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EDITOR’S NOTE:  Moving to a new format on Monday.  Eleven hooks a day, streamlined, less random, and shorter.  The rules will be this.  I will stop commenting on EVERY story as you can just go to ESPN to find out what is going on with that topic.  I will report on 11 topics daily that I have something legitimate to say on.  I hope you enjoy the new approach.  For those of you liking the rambling, stream of consciousness style rants, the weekend one will continue to be that style.  Let’s get to clearing this big list I have next to me.

1)       First of all, my thoughts and prayers to the injured fans at Daytona today.  If you have not seen the absolutely horrible crash that occurred today, here you go.

2)      The Dallas Cowboys and QB Tony Romo are working on negotiating his contract extension.  That must be some interesting talks going on.  You have one side citing his individual stats to get more money, and the other side most likely showing the last 5 years of decent rosters that Tony has absolutely wasted.

3)      Some people go to the mountains in February, and some people go skiing.  What do I do?  I sit on my couch and watch the sport I love the most-basketball.  March Madness scouting.  I had four games going on at once, and amazingly none of the quality games came down to the final seconds.  Georgetown impressed me with a big win at the Carrier Dome, taking down the Cuse in a pretty ugly game.  Wichita State defended its tough home court by winning decisively against Detroit.  Colorado State lost dibs on the country’s third longest home winning streak by getting run over by Kendall Williams…I mean New Mexico.  NC State continues to be bipolar, and lost to North Carolina.  The Colorado State one really made me sad, as this was their reckoning week with games at UNLV and this game against New Mexico.  They lost both, and will drop out of the rankings.

4)      We are conducting an experiment.  Lindsey is taking a nap WHILE I am ranting ( I usually have to rant alone).  I was worried about getting into my zone, but I believe that is happening about right…now.

5)      I read some of my original rants the other night.  This thing evolved from my broken engagement and the need to vent.  Wow, those old ones are pretty brutal and very angry.  I could post it, but it might scare people.

6)      I believe the new format during the week will be good for everyone.  I will have to select certain topics and eliminate others.  It will be shorter to read, and should evolve into a pretty fluid daily breakdown.  I am open to ideas for the 11 hook rant and its presentation.

7)      Mike Tyson is suing some financial firm for $300 million.  I envy the people in the courtroom who will have the pleasure of seeing Iron Mike talk attempt to like an intelligent human being.

8)      Seriously, if you have an at home night with some drinks, watch Robot Chicken.  It is a perfect, silly cartoon with loads of skits compressed into 30 minutes.

9)      Matt Barkley has confirmed that there was indeed a locker room spat.  Word is they were arguing about how much money he lost by staying and playing subpar this past year.

10)   RG III is ahead of schedule in his injury comeback.  I don’t think anyone doubts his motivation or the probability of him coming back.  I think everyone is wondering if the same thing will just happen next year again with his footloose QB style.

11)   I am so glad they have those “rankings” in PGA Match Play events.  Aside from capping the field, they are useless.  Only ONE of the top ten golfers actually advanced after the first round or two.

12)   I hear that Ray Lewis will be the honorary starter for the Daytona 500.  Has anyone told him that he CAN’T do his usual coming on the field dance?

13)   Tomorrow will be ODD.  I will officially tune in for parts of the Daytona 500.  I hate racing, but the fact that some hot chick could win and piss off all of her male counterparts gives me something to root for.

14)   St. Louis upset Butler and has won 9 straight.  Maybe Manti Te’o should take notes.  An ACTUAL person’s death IS motivating that crew.  Rest in peace, Rick Majerus.

15)   In a “semi” John Elway exit, Ravens Matt Birk will retire.  It just doesn’t have the same coolness as Mr. Horse Face.  Sorry, Mom.

16)   The grass is green, the sky is blue, and the Falcons will focus on resigning Tony Gonzalez.  That man is a freak of nature, so I don’t think age is an issue at this point.  Let the guy who totally changed the tight end position retire on his own accord.

17)   This is hilarious.  This dude gives a righteous speech while releasing his pet mouse into the wild, and what happens?  The first thing the little guy meets is a descending hawk.  Check it out.

18)   I admit that I will watch some of the Oscars.  As Lindsey said, I think this is the first year that all of the movies up for an Oscar are actually movies we want to see.  Usually, there are these crazy, foreign movies that no one has heard of in the running.

