No, Julia. You CAN’T star in this one. That plot was STUPID. Sorry.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Christmas Eve stuff to do.  Speed version with lots to cover.  I feel the need…the need for speed.


1)  Basketball is such a chemistry sport.  Sometimes things on one team work, and the same things don’t have a chance with different players on another team.  The Lakers seem to lose every time Kobe shows his pure scoring self and goes for more than 30.  In Houston, the Rockets are 7-1 when James Harden scores 30 or more.  Harden’s offense is more fluid rather than isolation, creating more opportunities when he doesn’t take it to the rim or shoot it.

2)  My mother said she expected me to be in the Denver flash mob over the weekend.  I looked it up.  Everyone was singing Christmas carols in a mall.  I thought flash mobs were dancing events.  THEN I might join in.  Confused.

3)  The Steelers lost again and are out of the playoffs.  I am a spoiled fan, as they make the playoffs seemingly every year.  I am kind of lost right now, not even knowing if I feel like watching them next week in their final game of the season.  They lost a must win game at HOME.  They lost another game in close fashion.  In Christmas fashion, they literally handed the Bengals the ball twice.  Painful to watch.  I am kind of glad we are out of the mix.  Heath Miller has a torn ACL it has been revealed, and they wouldn’t survive in their inconsistent ways without that guy in the red zone.  Also, Suisham missing that extra point length field goal hurt a lot.  Lots to fix in Pittsburgh.  Let’s get rid of Todd Haley, and move on.

4)  I had a bartender pick up my blog list the other night before I left.  Dibs to Greg, who probably was puzzled by the huge list of items on the legal paper by a guy at a bar (as everyone is), for picking it out of the trash and saving it for some odd reason.

5)  Calvin Johnson broke Jerry Rice’s single season record for yards the other day.  That is great, but I simply can’t buy into his place in the record book for the moment.  First of all, he was on my fantasy football team, and I don’t recollect him winning a lot of games for me this year.  Second, Jerry Rice broke the record when the 49ers were…WINNING.  Rice’s is more impressive, especially since the 49ers were usually ahead early in games, and the Lions always had to throw to erase some sort of deficit.

6)  I watched UFC the other night, and noticed that some were sponsored by Pretorian.  I don’t know much about the company, but I thought it was a cool name to be sponsoring UFC.  I personally hear the word and IMMEDIATELY flash to Gladiator.

7)  Watching the UFC fights also reminded me that the Buffers seem to have locked down the whole ring announcer gig.

8)  I am not into sweet drinks, but I will say this.  If you have Fireball, and you put it in some hot cider, it is DAMN good and dangerous in the way that you can’t really tell if the drink is strong or weak.

9)  We live in a pretty high technology world.  Yes, I REALIZE that Monday Night Football is simply saying that it is the same telecast on a Saturday night, but you are telling me you don’t have the motivation OR know how to simply change “Monday” to “Saturday?”  I am sure it is all copyright crap, but it is slightly confusing nevertheless going to EVERY commercial.

10)  This whole Sanchez/ Tebow/ McElroy is SO confusing that even perfect Tim Tebow is getting in the whole talk through the media thing.  Watch slinging mud, bro, as your perfect status might get sabotaged.  He doesn’t look as excited these days, and probably should be condo shopping in Jacksonville right about now.

11)  Everyone has their own workout music and own favorite songs.  I was having a tired end of my workout the other day when my theme song of my new 11 week program came on…and then it was ON.  I made it through week 1 without injury, and now that the foundation is laid, I get to up the ante starting next week.  I LOVE this song.  This Is Gonna Hurt.  Sixx AM.

12)  Oceans 13 was on the other day.  Oceans 1- awesome.  Oceans 13-pretty damn good movie.  What they were thinking in making a whole second movie about Julia Roberts looking like Julia Roberts…we will never know.

13)  I am NOT a Bronco fan.  That being said, I am not an idiot either.  I can’t see anyone beating them outside of New England if you ask me.  Baltimore and Houston have the talent, but the consistency on both sides of the ball is not there if you ask me.  The Broncos are the only team that is in the top 5 of both offense AND defense.  Good stuff.

14)  I like a few movies that I have no idea how they didn’t more popular.  The Score is president of this club.  One of the movies on the board would be one that was one TV this weekend.  The Recruit.  If you haven’t seen it, go check it out.  Quality stuff.

15)  During the Broncos game, I was excited to see a referee on the microphone that did NOT have a southern accent, and maybe even had a little northern one.  They DO exist.

16)  I was flipping through the channels yesterday and Yes Man was on.  If I ever have a decent enough amount of money sitting around, I would LOVE to take Lindsey to the airport and get on the next available random flight leaving the airport.  That would be cool as hell.

17)  Remember when wishful thinking looked like this?

photo (3)

18)  Where is Matt Leinart?  I totally forgot he was picked up by the Raiders.  It is easy to lose track of that guy.

19)  We got cheese curds yesterday.  They were ridiculous.  The curds were so small that a toothpick was almost too big to dip them.  Confused.  I am no curd expert, but does it hurt the taste making them a LITTLE bigger than that?

20)  Welcome back, Chuck Pagano.  Class act, a fighter, the best story of the year, and he just happens to take over a team doing pretty darn well already.  It is kind of cool that he comes back not just for one final game, but also a playoff game.  Chuck is classy, so no one is worried about him going in and taking over.  He will just blend in is my guess.

21)  The Ravens won the AFC North.  I wouldn’t say it like that.  I would say the other three teams in the division pretty much just did everything in their power to HAND it to them.

22)  Dirk Nowitzki is back for the Mavs.  How he blends with O.J. Mayo will be pretty interesting.

23)  Nick Swisher signs with the Indians.  It IS all about the Benjamins, because I wouldn’t have left your former team if I was you.  You need to pave your own road I guess, or however the damn cliché goes.

24)  Something about a UK paper suing Lance Armstrong…yada yada yada…libel…blah blah blah…

25)  The Eagles will start Michael Vick this week.  My guess is this.  He will light it up, they will win, he will start talking about dynasties, and a whole other QB controversy will begin again.

26)  That is it.  Christmas stuff to do.  Everyone enjoy your holiday.  It is NOT a clown question if you were to ask me if I will blog tomorrow, as I am taking the day off from ranting.  Talk to you Wednesday.  Peace.

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