throw me for a loop.
  • I am watching UVA-Miami while writing some of this blog, and just HOPING for no letdown in a dangerous game in Miami.
  • So, for the record, Serena Williams is now 0-1 when traveling with her baby.
  • You really should make time on your schedule to watch the 30 for 30 with the two Bill’s…GREAT info and great presentation of two people with limited personalities and football genius galore.
  • I really like the George Washington commercial with him crossing the Delaware Turnpike, because that guy does road rage PERFECTLY.
  • It reminds me of a commercial version of Drunk History in a way.
  • Bedtimes suck because we are forced to watch all of these Olympics, never knowing when something important is going to happen, and I went to bed RIGHT before Shaun White busted out a SICK 98.50 on a run.
  • Maybe it is because it is the only song I walked off a karaoke stage while performing, but some dude was singing More Than A Feeling by Boston in the airport this weekend and I wanted to shoot him…figuratively.
  • Remember when Jim McElwain was the hottest coaching prospect on the market, and now he MIGHT be picked up as a WR coach at Michigan?
  • When thinking about how GOOD Sidney Crosby is, crazy to think he just got to 400 and Mario ended at 690!
  • After reading about how Lane Johnson was calling the Pats “robots,” I just wonder how ANYONE would want to piss off Tom Brady in the offseason and I personally would just be PRAYING he suddenly retired.
  • Red Gerard, a CO boy who won the first Olympic gold medal, was born in the year 2000, and that may or may not depress me in a way.
  • Did Tara Lipinski have a LOT of plastic surgery or were those lights just shining on her face oddly?
  • Rory McIlroy misses a cut and Wozniacki wins the Aussie, and my comparisons with the ex-couple’s ups and downs STILL remind me of the careers of Andre Agassi and Brooke Shields.
  • Is it my Seinfeld fandom or his many characters over the years, or does everyone else just LAUGH as soon as they hear Patrick Warburton’s voice?
  • Jay Bilas, while announcing a game, mentioned Len Bias as one of his 3-4 players that totally changed the game, and proud that my parents sent me to a small basketball camp as a kid where I got a shoe signed by him…and sitting about 15 feet from where I presently sit.
  • In that same game (I remember-it was the UVA-Va Tech game), he also was proud to “hold” Ralph Sampson to 36 and 14 back in the day.
  • Impractical Jokers IS a funny show, but I just don’t buy A) they get the venues they get consistently or B) the police aren’t called ever.
  • I was asked, being a Jersey guy, about the Jersey Shore anniversary thing coming up, and I replied “I live the Jersey Shore experience, and am happy to not have it anymore.”
  • The Cubs got Yu Darvish, so they will obviously be on one of the top lines of preseason baseball, and did you know that he averages ELEVEN K’s per 9 innings, the highest…like ever.
  • The Rockets right now are like the midseason Pats, picking up bits and pieces of a bunch of players who MIGHT have a flash left in them.
  • Ex-NHL enforcer was charged with sexual assault, and this saddens me (besides that it is a crime) because I have always said somehow NHL players stay OUT of trouble for the most part.
  • I am noticing that packing for Cabo San Lucas anytime is easier than packing for Portland in above freezing rainy weather.
  • Lindsey had I Bought A Zoo on the TV when we were in the hotel room, and MAN has Matt Damon does some RANDOM subpar movies considering how big of star he is.
  • I won’t even watch that Wall one.
  • Kirk Cousins, if you think about it, is the first totally healthy close to top tier QB on the market in YEARS (Peyton and Drew were coming off injuries).
  • Of course, UNC beat Duke in a year where we thought we had it all figured out.
  • I won’t even comment on Pastner and his sexual assault thing because, honestly, I am tired of hearing about harassment and sexual assault cases in sports and with celebrities.
  • Jameer Nelson is now on the Pistons and is going to be one HELL of an NBA trivia question 15 years from now.
  • I feel like I was getting constant Eustachy updates and his situation at CSU and then I hear nothing.
  • So, Revis Island is officially once again…an island…sorry.
  • Dammit, I just found out that Widespread Panic is playing at Lock’n in Virginia again this year, and since I drove by them last year, I might…consider.
  • Jimmy Garoppolo got signed to a monster contract after his five games at QB, and I just might call this Matt Cassel II.
  • I got back from my last trip and was just glad the city of Philly still stood.
  • A colleague of mine got off the phone today and said “I just ACTUALLY talked with a jolly, nice guy from ATLANTIC CITY,” and then I reminded him that the Eagles just won the Super Bowl, so this is that odd, hardly occurring time with large Italians being friendly to everyone.
  • I know Draymond Green needs to be hip and cool, but does he realize that when he cusses like a sailor and then pays a $50k fine, some of us really wish mattress money had a couple more zero’s on them?
  • And just like Sebastian Janikowski’s career with the Raiders, I am done this mini-rant.


  1.  IF the Cavs suddenly turn around their season, I am pretty sure the turnaround jumper with 1 second left in OT will be the turning point.
  2. Hubie Brown, for the 1000th time, is magical announcing ANY game, but an OT game with a LeBron jumper at the end is icing on the cake.
  3. The Knicks losing Porzingis for the season is bad, but NBA fans overall lose also.
  4. Does LeBron even have any players on his NBA ASG team, and can we start a “curse” theory or something similar?
  5. In case you still keep track of minor league MLB trades, or care about future two sports athletes, Russell Wilson is now a Yankee if you care.
  6. I had work travel today, but really wish I had seen live the mom decked out in Bama and Tennessee gear walk out on her son choosing the Gators.
  7. Nova lost, thank you Johnnies, and barring an odd loss this weekend, UVA is your new #1 team in the WHOLE land.
  8. The oddity is that I want to pick UVA and be right the year where everyone does NOT pick them.
  9. Whatever-I will take a title any way I can get one.
  10. I love my job so much, I guess, that I got to my hotel room at 4pm Pacific after work travel, worked with no TV sound for three hours (still have more to do after this break) and missed the ENTIRE UVA game on TV against FSU and their apparently brilliant comeback.
  11. McDaniels turns down the Colts, the Colts now claim a rivalry with the Pats, his agent leaves him, and now he is the Pats coaching in waiting??????
  12. Wow.
  13. Steve Wynn has resigned at Wynn Resorts and put him on the getting LONGER list of celebrities doing this whole sexual harrassment craze.
  14. After a half of week, I still think I like the Rocket Mortgage/Peele commercial the best…explaining complicated and hip things in plain language.
  15. I played some blackjack last night, did pretty well, and the dealer said both my betting methods and hits and stays were “methodical and on point.”
  16. Thanks, Grandpa.
  17. I love my job because occasionally I get put in a location where I can put my toes in the actual ocean at 5am before a 8am client meeting.
  18. I almost jumped in but pretty sure my heart would have stopped due to coldness…but I thought about it without a doubt.
  19. Travel to me means finding a convenience store where they sell Lunchables, whether my hotel room has a fridge or not.
  20. During my work travel drive yesterday and today, the sun came out in Oregon for an hour or two, and apparently that is absurdly odd.
  21. What is wrong with a UK player going to a party with a security guard to watch over his future riches…oh…he was ARMED?
  22. Not good.
  23. In this topsy turvy college hoops season, Tennessee beats UK AT UK.
  24. I met a guy on the plane yesterday who is an engineer for SCRAP yards…dude makes the compressors and conveyor belts BETTER…awesome.
  25. I picked up the USA Today Sport Weekly Olympic Special because we all need a heads up what athletes we need to follow and what sports we need to learn for a month.
  26. The Warriors, when they lose, do it in such UNIQUE ways for sure.
  27. I noticed that LaVar Ball got suddenly quiet when the Lakers started doing better WITHOUT his son playing.
  28. Or, maybe my dream happened, which would be Lithuania finding a reason to lock that dude up.
  29. I have a little OCD, I love the Master Packer Seinfeld and think I have that magic, and packed six days of cold weather and work clothing in one tiny suitcase…nothing has popped up that I obviously forgot.
  30. I know I am not going to miss having kids when my friend texts me for movie reviews and advice, I write him back “go see Molly’s game” and he writes back three hours later that he went to Paddington II.
  31. Gronk had his house robbed this week, and he already knew he got robbed in the first half with one catch for 9 yards.