19)   If someone sees a guy hopping around in South Africa, call the police, as I assume that they took one of Oscar’s legs when they released him on bail.

20)   What the hell is a “Gael” anyway?

21)   Jonathan Papelbon says that the Phillies have no leadership.  I think he is lost not drinking in the clubhouse with the Red Sox back in the day.  Get that guy someone to throw to and a six pack.  He might shut up.

22)   I watched the Duke-Virginia Tech game the other night.  VA Tech does realize that you need at least TWO good players on a team, right?  It is even MORE impressive that Erick Green leads the nation in scoring considering he is the only guy you need to shut down on that team.

23)   Don’t forget about US.  We haven’t, VCU.  AWESOME comeback against Xavier today, when you were down 17 points at one point.

24)   Since I talk about her all the time, and even though it is very comfortable in my apartment right now, I suppose I will have to venture out to watch Ronda Rousey kick some UFC ass tonight.  Hey, I mentioned her, so it is an excuse to post a VERY photoshopped picture again.

25)   I have a fishing hook on my website now.  Since I am a boxer, I suppose that doing a boxing theme would be on the right path, but you all know I like RANDOM non sports themes.  The content is mostly sports, but the themes have to confuse.  I could take “hook” another way, but I am horrified of even THINKING about putting pictures of Jodie Foster, Julia Roberts, or Elizabeth Shue up in lights.  Ugghhh.

26)   So, the 49ers might not release Alex Smith?  Are they TRYING to make this guy miserable?  Let him roll with someone else, and stop being so loaded up at the QB position with odd characters.

27)   I remember riding in my parents’ car and trying to spot old Cobras with my brother, Matt.  Cool little video if you like good looking cars.

28)   For all of you sentimental people, this is priceless.  A guy dies ON HIS WAY to his late wife’s funeral.  This is adorable.

29)   I gave Lindsey control of the remote (BIG sacrifice on Saturday) for an hour.  She is taking a nap, but now I am in my rant groove.  Do I switch it to the Creighton game or will that wake her up?  I am going with the not changing it move.  I guess I will watch this show called “Ridiculousness.”

30)   Rams RB Terrane Ganaway is being smart and doesn’t want to get into any off field trouble.  You must REALLY like their sandwiches, because I can think of 20 things right off the bat that could make your non trouble making time more useful.  Ever hear of volunteering or something?

31)   Kenyon Martin received a ten day contract from the Knicks.  Putting aside the number of ex-Nuggets on that team (they could start ALL ex Nuggets), are they building a team with headcases on PURPOSE?

32)   Now that I am going to an altered format, please feel free to send me videos, articles, etc. that you think are rantable.  Speaking of that, Vince, you are slacking on the funny Onion headlines.  I hope you are well in your new gig though, sir.  My sales tactics are a result from a LOT of learning from you.

33)   Check out THIS crazy basketball backyard shot.  Medicine ball and roof involved.

34)   The Nuggets lost again to the Washington Wizards last night.  They even came back from like 18 down in the fourth, and THEN blew it.  Match up problems?  Too much fun running through the reflecting pool?  Every time I put one foot on your bandwagon, you do something like losing to the Wizards.

35)   I have a Shuffle as my behind the times music device.  Maybe it would make more sense to actually KNOW what song is next, but I find it more fun to be surprised.  That being said, I have to pick my starting lineup from my song library.  I heard this song walking to Lindsey’s last night and realized that I believe this off the beaten path song ALWAYS makes the cut on my Shuffle list.  Check it out.  Old school, hybrid super band at the time, Seattle song.  Mad Season.  Mom, YOU will even like it, so click on the link.  It is SO chill.

36)   Speaking of Seattle music, I had an awesome night last night.  I never have googled it, but always wonder why Pearl Jam boringly named their first CD “Ten.”  Why?  Well, mystery solved, and it is SO cool.  Their favorite basketball player was Mookie Blaylock, and the tribute is to his jersey number.  VERY cool.

37)   One more thing on Seattle.  Know that popular thrift shop song?  Nice article in ESPN Mag about the creator of that song.  Check it out.

