No one can tell what a balm’s gonna do!

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Night rant because of a busy day at work, but I plan on NOT writing 109 hooks today.  Quick hitter, old format (didn’t have time to organize stuff today), lots of random Masters comments, and back to new format hopefully tomorrow.


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1)      Thoughts and prayers to the city of Boston, and the families of both injured and deceased victims.  Tough city, and we are glad, as that atrocity sounded absolutely horrible.  There are some SICK minds out there.

2)      If Joe Montana says something, I usually buy into it.  He made an effort to talk to the media to say the penalty by Woods was BS.  I am not sure if he is right, but since he is the one guy I would have win one game in football, I am down.

3)      I love when Al Pacino says in Heat “You get killed walkin’ your dog.”

4)      When I was 14, I couldn’t wait to get ANYWHERE.  I might not have been a Masters golfer back at that time, but I was surprised about Guan’s slow play penalty.  I am glad he got to play the weekend though.

5)      Not saying they don’t have other weapons after their offseason, but Jose Reyes being out until the All Star break sure doesn’t HELP things for Toronto in that competitive division that is theirs for the taking.

6)      Nats Stephen Strasburg being 1-2 isn’t near as surprising as that this is record with a 2.95 ERA.

7)      Big Ben got his wish and the Steelers matched the offer for WR Emmanuel Sanders.  Good call.  I look at their roster and start dreaming about what if they still had Mike Wallace.

8)      It HAD to happen.  If you are that addicted to partying and being noticed after winning a Heisman, cheating on your lady probably isn’t far down your famous immature list.  Shame, Johnny, Manziel.

9)      Brad Kesolowski said something derogatory about NASCAR, but won’t be fined.  That is your racing update.

10)   A guy at work today was limping from an X-Box basketball injury.  That sounds like something MUCH more in my ballpark.

11)   Adam Wainwright at one point had 24 K’s and 0 BB’s.  He is the first player since 1900 to start a season with those stats.  AND the dude took a page out of Clayton Kershaw’s playbook, getting 2 ribbies himself.  Bad.  Ass.

12)   Do you think Kevin Na and Bubba Watson went for a ride in Bubba’s General Lee today?  Maybe some drinks?  There had to be SOMETHING in bonding over shooting a Daly-like TEN on a hole at The Masters.  Craziest thing about Bubba’s 10?  He ONE putted.  That is insane.

13)   Jason Day looked loose all day.  Maybe TOO loose near the end.  Being cool is good.  Not focusing is not.

14)   The only reason I thought that Cabrera would win in the playoff is because of the ridiculous percentage of times the winner comes from the final grouping.  Fun surprise, and a VERY well played last two holes for both guys.  Cabrera basically missed a tough putt by less than an inch.

15)   Alex Len is going pro.  Otto Porter is going pro.  Nerlens Noel is going pro.  Start reporting who is STAYING.  Are we going to run out of college players?

16)   Doug Collins will resign from being coach of the Sixers.  I would have to say that this particular rebuilding project was a failure.  Someone fire the GM.  Could you at least give the guy SOMETHING to work with?  That roster sucks.

17)   What would happen if Angel Cabrera played any other events outside of Majors?  Dude just comes over here three times a year and rakes.  Random fact.  He is the only player out there presently that has played the final four round at The Masters under par.

18)   I like Jason Day’s name for his son.  Dash.  Simple, catchy, and no way for someone to nickname him something shorter/ different.

19)   Jim Nantz randomly said on Sunday “Angel Cabrera will be traveling tomorrow.”  Thanks, Jim.

20)   On the other side of the coin, Nantz has his job for a reason.  Him saying “you don’t want anyone to LOSE The Masters, you want them to WIN The Masters” was absolutely gorgeous.

21)   Tiger needed to make a bigger run than he did obviously.  You never got the feeling that those 10 footers were going down, and when the hell is he EVER going to take advantage of the Par 5’s again?  That is his bread and butter.

22)   I love The Masters for a lot of reasons.  There are SO many spots where the player that is a hole behind gets to watch the player in front of him.  LOVE it.

23)   With the coolness and niceness of Scott, Day, and Leishman, it makes me say a phrase I have said lots in my life.  I kind of wish I was Australian.

24)   I like Christmas, but getting extra holes at The Masters was better.

25)   I have about ten jokes that are NOT funny at all about the golfer John Huh.

26)   Congrats to Marc Leishman, who I didn’t know the name of before The Masters.  You made the top 12 on the final leader board.  We will see you next year, bro.

27)   That is it.  Lindsey just arrived, and I was winding down anyway.  I hope you enjoyed, and dibs to my co-worker, Ben, for making it through all 109 hooks from Saturday’s blog.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

27a)  I had no obvious theme, and just got done watching Seinfeld.

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