  32. Another week of NBA mock drafts, and Miles Birdges keeps moving down and Trae Young keeps moving up.
  33. When Tyler Zeller got traded from the Nets to the Bucks, I thought two things:  1)  THAT’S where that guy is and glad he isn’t overseas or something and 2) imagine the change in paradigm where going to Milwaukee is a HUGE upgrade.
  34. I don’t know about you, but I don’t feel sympathy for those poor millionaire NBA players who have to MAKE time to go to the Super Bowl.
  35. Embiid and Anderson had to MAKE time.
  36. Todd Frazier somehow has a perfect system of being a Jersey boy and continuing to get traded back to NY or NJ teams.
  37. I don’t know about you, but I am proud of Philly fans just simply for keeping their city upright after the Super Bowl.
  38. Gotta go and work some more (at 10pm and later as I have work to do and Lindsey doesn’t get in until 1210am).  Heading to Cannon Beach and Tillamook (I assume a cheese city will have actual loads of cheese there) tomorrow, and more sights TBD.  Peace.


  1. I really liked the SNL skit about how irritating Eagles and Pats fans are.
  2. Another week and it becomes regular now for the Cleveland Cavaliers to be blown out at home.
  3. The Nuggets beat the Warriors tonight and they are the only team to beat the Warriors twice this season.
  4. The bottom line is that 60 points OR a triple double are both very impressive, but in the same game by the same guy?
  5. I will phrase it like SNL just did in front of me:  Donald Trump did “well”  in the State of the Union because we have gotten to the point where “good” is any time he doesn’t say something really, really stupid.
  6. Hey Isaiah Thomas, you better watch out because Kevin Love now has a CAST for those locker room meetings.
  7. For those of you in the minority of people who haven’t seen Drunk History, you are missing out, and you don’t have to even drink to watch it, as the high quality lip syncing from random celebrities is worth the price of admission alone.
  8. The two condiments you need to know about presently in my world are the win and garlic seasoning from Melting Pot and the hot sauce from Sloan’s Tap and Burger.
  9. Like a person who was not covered with mud at Woodstock, you are not a Shark Tank person yet perhaps, but it is coming for you (found out last visit that the friend who stays with us once a month is now also hooked on the show since he watched it over our place a month or two ago).
  10. Wow, UVA looked solid as ever again today at a dangerous conference road foe, Syracuse.
  11. LeBron is getting mic’d up by anyone when talking about leaving teams voluntarily and what they mean after that to their club?
  12. Tony P’s closed next to me, meaning SliceWorks now gets the benefits of the biggest lover of pizza in Uptown Denver.
  13. I title “lateral moves” as going to a different job with no upward escalation, but the Rams OC going to the Titans might be a DOWNWARD move.
  14. Shaquem Griffin getting the call that he can attend the NFL combine is one of my favorite stories of the week.
  15. Warren G’s kid is a five star recruit??
  16. Makes me love Warren G even more.
  17. That Bettor X is making his rounds again, and hopefully not trying to lose the millions he made in the World Series, but the Eagles is what he is feeling if you care.
  18. Ronda Rousey has joined WWE and that sounds like the story ended the way it should have suddenly, but I am worried after seeing her act in Expendables whether the wrestlers will be better actors than her.
  19. May 5th-GGG-Canelo…boom.
  20. The Sixers and Thunder have developed this odd rivalry that actually kind of works for me.
  21. I really wish I had better ideas for the revamp of the NFL catch rule, but I would just keep saying “what the Steelers TE did against the Pats.”
  22. So “PISSANT” is a weakness of Mr. Brady…I assume that is what the Eagles linebackers will be yelling over the line.
  23. They made the NBA ASG winnings more for the winner to try and increase the competitive nature of the game, but throwing around some mattress money is not the end game to fixing it.
  24. You feel old when a hockey player who grew up, became legendary, got old, get playing, turned 2000 years old, and FINALLY cleared waivers and wasn’t picked up by an NHL team.
  25. Hey, other team, PLEASE don’t allow that amount of points when LaVar Ball is doing anything productive.
  26. The breakfast BLT is well worth it just because of the garlic aioli but the sandwich was pretty good too.
  27. Two twins have now committed to OU football, and although not a twin, I assume there is dinner conversation about the other twin being the “guy who got a scholarship just because he was the twin.”
  28. No, I am not commenting on the Pro Bowl.
  29. Dammit…I just did…you win.
  30. I missed the live showing of the Curry-Irving showdown, wasn’t doing anything else mind blowing, and am really kind of sad about missing lightning in a bottle.
  31. Federer won another title, it was in a close five sets, and just remember the great ones don’t have to DESTROY their opponents to be great, and even Brady has had many close Super Bowls.
  32. I wouldn’t want to end this part of the blog, but I don’t want to blog as long as JB Holmes takes to swing the club.
  33. Finally, my favorite thing of the week.  This girl is my sales engineer’s girlfriend and she SINGS her resume on LinkedIn and is up to 200k viewers already.


  1.  JJ Watt was named man of the year, and whether you wonder if you could do something like he did whether you were a millionaire athlete or not is irrelevant.
  2. Ray Lewis and Randy Moss/ TO were elected into the NFL HOF, and whichever wide receiver you choose of that grouping, you still realize that we all just watched players who literally redefined their position.
  3. Tom Brady just won the NFL MVP and I wonder if everyone is toasting him by guzzling a bunch of shots of water.
  4. KU and Duke lost to unranked opponents today and if you hurry and run outside, you might catch a meteor shower or asteroid or something else that never happens.
  5. CSU coach Larry Eustachy is in trouble again, and I feel like we all expected this to happen for some reason at some point?
  6. I am sitting here writing this on a Saturday night and if it isn’t Armageddon or Tin Cup or Forrest Gump, it is the damn Hunger Games movies that hook me for background noise.
  7. I assume SOME soul in Vegas bet ON the Golden Knights to win it all this year at horrendous odds, right?
  8. I wonder if Andre Drummond will look really slow or really fast with Blake Griffin as his running mate now.
  9. Must suck for Blake Griffin, being that the Clippers put on media signs and banners that they wanted him a Clipper for life…and now he is in the glorious city of Detroit.
  10. The fact that he found out by Twitter is absolutely disgusting.
  11. Doc Rivers says the Clippers aren’t necessarily going to keep trading key players, but HOW are we to believe any executive after the whole post-lifelong Clipper media plugs.
  12. Speaking of playing like we thought you would when drafted, Marbury is retiring the way he wants to at age 41…in China.
  13. Seriously though, glad he found his place and he is like a hero over there.
  14. I keep saying that Wichita State will come around, but when will that be exactly?
  15. LaMarcus Aldridge is playing out of his mind…I mean exactly the way we assumed he would play when he was drafted.
  16. All good while Boogie is out due to injury, but can’t wait to see how him and Mirotic get along.
  17. JT says his son will never play football, but I am still depressed that he is only 37 and has like THREE successful million dollar careers.
  18. The Falcons owner can get pissy all he wants about the Pats ring having 283 diamonds, but I find it funny and I would have done the same thing…you know…if I was a champion athlete in the NFL.
  19. SO nice to see Shazier on his feet, whether wobbly or not.
  20. I have LOTS of food issues, but was reminded this week again that I love bananas but hate banana bread, love grape juice but hate wine, and love cheese but hate cheesecake.
  21. This tweet made me laugh this week.  
  22. McCollum 50 points in TWENTY NINE minutes?
  23. LeBron is open to the Warriors, and then LeBron is closed to the Warriors, and all I know is that IF it is true, he would make his “taking my talents” speech harmless in comparison.
  24. Seriously, WHY can’t every airline do what Southwest does and let you cancel and move flights?
  25. Since I hate Fox, I can only assume that internally I am peeved by Fox getting the TNF deal.
  26. The Nassar count was up to 265 victims last I checked, and does that mean he didn’t do bad things to ANY appointments?
  27. Thoughts and prayers to your family, Rasual Butler, and you were way too young.
  28. I am having some serious phone issues (that could be a whole focus blog at this point), and of my three trips to Verizon thus far, my odd takeaway is that an employee told me at Verizon that they didn’t have more help at the time because it was lunchtime, and I thought “wouldn’t that take MORE employees during that time because it is everyone else’s lunch too (the customers).
