Not going to lie. It was fun, Mike. I get it.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Quick rant before the game.  Evening rant.  Let’s turn and burn.


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1)      It is ON at the US Open, and it appears that Tiger’s left wrist will be an issue, that Phil missing practice to see his daughter’s graduation didn’t affect his game, and that Lee Westwood might finally start fast at one of these Majors instead of coming from behind to barely lose.  Very exciting.  Here is a random note.  Sergio was 7 over after 8 and I announced it to my work that it was karma for calling out Tiger racially.  He must have heard me.  Somehow he came back to get a respectable 3 over.  That is pretty badass on THAT track with THOSE conditions.

2)      Some of my work colleagues and I were dragging this morning.  You should have been too.  Everyone should have watched that hockey game until the end last night.  All 3 OT’s.  Great start to a series that will go the distance.  Kitt vs. Karr.

3)      I am scared to look at the status of Parker’s hamstring before Game 4 in about 40 minutes.  That hamstring has huge repercussions on how good’s the Spurs’ chances are in going up 3-1.

4)      Tom Brady says he has had a “fun couple days” with Tebow on his team.  Of course he is having fun.  Not like HIS job is in danger until he retires.  He probably already has a pet nickname for Tim.  Like “AD.”  Adorable.  Damn, Kyle, you STUCK that term in my head in the most sarcastic sense.

5)      Metta World Peace says that the Heat “want it given to them.”  Ummm.  Not exactly, Einstein.  I think that this has a little more to do with Pop’s pretty complex and constantly changing defense.  Go to a strip club on drugs, go change your name again, or go buy some guns.  You are in the offseason officially.  You are a Rant Squad CAPTAIN.  Make me proud.

6)      This is such a cool picture.  This would be a random photo of an untouched swimming pool smack dab in the middle of a HUGE flood ALL around it.  Cool photo. Thanks, Linds.


7)      Some NOT so cool photos of the fires out here in CO.




8)      The Nets chose Jason Kidd as their head coach.  I like this move.  He is pretty much made to be a coach, and going back to one of the teams he almost got to the promised land sounds solid to me.

9)      LeBron vows to be more aggressive in Game 4.  I hope this backfires, but also know he will do it smartly.  However you break down his statement, bottom line is this.  ZERO free throws for a player of his size and skill for an ENTIRE game is just not right.  That HAPPENED last game, people.

10)   I love the historical etiquette of baseball.  The Dodgers have added up all offenses after the brawl and have decided the DBacks are still up one on hitting people.  I wouldn’t want to be in the first few batters on July 8th when I believe they play again.

11)   Santonio Holmes has said he believes Mark Sanchez will be their guy when the season starts.  Normally, I would bust on a receiver for his two cents in a QB battle.  In this case, I will back off.  He sounds the most normal of anyone talking to the media in New York presently (well, Jersey).

12)   Speaking of, just in case you thought the other idiots would take a break, Rex Ryan “is mad at his receivers for drops.”  Thanks for sharing, Rex.

13)   The last 24 hours’ theme has been grade school kids.  Some 8th grader in Cali and some SEVENTH grader in the south got offers from UCLA and Kentucky in the last day.  I am waiting if I am those kids.  Those are not exactly Alabama or Ohio State sounding.

14)   THIS is why Fox Sports is so funny.  Hardy har har on your play on words, Fox Sports.


15)   ESPN is laying people off.  Don’t believe me?  They fired their FOUNDING editor this week AND The Schwab!  Deadspin was kind enough to share this photo of the Schwab and…Dick Vitale???  So funny.


16)   If you either tweeted or laughed at the other tweets about the little non-Caucasian kid singing the national anthem before Game 3, I pity you.

17)   What’s up, Doc?  The Clips would give you a loaded YOUNG cupboard.  You could get your second, and then cruise into early retirement being one of those guys that one two with different teams.  Not many of those guys.  Do it.

18)   Hello, Mike Wallace’s dad.  I could give a rat’s ass about the fact that your son turned down a “greater/ selfish” offer in Minnesota.  Maybe your kid doesn’t like Iron City Beer.  Maybe he doesn’t like being around three rivers.  Maybe he likes the Clevelander in South Beach.  But DON’T give me the not selfish speech.  The Steelers could get him a ring.  He is a punk.  Yes, I am bitter.

19)  That is it.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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