Not much focus today, but at least something got written I guess…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  On an island.  On beach time, including getting off this laptop as soon as possible.  Let’s turn and burn.


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1)       Greetings and salutations, people.  Thanks for joining me.  I am presently in the Caribbean, don’t really feel like being on a laptop, but still have a list to burn through.  This will be a speed version.

2)      I walked by a boat with people on it that had the name “Turn and Burn” on it.  I was depressed to hear that the dude has an entire website and services under that name.  He beat me (by a long shot).  I think I just started realizing how cool it was once the 80’s started becoming a distant memory.  And because I started blogging.

3)      This is unedited as I don’t have time for that and my intern sucks.

4)      Hell, let’s just do the one sentence per hook thing.  Outdoors beckons.

5)      I am hanging with Lindsey’s family, this is my third or fourth time hanging with Richard and Shea, and I swear we ALL are just trying to be as cool in life one day as Richard.

6)      And they taught us a new card game called King’s Corner, and I believe I have retired after going 1-0.

7)      Although the ace thing still doesn’t make sense to me as you can’t put a king below an ace-inside joke and I am an idiot.

8)      Cinnamon Bay and Trunk Bay do NOT suck I can tell you.

9)      Melo going to the Knicks is more about the money and where Lala said he was allowed to go than anything else.

10)   Dammit-I had a reason to stop being a LeBron fan when he went to Miami, and now I think I like him again with him “going home.”

11)   I am finally reading The Caddie was a Reindeer and am loving every sentence of it.

12)   Miami Heat fans are just overjoyed to have Luol Deng.

13)   So, the Rockets get LUCKY as heck and get a 16-4-5 kid in the SECOND round of the draft, and then don’t pay him-don’t get it.

14)   The only reason I don’t want the NFL season to begin is because I am rooting for the Ravens to get a SIXTH player arrested in the offseason.

15)   Props to Ian Thorpe as he announced he is gay-badass stud in and out of the pool.

16)   Painkillers and bushwhackers are evidently the thing this way as far as drinks.

17)   I only drink bourbon and water and vodka ice tea for my drinks, but I have given up on them being down here where the rum is.

18)   Photos coming when I am home (including the Turn and Burn boat).

19)   Props to Adam Wainwright as I feel like I was subconsciously writing him off and now he is starting the ASG.

20)   I never wrote YOU off, King Felix.

21)   Saddest thing I have heard today-Mr. Mudiay made ALL sorts of headlines going to SMU to play for Larry Brown and now he is going overseas to play instead.

22)   I don’t really care about Erin Andrews replacing Pam Oliver at anything.

23)   I am tired of the Redskins drama and still say I think the name is fine after all of this time.

24)   Does Diego Maradona really feel the urge to give him opinion on EVERYTHING??

25)   If you think the US-Belgium loss wasn’t respectable, know that you read it here first that I think Belgium might take the 2018 World Cup when I am in Russia for it.

26)   Jimmy Graham in all ways TOTALLY got screwed no matter WHAT they end up figuring out.

27)   THAT didn’t take long, Brazil committee who decides who coaches your national squad.

28)   Lindsey’s brother and I have a billion dollar idea for a company, but we would have to kill you if we told you what it is…and plus we are still working on WHAT it does besides having really cool slogans.

29)   Know that the term SOI WILL be a household term in five years though.

30)   Paul Pierce ending his career with the Wizards just seems weird to me.

31)   Pau Gasol going to the Bulls just seems to make sense to me.

32)   Canelo Alvarez barely winning the other night I think might have cost him another shot at Money.

33)   If I had it sitting under my mattress, I think I would pay the million for any contract involving Babe Ruth.

34)   Southern New Hampshire commercials even randomly play down HERE?????

35)   I once again doubt Trevor Ariza will play up to whatever money they plan on paying him.

36)   Do we really live in a world where Gordon Hayward is getting paid $63 million for anything?

37)   Did Jameis Winston say anything else about his degree being important (like helpless girls or shoplifting)?

38)   Chris Bosh is about to realize how darn good LeBron really was as his daily to do list just multiplied by about 100.

39)   Ok.  I can’t do this.  We are not going on hike for another hour, but I can’t be on this thing anymore.  May the force be with you.  Hope you enjoyed or are least more informed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

40)   NO.  NOT blogging tomorrow.  Not even close.

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