  29. I can reasonably say that I will dive headfirst and risk injury before I ever drop my phone again.
  30. I was wondering WHY Jemele Hill would leave being a SportsCenter anchor to a simple writer on Undefeated until I read her first article on Tom Izzo…it was GOOD.


  1.  It is really a shame that I get more excited for the 3 point contest and dunk contest than the actual NBA ASG.
  2. I love mock drafts, preseason polls, next year’s polls, and all types of trade rumors before deadlines.
  3. One of the results of the NBA being slightly diluted is that Tyreke Evans is sought after.
  4. Come on, Steve Kerr, you knew deleted tweets are still…tweets, but love your conversation after it.
  5. A Washington State football player was given a community award…for serving hours sentenced to him by a court.
  6. Soccer transfer rules already confuse me, let alone the AMOUNT people transfer for.
  7. I just watched the ASG playerless-Miami Heat fight back to FOUR down from being 28 down against the Sixers.
  8. Yes, I was doing other stuff too in the house…background noise.
  9. Let’s get to the Super Bowl, as I am over game previews and sites of famous people ice fishing.
  10. As soon as the Super Bowl is done, I suppose Kirk Cousins and Le’Veon Bell pretty much take over the headlines.
  11. Did anyone even think that Charles Oakley wouldn’t be cleared?
  12. I just found out that someone I know kissed Aaron Rodgers on NYE, and I guess that goes on my useless list with the person in high school who slept with Bobby Brown.
  13. Julie…something, from Cumberland Regional HS.
  14. I had plans on reporting on the mad action in MLB, but the stove is COLD.
  15. The 30 for 30 on the Two Bills is fascinating, and I totally forgot that Belichick left his post right BEFORE Parcells left on his own (Hoodie would have inherited a HELL of a team).
  16. I admire the energy of the guy who rushed Nassar in court, but did he really think he would pull anything off?
  17. Just when we can’t thank the Warriors enough for ruining the NBA balance of power, they replace the Red Panda’s freaking bicycle.
  18. The Denver fan who confronted Russell Westbrook gave Denver fans a bad name and glad Westbrook didn’t get hit for it.
  19. He will always be Kenny Powers to me, and even though he doesn’t even SAY anything in the Mountain Dew commercial, it is HILARIOUS.
  20. Not as hilarious as the State Farm Harden-Paul commercial, but close.
  21. Since the hated Crimson Tide already won, and since the hated Pats will probably win also, it is nice that we still have stories like Brevin White, the top 300 player QB who turned down a Bama offer for…PRINCETON.
  22. Portland this week, and I think we will head to Cabo the week after (have to burn some earned time off at work before April 1).
  23. Sammy Hagar better be there.
  24. We have a new #1 ranked workout song for The Fillerbuster.
  25. I would be more mad about the Celtics getting Greg Monroe on the cheap until I remember that a big tall post up center was 1994 stuff, and that he will have to sit the bench if they meet the Warriors further on.
  26. This is my sales engineer’s girlfriend and this is SOOOOOO freaking off the beaten path cool (she sings her resume on LinkedIn).
  27. I would say the groundhogs had differing opinions this week, but then I said “who the HELL is Staten Island Chuck?”
  28. Lots more to say, but I will continue this tomorrow.



  1. Any hope for Griz fans turned dark this week as Mike Conley is out for the season, and I don’t think they have enough firepower to do anything in any postseason they make.
  2. In my insane amount of movie watching these days, I caught a trailer for The Hurricane Heist and it looks about as good as the name implies.
  3. I have also seen the trailer for Red Sparrow about 5 times.
  4. I had a burger at the 5280 Burger Bar right by UA Pavilions in Denver, and the burger better be EXTRA good if it comes without a side, and it did not have a side, and it did not taste like it didn’t need fries.
  5. This will be as quick as I can go, because I plan on diving into the first Blade Runner AND the second one tonight.
  6. Cameron Heyward wants more focus and less antics in 2018 for the Steelers, and I am happy with antics and no looking past ANY team on the schedule.
  7. West Virginia is such a good home team, lost against Kentucky today, and are really such a confusing team that will probably go down to a sharp shooting mid major first round in the tourney.
  8. I was sad to find out Kobe is still finding success even in the movie area of the world, getting nominated for short film…ugghhh.
  9. There is a new Murphy Brown coming out right AFTER we got a new Roseanne, and if this isn’t a sign that they are out of ideas, I don’t know what is.
  10. Not only did Bama beat OU today, but it was the first game since the opener that Trae Young scored LESS than 20 points.
  11. Kind of confusing after OU beat KU, but this is basketball this year right now.
  12. Kind of like you have the #1 team just lose their second leading scorer and a watching paint dry defensive team as the definitive second best team right now.
  13. UVA beat Duke today AT Cameron, and not that it does anything long term for March, but that is a STATEMENT win that says we CAN win it all even though you left us unranked before the season.
  14. I am getting there I will tell you on them…impressive win.
  15. Duke AND UNC lost on the same day for the first time since the 70’s…or maybe that is just at home…not sure.
  16. Got chills every commercial break because I heard that glorious CBS March Madness theme song…
  17. I see all of these movies now because I have the MoviePass and when you have that, you basically just say let’s go to the movies if you have a three hour window.
  18. Plus, I don’t booze anymore, so I guess I am just replacing my old school drinking at a bar and playing Golden Tee time.
  19. I walked out of Floyd’s today after a haircut, passed by a Which Wich (always meant to try something there), got a sandwich, and I would not run out and try one…decent, but just simply the level above a Subway.
  20. Did you see Kevin Love hand a rebounded ball to Isaiah Thomas like he was a TODDLER?
  21. I listened to the comedy station on the car radio today and heard an interesting fact I did NOT know…TASER is actually an acronym and stands for Thomas A. Swift Electronic Rifle.
  22. I agree with Zach Lowe in Ten Things that if you have a problem with someone NOT making the NBA All Star Game then you have to say who is on it presently that you would kick OFF.
  23. Wozniacki won the Aussie Open in a final featuring two players who have never won a Slam (actually they are the first 1-2 players to have both never won a Slam), and I hope that everyone enjoyed the NO SERENA VACATION.
  24. Demarcus Cousins is out for the season the ONE time the Pelicans are starting out like they should…shame.
  25. 44/24/10 is SUCH a sick stat line to post in the week that you exit stage left.
  26. Anyone else notice that during my NCAA revised picks (read my last blog) Zona has won 14 of 15 and is looking pretty darn scary?
  27. My favorite website is Deadspin, and the fact that Will Leitch (the founder) is getting his own show makes me very, very happy.
  28. Do you all realize media is going crazy when Tiger Woods is MAKING CUTS?????
  29. I would throw Henry’s Tavern (by the movie theater) mac and cheese up there in quality…I don’t have a “list” for mac and cheese because it is ALL good.
  30. Kind of like not having a top pizza list-irrelevant…ALL pizza is the best, especially free pizza.
  31. I found free pizza at work Friday, so that was a good day.
  32. Do you realize that the greatest hockey player and guitarist were both born on January 26th?
  33. Two great ones both on the same day…
  34. I will wait for more info, but pretty darn scary that MSU is suddenly getting in the realm of Penn State a few years ago.
  35. I just am PRAYING Izzo can keep doing his thing and didn’t know anything.
  36. My Cheez-Its at work are communal and always stocked, but will you PLEASE fold the paper back like my OCD self LIKES?
  37. It seems like so long ago when we were talking about how good Arizona State basketball was.
  38. Just when we were jumping on the Ohio State basketball band wagon, they lose to Penn State at home.
  39. What makes the Spurs so classy and good is that they can send ANOTHER Hall of Famer to a bench role and he is fine with it.
  40. …although I am very curious about this whole rumored Leonard rift.
  41. I admit that I didn’t think Djokovic would bow out in anything but the semi’s or finals at the Aussie.
  42. The massive hit list Lindsey and I make before any trip has begun, and excited about spending three full days in Portland in a week and a half (post work trip).
  43. George Costanza would be happy about Kanye naming his kid “Chicago” as it is only a matter of time before Seven or Soda come around.
  44. It HAS to be something personal and BETTER be, because I thought Jason Kidd was doing just fine with the hand that he was dealt.
  45. Hey, Capela, don’t piss off the Warriors and just let your play do the talking…cue sleeping dog cliche.
  46. 144 victims spoke against Nassar??????
