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Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Speed version.  Let’s turn and burn.


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1)       Greetings and salutations, people.  Thanks for joining me.  Here’s the deal.  I got busy at work, didn’t have time to write anything, and this is actually an evening rant, but it is also Game 5 between OKC-Spurs in a few minutes.  Tomorrow is last day of a sales month, so I have to get SOMETHING out today.  So, instead of the slow rolling one I planned during the game, we need to get in, and get OUT.  I have a game to watch.  Plus, I have to go look under my mattresses and see if I can match Steve Ballmer’s $2 billion on the Clippers.

2)      And sorry for all of the speed rants, but if I could either A) sit down and concentrate on ONE thing I wanted to comment on and not talk about other things I want to, B) have more hours in the day or work less, I WOULD write less speed rants.

3)      Pre-game I just saw that Bosley commercial with that old school ‘N SYNC guy, Joey.  I guess you have to do SOMETHING when Timberlake is kicking the rest of the band’s ass and THEN some.

3a)  He actually is kicking EVERYONE’S ass actually I guess.

4)      Pop is starting Bonner as a last minute announcement.  I like the strategy overall, as it will give Parker a little more room with Bonner’s three point shooting.  I am of course hoping it doesn’t work.

5)      As long as the Pacers plan on coming back too.  Otherwise, I think I want the Spurs against the Heat.

6)      Whatever.  My bracket aside, we have four GREAT teams left.  Well, three and an enigma.

7)      Yes, Pacers, YOU are the enigma.

8)      It wasn’t even a chick?!  Hernandez gunned down those guys in 2012 for spilling a drink on him.  He pleaded not guilty.  Weird that a dude shoots down a couple guys, signs a 5 year contract, goes out and catches over 50 NFL catches, and THEN gets busted.  That will show you future murderers to pick lakes FAR away from your own house.  Logistics is key, and make sure you bring plenty of plastic bags and an old car you can burn.  Or, you could just not murder someone I guess so I wouldn’t have to get DEEP into the ways you could do it I have learned from my plethora of serial killer novels I have read.

9)      My colleague, who sits RIGHT behind me at work, showed me a photo today.  Bryan went to Vegas.  Bryan stayed at the Wynn.  Bryan saw Johnny Football in the hotel lobby.  Bryan has a picture of him and Manziel HOURS before the legenday photo went down a couple hundred feet away at the pool.  That is stellar.   I am jealous of Bryan.

10)   Not because I LIKE Manziel, of course, but I talk about him enough that I should have one.

11)   When Bosh was saying he doesn’t want to leave Miami, was he actually thinking what was coming out of his mouth was “I am not going on a team without LeBron and Dwyane.  Actually, I guess that makes more sense if he was thinking the latter and concentrating on the former coming out of his mouth.

11a)  I am still confused by these family-wired commercials.  Why do the family members have wires again, and if they did, why would you marry her?  Because wouldn’t that mean she had an outside chance at finding a wired GUY out there?  Confused.

12)   I found out today and retweeted it from Skylar Diggins that Mr. Wade’s name is the #1 misspelled name in sports.  I have to admit that might have been the first time I spelled it right.  Well, NOW after her tweet.

13)   Quietly in a story you might have missed, A&M continued to ride Johnny Football mania.  The #1 QB just committed to the Aggies-Kyle Murray.  That moved their recruiting class tucked in right behind Alabama as best in the land.  Impressive.

14)   I know, I know.  I am not exactly going fast.  This is fun for me.  I am typing at stoppages of play.  Lindsey is not here and playing kickball.  I LOVE writing this damn blog.

15)   No big updates today at the French, unless you count someone being up on Nadal 3-1 in a set before he got pissed and ran the table.  Dude is a freaking machine.

16)   You can go to ESPN to read the full Pacers-Heat breakdown.  I am here for odd points and randomness.  Here are my four points.  1)  It should scare the Pacers that James played 24 minutes and they barely won 2)  the crowd during the game was like a preseason crowd-they really thought they were at a funeral 3)  down the stretch, I am seeing mental mistakes by the Pacers that make me think they might not be ready 4) Lance, stop blowing in LeBron’s ear until you are the best player on the team, then STILL don’t do it, and then accept a 3 year deal with the Bobcats/ Hornets whatever they are and become the leading scorer in the league like you want to be.

17)   I don’t know who is releasing the info because I refuse to open the articles, but just tell me if Tiger is NOT playing the British Open.  I assumed he WASN’T playing the U.S. Open already.  Go away and just let us know when to get excited to watch him NOT rise up on another Major Sunday.

18)   My bedtime is earlier than when the Blackhawks scored last night, but told you so.

19)   Our patio is incredible for where we live.  I love the street, patio is huge, and I have to admit I am becoming one of those “go sit on the patio” people.

20)   For like 10 minutes.  Then I get bored.  Or halftime or intermission of the game is over.

21)   Just in case we don’t have a reason to talk about it, Deadspin writes an article about how we shouldn’t talk about it, but they do it anyway.  True Detective info.

22)   I have mentioned you should spend 10 minutes on Deadspin each day, right?  Eat an apple during it.  You can accomplish TWO things.

23)   Whenever I see a pre game is sponsored by Microsoft, I know I am in for like four Russell Wilson barbershop commercials.  Hey, Russell.  Put on that Microsoft Note thing you mention “MAKE A NEW COMMERCIAL.”

24)   My Droid phone updated and now I can’t figure out anything again.  I had just become less than adequate with my phone.  Dammit.

25)   If you are not excited about the upcoming documentary about the 1984 NBA draft, then we are two VERY different people.

26)   In case you care, Hunter Pence got his scooter back.

27)   In case you care, Manny apologized to the traveling secretary of the Red Sox for back in the day of…being an idiot.

28)   Steve Masiello finally finished at UK and got his degree, meaning he is no longer lying for future attempts at leaving his present job.  Good job, buddy.

29)   Showing progress on the off the field incidents, the Ravens got a LOT better.  Instead of dragging around their fiancée in casino elevators, Jacoby Jones and Bernard Pierce ONLY got drunk and ONLY got kicked out.  Boring.  Jimmy Smith didn’t even get kicked out and stayed.  Good job, boys.  The curve is getting better.

30)   There is another one of those damn commercials.  TNT must be really easy to get commercial space on.

30a)  Catchy theme song though.

31)   I wasn’t going to put an exact number on it, but I knew he had a problem.  In a recent interview, John Daly volunteered that he estimates his gambling losses at $55 million.

32)   WWWWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Westbrook just dunked it and you WILL see it later on SportsCenter.  I almost rolled off the couch.  Time for me to wrap this up.

33)   Hmmmm.  PGA update, Obama-youth concussions, Seahawks sign Baldwin, Harbaugh and Kaepernick, Sterling most hated…whatever.  I don’t need to hit those.  Talk to you this weekend.  I am going to focus on the game.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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