38)   There is another Robert Griffin in the world VERY soon.  THINK before you bet, people.  A girlfriend loses a bet to her boyfriend.  The wager?  The name of their to be born child.  Yikes.  Here is the story.

39)   Mariano Rivera threw the other day in batting practice for the first time.  He still has his kill pitch, but younger teams are already working on nicknames for the old guy.  I am not a Yankees fan, but hope he at least can do decent this season.  I think the greatest closer of all time should go into retirement on his own terms.

40)   So.  Nash, Howard, and D’Antoni all back Kobe’s guarantee to make the playoffs.  What is the big deal on this?  They are THREE games out of the 8th spot.  That is not a huge comeback nor a media covered guarantee.  I see them moving up to #6 or so.  I assume that will be good with them, since the only bad thing about being back in the playoff picture would be to get San Antonio or OKC in the first round.

41)   Rex Ryan said something about Darrelle Revis.  I won’t comment on this, as I assume no one outside of New York actually cares about Rex Ryan talking about nothing in particular.

42)   The Falcons are going to release Michael Turner.  I know I sound like a broken record, but note to the Rooneys.  You can use my phone if you want.  Make the call.

43)   Pats CB Alfonzo Dennard was convicted for assaulting a police officer.  He is going to jail, and only the time is unknown.  That being said, the little known timeline is crazy funny.  He assaulted the officer less than a WEEK before the NFL Draft last year.  Partying BEFORE getting the big payday?  Dumb.  Hitting a police officer while getting busted?  Dumber.  I would say I was sending scouts from my Rant Squad, but you will be in jail and therefore very boring for a while.

44)   I am on a mission when going to work in the morning, and also a creature of habit and routine.  Therefore, I guess I didn’t get the memo that all people should stay indoors around the Capitol building early morning this week, and wasn’t even phased when de-icing my Jeep about 30 feet from the barricade.  Apparently, a guy was firing randomly at officers.

45)   Adidas will offer a contract to the fastest time at the NFL Combine.  Watch out on this, Adidas.  You could end up granting an offer to some Raiders receiver who can run but can’t catch.

46)   In the South Carolina-UGA bball game, something odd happened, and the refs had no idea what to do.  The clock didn’t start on the final play when they needed to go full court.  They adjusted on the fly, gave the team the ball back with less time, and THAT rule needs to be changed.

47)   That is why they play the game, and this is what we would call a “trap” game.  Wake Forest SMOKED Miami today.  I didn’t catch the game and won’t pretend to know the details, but I WILL say that Wake…is NOT very good.

48)      My swimming muscles are coming back.  I finally did a mile today relatively easily.  I brushed up on my linebacker, offensive line, and defensive line jersey numbers being that is how I keep track of the lap I am on.

49)      The Chicago Blackhawks are 14-0-3 and are about to challenge some serious records.  I haven’t watched them play yet, but pretty impressive.  You all are making everyone forget about the 9 win Vancouver Canucks, who probably have the best talent in that conference.

50)      Skyfall must be pretty good in my personal book, as I seem to be jonesing to see it again already, and am hoping that Lindsey will one day demand to see it.  “OK.  If you insist.”

51)      Thanks to my brother, Matt, for sending this over.  This looks fun, and a different TYPE of fun than the crazy one in Aspen.  Anyway, I would ride with this guy and hope he likes Whitesnake and G N R.

52)      Pittsburgh’s Malkin might have concussion symptoms.  That franchise got a championship recently, but can’t BUY luck these days.  Fundamentally, two of the top five hockey players in the world both have a concussion resume right now.  Shame.

53)      This is FUNNY.  I have played Rachmaninoff in my teens, and it is NOT easy.  This guy explains how tough it is in a much better comedic style.  Thanks to my buddy and co-worker, Bob, for sending this over.

54)      I need to go and didn’t want to do 90 plus hooks this week (maybe Lindsey being in house actually stops me from continue to rant when I am pretty much done).  Anyway, I am moving the John Norum/ Whitesnake to next week’s long one.  I need to still have fire left to get into that.  Anyone who knows me knows that I talk about the Norum/ Whitesnake conspiracy more than I should for something that happened in 1987.  Anyway, I will move that and throw in my Golden Eagle hook while I am at it.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

55)      Just a tagline (thanks, Matt).  I am taking day off tomorrow.  Altered format starts Monday.

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