  47. The Vikings paid less for THREE high profile QB’s than the Redskins paid for ONE.
  48. I am fully digital people, with no paper list, and that leaves some time on school nights of me wondering “what did I typically do now?”
  49. This town gets away from its QB situation by suddenly remembering that the Avs are suddenly kind of good.
  50. Nadal lost at the Aussie, and that means we can just write him off for 2018 before he claims the Nadal Slam at the French.
  51. John Wall called Barea a midget, but that midget has had a TWELVE year NBA career, John.
  52. He is kind of like Tyrion from Game of Thrones.
  53. The Miami Heat are 28-21 and don’t have ONE All Star…THAT is chemistry, folks.
  54. I turned down free food at work the other day, and might have caused a small alert throughout the work place, but I am down to 206, people, from 227 lbs.
  55. A-Rod will join Sunday Night Baseball, and still apparently will make time for Shark Tank.
  56. We want more A-Rod like we want more Trump.
  57. I never heard any news on LaVar Ball being a Lihtuanian assistant, so just hope that either A) he didn’t do anything stupid and B) maybe Lithuania has actually mastered keeping LaVar news QUIET.
  58. To add to my present Pats blog, the Pats chose white road jerseys, and they have some ridiculous record in the Super Bowl…like 12 of 13.
  59. My company is asking for recent pet pics for our internal TV screens, and I draw the line there as I will not be posted on a screen about owning cats…kind of like I won’t take both cats to the vet for shots (be a regular reader, folks).
  60. After starting a stir by missing the beginning (when they would have found out if he was actually 6’1″), Baker Mayfield had a HELL of a week at Senior Bowl practice.
  61. So, the Cavs let Kyrie go, and now are actively looking at George Hill without even seeing what IT can do on a regular basis?
  62. Rick Carlisle apologized for his words to his player, and that made me sad because I thought that telling him that he only had two points and to get out was pretty damn funny.
  63. I was over the media coverage on order of the draft before it even began.
  64. Televise the damn thing and don’t do it over the phone.
  65. Tis the season for mock drafts and I LOVE mock drafts.
  66. I thought it was silly and not needed that LeBron congratulate himself on Twitter in long form.
  67. Do you REALIZE that Paul George, Chris Paul, Lou Williams, and Andre Drummond did NOT make the ASG?
  68. The blind long snapper from UCLA posting a QB tryout video might have been slightly scripted but still was BADASS.
  69. I am very curious to see who they replace Gruden with on MNF.
  70. How did Woody Harrelson quietly sneak into another Oscars?
  71. And I had no idea Mary J. Blige was that good of actress either?
  72. I think this Oceans 8 thing for a movie is stupid, and that has nothing to do with my absolute hatred of Sandra Bullock.
  73. I don’t know much about the guy, but I was sad when Tennys got eliminated.
  74. The NBA does some dumb stuff as far as league management, but I think it is totally logical they want a betting cut and I fully support that.
  75. I didn’t know Stained singer Aaron Lewis became a country singer, but was wondering where the heck he went.
  76. Locals on the radio here in Denver I think REALLY want Baker Mayfield.
  77. Barry Bonds didn’t make the HOF, and I think he should be in simply for the fact that he was already a HOF’er BEFORE he started cheating.
  78. So, the UCONN men stink AND are being investigated for recruiting violations?
  79. I was reading about Dan Gurney this week and didn’t realize he invented the podium champagne thing.
  80. Maybe it is just because I now use them constantly, but I am AMAZED how Google Docs work.
  81. The Wonderbum product on Shark Tank really was bad.
  82. I have decided that as much as I love Shark Tank, the update of one of the companies is what makes me saddest.
  83. I really like the Statefarm commercial with that guy doing the piano jazzy version of Don’t You Forget About Me.
  84. You can sue a company if your coffee is too hot, and you can get out of a sports suspension by telling the judge you kissed your healing woman too passionately.
  85. January 27th and last I heard Markelle Fultz had not found his shot.
  86. I really wish that guy who went to the KU dorms to teach free throws to the team would have stuck around longer.
  87. I became a fan of Big Little Lies, and now that they have hired Meryl Streep, I think my time is done.
  88. Another day of hoping people stop whispering in Oprah’s ear that she should run for President.
  89. I am home solo, and AGAIN have gotten hooked on Tin Cup being on national TV…dammit.
  90. Josh Allen can’t hit the side of a barn apparently, but he a threw a football 66 MPH this week at the Senior Bowl and that is 6 MPH faster than Logan Thomas’s record (Kaep through 59 MPH if you care).
  91. I was sad to hear about someone vandalizing the Field of Dreams.
  92. It feels weird that the X-Games just started and I am not there in some capacity.
  93. The Falcons made news because they had cheap food at their new stadium and they STILL ended up outselling everyone.
  94. In the past, I would close the bar to make sure I was still up during the Aussie Open final, and that era has now ended and I will be sleeping deeply when Federer wins.
  95. The Brewers are making some MOVES, people.
  96. I think that when Johnny Manziel tweeted support of the XFL, he thought there were still scantily clad cheerleaders doing their thing.
  97. That’s it for today.  Will I blog again?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.


  1. Getting my thoughts out of me before I write my Sunday focused article (going to be a good one today).
  2. Todd Haley maybe to the Browns would put him in the purgatory I prefer.
  3. Clemson losing their second leading scorer doesn’t ruin their long term improvement plans, but DOES take them out of my “dangerous” category of sleepers in the tourney.
  4. I don’t do breakfast in bed for Lindsey for the simple reason that she likes BRUNCH at PLACES other than our home every Saturday and Sunday.
  5. The best thing about me stopping my drinking is that waffles and french toast and cookies and things like that taste SO much better these days.
  6. We watched the movie IT last night, it sucked, and WHY can’t new movie makers make horror movies that make violence ALLUDED to and use our imagination.
  7. The new SNL with Jessica Chastain sucked too  if you care.
  8. Watching the Jacksonville-NE game while writing this, and I didn’t know Boston had such a fetish for Alice in Chains as implied by their stadium constantly playing them.
  9. Consider me in the corner of listening to audio books as NOT reading, but maybe that is just because I know I am a VISUAL and not audio learner.
  10. Crazy I am, as I am finally going all digital (already did for blog list) as I spent the first half of the football game transferring all things from my paper list that I have carried for 20 years to my Google Docs.
  11. The Roomba is cool and all, but I envisioned it being quiet enough for me to watch TV while it did its thing.
  12. The problem about Lindsey watching Dateline and 20/20 is that my natural curiosity makes me LISTEN to the damn show to subconsciously know what is going on anyway.
  13. Uh-oh, Big Ben, as you should NOT be in news stories involving Donald Trump, Stormy Daniels, hotel rooms, and YOU.
  14. UK losing at home to VERY inconsistent Florida is NOT a good sign for their young team’s tourney hopes overall…can’t trust them, and they will be a first round upset WAITING to happen.
  15. KU is having some serious problems at Allen suddenly as we know, and they had to do a 9-0 run just to WIN against a lower tiered Baylor program.
  16. Losing Billy Preston to Europe is a Final Four depth type of loss.
  17. NBA teams, know that it is VERY hard to score 124 points and still lose by TWENTY FOUR points except if you are the present day Cavs.
  18. I am proud to say that Marilyn Manson played one block away but our house ended up OK.
  19. Thank you, work trip, as my #1 ranked city in the U.S. I haven’t been to is Portland, and we are tagging on a weekend in February so THAT will be checked off my list.
  20. I have to use earned hours for PTO by April 1 due to a change in our policy, and since I HATE taking days off from work, it is weird for me to be forced to take time off.
  21. Not sure if I am more impressed by the dude or the lack of resources in the country of Tonga, but the shirtless wonder from the last games took on a new sport and will be a cross-country skier this time around.
  22. It sounds like it will be a lot harder for him to go shirtless this time around.
  23. I am less surprised about the government being shut down as I am impressed that Trump made it exactly a year BEFORE that happened…it was in the cards, right?
  24. I hope the troops at least got to see the games today.
  25. Trae Young scored 48, sure, but a couple of decisions down the stretch and some bad shots ultimately led to their demise in Stillwater.
