No blog today. Dexter and TB are on tomorrow, so I will definitely have time for one then. Meanwhile, Waterworld tomorrow.

I just found the Jackal on cable.  Awesome movie 45% of the population hasnt’t seen.

“You died your hair.”

Thanks, Jeff, for getting me into the temporary business of movies.  I watched the kids of Jamie Lee Curtis, drove Donald Sutherland, and backed off Billy Baldwin from hitting on my girlfriend after she spent weeks hanging out with China Phillips (skinny member of Wilson Phillips).  Jeff doesn'[t have the time to read my blog nor email.  He WAS my frat brother though.  Good dude.   Jeff, I come to DC every three months or so.  Make time.  Miss ya, bro.  Deez Nuts.  VA Beach.  Hoop It Up.  1995.  Epic.

If it wasn’t for you, I would think “Mechanicsville” was a joke town.

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