  26. The loss (after one other loss) sure takes some of the luster off the KU game Tuesday.
  27. I sure as heck didn’t see Wichita State drop TWO straight after the new year given who they play.
  28. I STILL have not seen the second half of Molly’s Game and my wife knows I am getting VERY antsy.
  29. I should be a commercial for Act Mouthwash, and you should use it too unless you like horrible dentist visits.
  30. I love my Droid Turbo and camera so much I might see if I can run the timeline to FIVE years of ownership.
  31. I hate when doctors ask me if I want to spend $15 or $20 for some extra item they do, like some cataract thing or fluoride rinse or whatever…they make me feel bad about not shelling out a few bucks for my long term health.
  32. The Lakers shot free throws like Andre Drummond any time before this year and STILL won (2-14).
  33. They are working on trademarks, and The Minnesota Miracle is such a boring name if you ask me.
  34. Wow, Robby Anderson, I don’t even think my mom would allow me to write what you said to that cop, so I won’t.
  35. You know we live in a world with too much media coverage when I saw an article telling me how Enes Kanter wants to retire as a Knick.
  36. Every time I subdue my hatred for Duke, they do something like pull ALL THREE top recruits by getting The Dunkmaster, Zion Williamson.
  37. You people who don’t follow NBA basketball and need simplified to do lists should note that you SHOULD remember the name Zion Williamson.
  38. The Raiders either DID the Rooney Rule in hiring Gruden or just did a good enough job of making sure everyone read the flow chart on their fake hiring process.
  39. Maria Sharapova apparently is NOT back as she not only lost, but got SMOKED.
  40. I feel like I really didn’t need to know Halladay had some drugs in his system-I was fine with the story I got and wanted to let him rest in peace.
  41. Every time to this day I hear the acoustic version of STP’s Plush, I get chills still.
  42. I went to Butcher’s Bistro Friday for dinner before our Cervantes show, and will throw in their burger at 5 or 6 in my CO rankings.
  43. The Mets depressed me this week by bringing back Tim Tebow for spring training.
  44. I feel OK with just understanding their is an overload of backcourt Western stars and MAKING a spot for Russell Westbrook in the starting lineup.
  45. I still don’t know exactly how this NBA ASG draft thing even works or understand why it isn’t televised.
  46. Even Gronk didn’t talk like Mike Mitchell (overlooking the Jags for the Pats) and said the Jags would be the best team the Pats faced this season.
  47. The Steelers needed a first grade school to send THEM playbook ideas before their Jags game, as I am sure grade schoolers would at least include a QB sneak.
  48. Because of our company’s company band including me and my bandmates list of songs we played, I CAN’T get Shake It Off by Taylor Swift out of my head and it is horrible.
  49. That’s it for today.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.


  1. Lane Kiffin has hired Charlie Weis, Jr., and if things don’t work out, Charlie can still live on his dad’s previous 6 team contracts.
  2. Hey, Kaep Haters, he has officially finished his promise of donating $1 million WITHOUT a job.
  3. I don’t dive into politics on this site, but how COOL is it that both Koreas are rolling together for the Olympics?
  4. That unfortunately kicks the Jamaican women qualifying for the Olympics in bobsledding 30 years after the men did not quite as cool.
  5. Whether it be Aaron Afflalo, Trevor Ariza, or whoever, isn’t it better that the NBA players are just fighting among themselves again now?
  6. The story about the WSU QB committing suicide is easily the saddest story I have read this year.
  7. Our friend, John, who crashes with us once a month on his work trips is OFFICIALLY now hooked on Shark Tank, and that happens, especially when staying at our house.
  8. If you haven’t heard or read the name Maame Biney, you might as well prepare yourself for the onslaught of media coverage, and she is a classy chick about to go mainstream.
  9. I am glad that an Eagles fan punched a police horse (repeatedly) because that is what the Eagles fans bring to the table when their team is in the playoffs.
  10. If you “love” college football, then you gave a hoorah for Bryce Love coming back so we can enjoy his talents for another year in Palo Alto.
  11. I don’t care if they have injuries, I remember a time not that long ago when Wisconsin wouldn’t have gotten run OUT of the gym by any level of Purdue team.
  12. I still think the Senekot commercial is beyond weird, and I think they KNOW this because I keep seeing it MORE now.
  13. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the commercial for the new Corporate TV series coming out, mainly because it has a guy in his office who is yelling at something to no one in particular, and then yells more when he finds out he missed out on free pizza at work.
  14. I thought Alienist was an old show, not a new one…
  15. Dominoes now has a “carryout insurance” for pizza???????
  16. That is insane, but I love it for probably the reason that I think the earth revolves around a big slice of pizza in space.
  17. And THAT is not nearly as weird as Kyrie Irving says.
  18. I was depressed to hear the Ball brothers combined for 60 points in a game in Lithuania, but my depression turned to happiness when I didn’t see any LaVar comments minutes AFTER they did this.
  19. I guess it was probably the middle of the night over here though when they did that.
  20. I love Denver weather, because it is supposed to be 75 degrees on Friday, and 35 degrees on Saturday.
  21. My company meeting piano/singing experience went just fine, but mainly because we found a lead singer, and I could just chill out in the back playing piano to my dumb parodies singing backup vocals.
  22. My voice is basically the PERFECT karaoke voice, good when you don’t EXPECT high quality and just want to see a guy try to hit high notes, almost doing it, but doing enough air guitar to camouflage it.
  23. Speaking of Glam Rock (note that I capitalize it) and Shark Tank, Mark Cuban was oddly the one who bought in to two guys with long hair ties for men, with one guy setting recently the Guiness Book of World Record for most consecutive days head banging in the Grand Canyon.
  24. 14 if you care.
  25. I feel like my irritation to this Nassar thing is building to the same level as the Sandusky thing-everyone just air out all of your stuff in ONE week, and we can crucify him and move on with our lives.
  26. I felt closure after finding out that the Bama player who VERY oddly fought coaching staff midway through the title game was already on his way out, transferring to Tennessee State.
  27. JUST when we thought WVU might challenge KU for the Big 12 title streak, they piss off a feisty, but not deep, KU squad and get beat at HOME.
  28. This March is going to be even more chaotic then normal, and do NOT let anyone in your bracket pool tease you for picking a 3-8 seed winning it all this year.
  29. I want to make sure I have this straight-so UW picked up their QB from UGA, but then lost one of THEIR QB’s to UCLA…got it.
  30. So, KD is talking about NBA team ownership when we are focusing all of our time even trying to LIKE him after switching teams?
  31. The Giants picked up McCutchen and I would worry about the quick demise of my team if I am a Pirates fan.
  32. There is no WAY I believe that Mularkey and the Titans parted “mutually.”
  33. Cue the Seinfeld clip.
  34. I didn’t even know that Aaron Rodgers was single, but I guess dating Danica Patrick gets you the hot celebrity knowing you always have hand with your one title.
  35. Cue the Seinfeld clip.
  36. I am very sorry that the Cranberries singer died, but more scared I would say that I have to hear that horrible song, Zombie, more in the next week.
  37. I agree that Drew Brees is a great guy, he obviously doesn’t understand the negotiating tool of “leverage” saying he wants to come back so soon.
  38. HIM I forgive for announcing his intentions right after a loss, because HIS loss was due to a miracle, and the Steelers loss was due to no prep, game management, and looking ahead.
  39. So, I guess this is the year that Venus takes off kind of, as she is a wizard at winning or almost winning, or losing in the first round.
  40. What the HELL is wrong with Fultz’s SHOT?
  41. This is like the very unproven, poor man’s version of Rick Ankiel.
  42. Rodman just got arrested in Newport Beach, and that might ignite my Rant Squad mentions again, as I was worried about him.
  43. So, a guy actually went from being the Bama OC and winning titles every other year to the BILLS OC, where you get happy if the sun comes out above a freezing temperature?
  44. If I am Kevin Sumlin, I am VERY glad my new landing spot is Arizona with a decent cupboard, as opposed to going to some small school to prove my chops all over again.
  45. I still don’t understand A&M getting rid of him, as it is not exactly like they were winning anything lately ANYWAY.
  46. UVA basketball is not glamorous, boring to watch if you are not a hoops junkie, but VERY, VERY good.
  47. That’s it for today.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog again?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.



  1. The sloth commercial has become funnier in our household ever since Lindsey booked a painting sloth Gallery On The Go gig at the Denver Aquarium… WITH an actual painting sloth.
  2. I liked the fact that the Eagles had actual dog masks for their game given that they were the first #1 seed to be an underdog playing a 6 seed.
  3. It was on SNL last night so it must be real, I am serious about moving IF Oprah gets a sniff at the POTUS, and can’t we just have one “normal” president in between this Trump debacle or whichever other pop culture non-politician we have next?
  4. When I watch SNL, I sometimes get confused whether it is an actual commercial being shown next or an SNL skit, and that fact is magnified ever since I saw an ACTUAL commercial for the Trumpy Bear.
  5. Just when we thought MSU was back to its dominant ways, a not very good Michigan team thumps them AT HOME.
  6. TOLD you the Texas Tech-WVA game was a trap game.
  7. UVA, if they win today against NC State, which they will, will move up to #2 in the country in hoops, mind you.
  8. Has aioli always existed in our culture and how did I JUST start putting it on everything and dipping everything IN it just in the last year IF it did exist previously?
  9. For those hoping Clemson will just go away, they returned FOUR underclassmen as of yesterday that could go higher rounds in the NFL draft.
  10. Yeah, them and UGA are going NOWHERE.
  11. I am waiting for someone to SUE the government after the Hawaii missile crisis alert that ruined one person’s daily activities, as if you can sue a company for too hot of coffee, then the slippery slope would obviously extend to this also.
  12. I went to Tap XIV last night because the owner is Mike Hayter (who I helped to open his original bar downtown when bartending) and immediately got the mac and cheese and it was delicious.
  13. I love mac and cheese more than most things in life.
  14. For those of you thinking you are not dragging yourself to the gym enough, in my 20 lb losing cycle over the last couple of months, I belong to THREE gyms along with having my work workout room, and work out sometimes TWICE in a day with a torn rotator cuff…suck it up.
  15. I got the best thing the other day, a heterosexual married guy at work I don’t talk to much telling me I look good these days and asked about how much I was working out and whether I was watching my eating also.
  16. For the record, my “diet” is not proactively looking for bad food, but not adverse to it either.
  17. Basically, I don’t swing by McDonald’s on my own, but if free pizza shows up on my work desk or my wife asks me if I want some Good Times on her way home, I don’t fight it.
  18. I finally am looking my age unfortunately, as Lindsey stopped by Williams Tavern for a drink, Foolin by Def Leppard came on when I was nowhere close to the jukebox, and I was asked by a random customer if I played that song since I was the only person in the bar who fit that age range.
  19. I am about to shave my head, as my gray hair ruins my new appearance physically.
  20. I am NOT putting hair coloring in my freaking hair.
  21. The Titans scored first yesterday and gave people hope it would be a game, but the Pats are about the only team who can look in the mirror, get pissed at being scored on, and go down the field in a minute and score immediately to tie it up.
  22. I am not sure of the age range of Olympic level skiers and snowboarders, but I know what a perfect score is, and I know that Shaun White got one in qualifying.
  23. Sure, the Warriors won against the Raptors, but the comeback by the Raptors and, more importantly, the TWO missed FT’s by Curry were very much oddities.
  24. The fact that the New England game opened up with my favorite song, Here I Go Again, is a good sign for the weekend, and most people don’t realize that that hit song was originally written in 1982, and I know this because I used all of my allowance money on older Whitesnake tapes when I fell in love with the band.
  25. Way to set the bar, Landon Donovan, by retiring and then being a 1980’s boxer and coming back within two years.
  26. I was just thinking that it has been a while since Reuben Foster got into any trouble, and glad he resolved THAT issue.
  27. Keith Jackson died, he will ALWAYS be known as possibly the greatest college football announcer ever, and his “fumble” and Whoa Nellie” comments will always resonate with me eternally.
  28. Our cats needed their vaccinations, we take them to a discount clinic where you have to stand in line, and my wife seemed to think initially that I could do that task on my own, apparently forgetting that, embraced image or not, a guy holding two cats in carriers in a line full of dogs is about as emasculating as any event can be in life.
  29. She went with me in the end.
  30. So, the Alamo Draft House being full stopped us from seeing The Shape of Water Friday night, waiting on Lindsey’s sister to get back in town postponed the finished watching of Molly’s Game, nothing else was showing at a good time, so we ended up seeing The Greatest Showman, and it was painful as it was a musical, but not as bad as I thought it would be.
  31. When you have MoviePass, you just GO SEE MOVIES as much as possible.
  32. You can’t beat $10 a month.
  33. This is all painful because I STILL have to see The Shape of Water, Ladybird, and The Darkest Hour BEFORE the Oscars.
  34. In golf, there is actually a “Eurasia Cup????”
  35. There are a lot of teams that I imagine could lose mental toughness, but very weird seeing that lost edge come from a LeBron led team.
  36. For better or worse for the ears of passers by, I am singing some of the songs at our company party next week along with playing the keys, and someone at FWI with a voice needs to STEP UP, as singing JT is NOT an easy task.
  37. I am an ex-tennis state player, appreciate tennis more than most, love the Aussie Open, and would give you my picks, but this is still football time in my life.
  38. The Navy triple option coach might take over Arizona????
  39. That just SOUNDS weird.
  40. Yes, the Orioles would have been fools for not resigning Machado.
  41. I have a feeling that getting the most amount of first time arbitration money will NOT be the only record Kris Bryant sets in his career.
  42. Donald Trump, I know I am not the most IN the know about world politics (ironic since I was pol-sci in college), but being on the ESPN wire is NOT a good thing for the President of the US.
  43. I had my first burger in a while at Highland Tap and Burger (actually the Sloan’s Lake location), it was very good, it stays in my top five of CO burgers, but probably at the lower part of that top 5 after Justice Snow’s, Humboldt, Park & Co.
  44. No, 50 Cent, you should NOT take up the Mets offer on throwing out the first pitch again because your legend in that domain can only get WORSE.
  45. The Sixers and The Process are doing fine, but is Fultz having a Rick Ankiel moment as his practice shot looks AWFUL?
  46. Waking the Lions by Pop Evil and Lifelines by I Prevail are still reigning kings on my workout song present rankings.
  47. It came up in conversation at work because we had a classical music Fun Friday thing going on, and yes, I am on record as an ex-classical pianist as saying Mozart was overrated and Beethoven, Liszt, and Chopin OWNED him.
  48. In case you wanted to start liking women’s college basketball, that big showdown this week between 2 of the top 3 teams ended up in a 33 point delta, so I guess you are free and clear on that front for another little while.
  49. I read the article about Pop and Aldridge having dinners and hashing out his trade request, it was very interesting, and kept me respecting Pop SOOOO much in the coaching world.
  50. I knew ASU was a little overrated at the beginning of the season, but still knew they had good guard play overall, and never saw the floor just dropping OUT coming so soon.
  51. I love watching Shark Tank so much, and I would say the only downfall is that since I am in sales, I demand no talking during the show since I want to hear all of the sales strategies.
  52. So, basically, I am not very fun to watch it WITH.
  53. My colleague made a good point Friday that when high socks were old people socks, young people wore ankle socks, and now that ankle socks are worn by everyone, the young people are now wearing the highest socks possible to man.
  54. I have mentioned our entire executive team wears vests at work, and I only have a puffy blue outdoor vest in my closet, and will just wait until a promotion years from now before I wear THAT.
  55. Pink will sing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl this year, and considering I JUST figured out that when people where Pink on their clothing that this is NOT Pink-musician related, I would say I am not the best person to come up with jokes on this.
  56. Does The Commuter movie just have the Taken guy on his way home from somewhere?
  57. That’s it for today.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog again?   That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.


  1. I will post another one tomorrow or Saturday.  Just have some time and getting a couple of things out.
  2. I called it before his final season at AZ and am right so far, as Lauri Markkanen is becoming a STUD…think Dirk with some beef to play more inside but still with the SWEET shot.
  3. Of course, this week has been Lou Williams week…dude is on fire, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see another 50 point game soon…he is playing off the bench, people, for the most part.
  4. I am ex-military and love the Army, but don’t they have better things to do than be offended that a hockey team uses the same nickname as their parachute team?
  5. Saw an article that Chris Foerster was opening up on his cocaine using event, and that dude should probably NOT talk too much more to any mic or anyone with a recorder.
  6. Dion Waiters will be having season ending ankle surgery, and that makes me sad as I enjoy his tunnel vision comments about how HE is the best player and a superstar for some reason.
  7. An Alabama coach had the team’s playbook stolen right before the title game, and I guess their were no Tua plays in there at that moment.
  8. I am just saying “Tua” as I am still learning to pronounce his last name, let alone spell it.
  9. I am narrowing down my next FOCUSED article and it will probably be a dual article covering both the NFL weekend and/or LaVar Ball.
  10. I will get to the recent Bell comments another day.
  11. Not many people happier on this earth than me hearing the news there will be another Canelo-GGG fight…need more closure.
  12. Might be just me, but did ANYONE else know there was an NBA game happening in LONDON?
  13. One of my cats is always being chased by the other cat, and I am trying to figure out if that IS their game, or whether the cat being chased is going through a living hell of being in a small condo with a cat she hates.
  14. Adam Silver is saying he is against televising the NBA ASG actual draft, and that is BS because IF you have this street ball pickup game draft, then you HAVE to go all in and SHOW us it.
  15. I don’t care what he meant, or whether you found it harmless, Blake Bortles should not go ANYWHERE close to mentioning LeBron in any comparison involving him.
  16. Lindsey asked me if I would be down for her buying another $25 for $50 GroupOn for Maggiano’s and you should know IF you have the MoviePass (which I have told you to get) and if you want the most underrated brunch spot on 16th Street Mall, then you should get that coupon TOO.
  17. I am pretty sure we ALL know that Davis did not follow the Rooney Rule is his pursuit of Gruden and his comments, although not needed to prove this, solidify it and pretty much dig his own hole.
  18. Rodney Hood is a Duke product who should carry himself with class even when in the NBA, and I think him knocking that phone out of the guy’s hand IS a big deal.
  19. This whole refs-players NBA thing has snuck up on us, and make it go away quickly.
  20. I watched OKC-Minnesota last night and didn’t really even care about the score, because listening to Hubie Brown announce a game is heaven in itself.
  21. I love mock drafts, and admit to reading at least one NFL AND NBA one this week.
  22. If you care, my boy, Trae Young, has moved from 19th to SIXTH now.
  23. I feel happiness when I watch Shark Tank because I love the show and characters, but get depressed shortly after because I have not invented anything and put energy towards it (well, except this blog).
  24. The Commuter is getting a LOT of good hype, or I am just a sucker for above average Liam Neeson flicks.
  25. I have a particular set of skills…
  26. It was announced that Baker Mayfield was eligible for the NFL Combine, and I for one was aware of that as an issue as much as I was that there was an NBA game being played in London this week.
  27. I have gotten to the point where I actually READ an article about Jamil Wilson giving an STD to a woman and the Lakers reneging on his contract just BECAUSE it didn’t have LaVar Ball ANYWHERE in the article.
  28. Because I read THAT useless article, I did NOT read the artciel on the sports agent filming his clients in his shower.
  29. How many of his clients come over and TAKE showers?
  30. Maybe the agent world IS like Ballers.
  31. When should I delete these posts by the way?  Every week?  What?  You are right.  I will just keep writing until it tells me I have to delete some.
  32. For Bama, Calvin Ridley is going pro and Damien Harris is staying, meaning we get to hear more about the stable of WR’s for them this offseason as opposed to their stable of RB’s.
  33. UCF has asked Bama to play them on a couple of city billboards, and THAT is absolutely adorable.
  34. I would love Bill Snyder to join Norv Turner on the Panthers staff just so I can make age jokes.
  35. Mudslides now, and I have had to check in on my buddy in Santa Barbara a LOT more than I expected a year ago for natural disasters.
  36. Hope things don’t happen in three’s and that OBVIOUS natural disaster doesn’t occur, bud.
  37. I am ALREADY tired of talking about Kevin Durant scoring 20k and let’s just move on.
  38. Purdue basketball is pretty darn good and not talked about NEAR enough heading towards March.
  39. So, Washington had slightly down year, get their star QB back, AND get the leftovers from Jake Fromm becoming a star (Eason is transferring), and sounds like a DAMN good week for U-Dub.
  40. Iowa State lost to KU at Allen the other night, but that was a CLOSE game heading into the final two minutes, and KU should be concerned.
  41. They really have a concerning lack of depth even though we know Self has won with a limited rotation before.
  42. I really, really hope that I don’t have to hear game stats from Lithuania of EVERY Ball brother game.
  43. Richie Incognito says that his racial slurs were a misunderstanding, and we all believe HIM like we believe that Davis didn’t violate the Rooney Rule.
  44. I am NOT a Raiders fan in the least bit (except for missing the old school Raiders-Steelers clashes) but am still excited for Gruden to be a coach again.
  45. Next up?  Cowher.
  46. Is everyone coming around to the fact that the Virginia Cavaliers are pretty freaking GOOD?
  47. They beat decent Cuse and UNC teams HANDILY.
  48. Remember way back when to the time when A&M losing by 1 to UK at UK would be a funny joke?
  49. UK might have only TWO guys drafted this year in the first round of the NBA draft…slackers.
  50. Lindsey is hosting an event with a painting sloth, and I wanted to go watch this sloth…I mean support her…but apparently they are hundreds of dollars for tix.
  51. I know I didn’t really move out of the US when Trump was elected like I said I would do, but I REALLY am moving if Oprah gets a sniff of POTUS.
  52. I am glad they tucked the story about Craig Sager leaving NOTHING to the kids from his first marriage because I only want to remember him for really, really GOOD things.
  53. I really, really, REALLY love everything there is about the Arby’s commercials on TV, and it isn’t just about Puddy and Seinfeld stuff.
  54. I am surprised and kind of sad that Mayhem is already back, and was thinking they would at least wait for the Super Bowl instead of the CFP title game.
  55. I knew nothing about this Hostiles movie, but DAMN have they sold me like they have with The Commuter, and WILL see it.
  56. I would like to thank whoever is in charge of the NFL playoff schedule, because they picked the ONLY time slot on the weekend that successfully got me out of some baby shower I promised I would go to with Lindsey.
  57. Lindsey went to the rodeo, she had fun, but since I had gone a few days before, I had already used my non-country guy “rodeo quota” for 2018.
  58. I have funny stuff to say on the BBB-LaVar Ball story, but will save it in case I write the focus article on him.
  59. Kind of a quiet story for people who don’t live and breathe sports, but the double whammy for US soccer was not only NOT getting a World Cup bid but ALSO having Jonathan Gonzalez proclaim he will play for Mexico and not the US (dual citizenship) was brutal and future damaging.
  60. The MSU big time loss to Ohio State was shocking, BUT know that MSU will still win it all, and Ohio State is dangerous to play the second weekend in March.
  61. I have matured on another food front, as my wife has convinced me that squash kind of tastes like weird, decent still pasta.
  62. In betting, I just need to stop betting on pro football, as I lost EVERY wildcard game but stayed even somehow due to NAILING conference hoops.
  63. I had insightful, and funny, notes from the title game for the CFP, but that seems like old news at this point.
  64. Due to his injury, I will oddly miss figuring out how Andy Murray has not won more Grand Slam titles.
  65. When Kawhi Leonard comes back from THIS injury, we will once again wonder HOW the Spurs stayed in the playoff hunt without him…again.
  66. After watching the Golden Globes, I obviously have to see unknowns Ladybird and The Shape of Water and that Billboard movie, as they will rule the Oscars also I guess.
  67. It will be HARDER to find fun Manziel CFL stories, but PLEASE…FIND THEM.
  68. I have to go listen to Bill Walton announce a college basketball game.  Talk to you next time.



  1. This is unedited and just my stream of consciousness, so sorry for any grammatical errors.
  2. Some of these, as we go on over the months, will be repeat for old school readers, but since I don’t plan on deleting this much, some things need repeating for the record.
  3. I will be adding MANY more pictures (my mom reads this too so needs to be updated), but not this round as I am just getting this concept going first.
  4. Rich Rodriguez should have just stayed at West Virginia and not followed greener grass.
  5. I think people are wronging themselves by going to In-N-Out and not researching the secret menu.
  6. Jon Gruden takes over the most optimal situation he can with a coach needed organization, complete with a franchise QB, star WR, stud offensive line, and simply a defense that needs a little help.
  7. I don’t know exactly what a “bomb cyclone” is, but it sounds horrible and I think whoever is in charge of the naming committee needs to understand the day we live in and eliminate at least the “bomb” part.
  8. This is a shot of me at the Rose Bowl right before I went to hat backwards mode, and apparently I was very concerned about my hat (which I always am).  
  9. Yes, UVA hoops has a slight lack of offensive prowess inside, but they have sharp shooter, their defense remains beyond strong, and they will still be a tough out in March.
  10. I am very curious to see how the Cavs (NBA version) adjust their offensive approach and rotation with IT coming back.
  11. I would want Baker Mayfield on my roster if I am an NFL guy.
  12. When I saw what appears to be a REAL commercial on the Trumpy Bear, I thought someone had slipped me acid that day.
  13. I went through Orange County airport last weekend, the resemblance to Dulles is on point, and they both have gates with plenty of room, more space than they need, and everything looks like it was made in 1978.
  14. Marlena Shaw wrote a song called California Soul a while back, and I have decided there is nothing better than heading to CA and listening to that song on the plane.
  15. There are two NHL divisions with all winning teams.
  16. There is only ONE NBA team with single digit losses.
  17. There are NO NBA teams with double digit losses.
  18. There are NO unbeaten college basketball teams this early in the season.
  19. I absolutely LOVE this.  Imaginary low fives after a free throw.
  20. In case you are curious, my luck of ALWAYS losing tickets continues, as we didn’t even get to our Rose Bowl seat before I had lost track of my ticket…MANY old stories very similar.
  21. I think one of my favorite parts of t he Rose Bowl besides the game was the drunk Michigan State guy shirtless, painted in green, yelling Go Spartans.
  22. Stop talking about whether Paul George will leave after this year, as I only care about THIS year right now in the NBA.
  23. It is INSANE that Steph Curry has come back from being injured lighting up MORE than before.
  24. You can love or hate women’s hoops, but getting a QUAD double is still ridiculous.
  25. I am very sad to report (for me) that The Westin in St. John will NOT be open in 2018, and therefore our Dixon family trip will have to be elsewhere.
  26. I don’t remember only seeing HALF of a GREAT movie in the theater ever, can’t wait to see the rest, and Molly’s Game struck me as the female lead Rounders.
  27. Sundays should be a day of rest from LaVar Ball BS, and I am not enjoying the constant updates from Lithuania EITHER.
  28. For some reason, the conversation came up at work about identifying yourself with a type of dog, and after the guy next to me said he was a poodle, I decided I am a lab (water loving).
  29. I agree with Paul Pierce that he shouldn’t have to share his once in a lifetime event of being honored by the Celtics with Thomas.
  30. The Greek Freak was already scary, but very alarming (for the rest of the league) that he is starting to drain mid range jumpers TOO.
  31. All of the football stories I talk about are null and void when you realize the GREATEST football story recently is that Shazier has feeling in his legs again.
  32. As far as I am concerned, Serena Williams can take as MUCH time as she wants before coming back to the tour and ruling or not ruling again.
  33. Why would I spend money on catnip, cat trees, or other toys when they seem so content in empty boxes?  
  34. For you newbies, YES I have two cats, no it was not my call on the first one, yes I then just figured out the one needed a friend, no we don’t have a yard or bandwidth to caretake a dog yet, and therefore I have embraced myself as TWO CAT MARK so leave the jokes in your head please.
  35. Why does every running back get media pub for buying their offensive line Rolexes when we KNOW they can afford them easily?
  36. Mike Elko left Notre Dame for the same position at A&M and that is the definition of a confusing lateral move if you ask me.
  37. I feel like if we put a camera on Todd Haley that we would know more about NYE this year AND make all of our lives much more interesting.
  38. I will admit that the Roomba was a good purchase, VERY entertaining to watch, but my animals have NOT scaled it yet and therefore made me sad.
  39. I don’t drink anymore and still find it weird saying “let’s grab lunch” instead of “let’s grab some beers.”
  40. CU beat ASU and Zona back to back, and I can’t decide if that is more uplifting for typically weak Front Range hoops or simply a downer for the state of Arizona hoops.
  41. Both were at CU though, so the whole altitude thing DOES come into play.
  42. When the city of Buffalo sent 1440 wings to the city of Cincinnati, did they deliver them to a particular address, or did the driver just drive through the city streets randomly hoping someone would notice?
  43. You can be from wherever, but a rodeo is still fun and something is wrong with you if you don’t concur.
  44. We keep going to the rodeo on the first weekend by chance, and keep missing all of the small cool smaller animals AND my favorite thing, which is the dog trying to corral the sheep through an obstacle course.
  45. Well, at least Joe Thornton lost some of his beard in a hockey fight NOT during the playoffs, when beards are important.
  46. Lamar Jackson declared, and that is right, as their is really nothing else he can do on a lesser team for his draft stock.
  47. I found the Pats article very entertaining and just hope all of that is true, even though I know it is probably not.
  48. I Prevail is my new workout group, and I admit they are not high quality, but I have found three more songs besides Lifelines (Scars, The Worst Part of Me, and Rise) that serve my perfect workout regime purpose.
  49. After being defeated by Cyborg, I believe that Andy Warhol would agree that Holly Holm has officially HAD her 15 minutes.
  50. After all that he has been through, firing Chuck Pagano had to be a really, really TOUGH meeting by ANYONE with a conscience.
  51. Danny Shelton’s boombox suitcase/bag was beyond awesome.
  52. Before the last game (don’t feel like looking it up), the Broncos were 5-0 when running more than passing and 0-10 when passing more than running.
  53. I feel like Jon Gruden, Coach K, and Pete Carroll have been frozen on their age for the last 15 years.
  54. I am very disturbed that anyone with any mind would want to remake the TV show Roseanne.
  55. The only thing more disturbing than UCF holding a fake championship parade is the Browns holding a city wide 0-16 parade.
  56. Barring injury, and I said this even before the Mavs drafted him, we will be talking about Dennis Smith to future generations on his greatness.
  57. Do you think Vance Johnson simply starts every conversation with anyone in the Broncos organization with “Did you get me a QB yet?”
  58. The Bengals and Broncos are in the same boat (one long term and the other short term) in the way that they can NOT complain about coaching because they stayed in the game with a pair of 8’s.
  59. I believe that everyone in a sane mind, when hearing Carson Palmer retired, simply said “well, he needs to” as that is what I said.
  60. I don’t think there is anything more perfect in the world than Mike Tyson opening a full service cannabis resort.
  61. Kris Dunn finally hit 30 points in a game, and FINALLY shows like his high draft picking MIGHT be merited.
  62. In THIS day and age of the NBA, that one game probably netted him a max contract in future years.
  63. The UVA hoops win over a very good UNC was definitive and VERY impressive.
  64. I LOVE the commercial with Chris Paul and James Harden for Statefarm with Paul singing that boy band tune.
  65. I just said “boy band tune” because I can never remember what songs the Backstreet Boys sang and which ones the NSync sang.
  66. The Rams will continue to be good, but the Falcons were experienced, the Rams weren’t, and the Rams really need a more powerful home venue and fast.
  67. There is some stat floating around about WHEN the two title game football finalists match up in basketball the weekend before, the team that wins that wins in football too.
  68. That is all the positive I will give you, UGA.
  69. SOOOOO cool that the CB who chose OU over the Horns was spotted in a pre-decision photo doing the horns down hand thing.
  70. Not only was it special listening to Gruden’s last game as an analyst, but we got a good game to boot.
  71. I watched SOME of that game in silence as the girls came back from brunch and blasted music while doing their nails after mimosas…talk about a collision of worlds.  Image result for seinfeld worlds collide
  72. SEC hoops is VERY confusing when trying to figure out who is good and who is not.
  73. I saw my first Masters commercial and admittedly got excited.
  74. The Senecot prescription medicine commercial for constipation still really bothers me.
  75. I like Rex Ryan’s segment’s name…Rexplanation…clever.
  76. VERY interesting that Case Keenum MIGHT just follow his OC and where he goes.
  77. I like the CONCEPT of the DirectTV commercials with things we don’t want to happen to us, but think I could think of better ideas for it.
  78. That’s it for this segment.  Talk to you next time.  Peace.