My tradition is for all NON sports themes, but come on…it is Masters week.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

On the clock.  Let’s turn and burn.


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Has everyone already Googled the names David Lynn and Marc Leishman today??


Boom goes the dynamite.  The Masters is in full swing, and I am proud for not streaming it to my work PC, but totally admit to refreshing the leaderboard every 5 minutes.  Bubba Watson kept up to his southern standards and “I own the General Lee AND a golf cart hovercraft” status by serving chicken, corn, mashed potatoes, and MAC AND CHEESE.  Sounds delicious, Bubba.  Tiger is where he needs to be at just under par for the first day, and aside from the names above, we have a good looking leaderboard.  Where the hell is Jason Dufner (oh, plus one after 3)?  Isn’t he always the “I am the first round leader guy who will eventually go away” guy?

By the way, in case you are curious as to how Arnold Palmer orders…an Arnold Palmer…–golf.html


The Nuggets beat the Spurs for their 21st straight at home.  Good win, and a sign they might survive without Gallo.  This team has SO much depth with no superstars that they might be the ONE team that CAN lose a leading scorer and still be good.  By the way, can you BELIEVE that Kenneth Faried was the freaking 22nd pick in the draft?  Think about 15-17 teams aren’t a little sad about passing HIM up?


Ok.  He is an honorary member.  JaMarcus Russell actually sounded a little mature by saying he just wants to come back and learn behind a veteran starter.  Hey, maybe the Bills will pick you up and you can contend for a title (jab at Kevin Kolb by the way)…


Two GREAT pickups yesterday in the NFL.  Emmanuel Sanders signed with the Pats, meaning perhaps he will finally make that breakthrough that didn’t happen on my Steelers.  He has the skill set for sure, and will definitely have enough balls thrown his way in that offense.  The Seahawks signed CB Antoine Winfield, as they continued to feast in free agency and make their fans feel good that last year’s result was not an end goal.  Someday this month, maybe my Steelers will pick someone up and convince me that last year was an asterisk.  Not convinced, yet, Mr. Rooney.


Fox writer Jen Floyd Engel wins an award from the Associated Press.  That is it.  A Fox writer won any award in the world.  Run outside and see if there is a meteor shower while we are at it.


There is a show…hold on….I am forming my words.  “What would Ryan Lochte do?”  First of all, he is second fiddle to Phelps.  Second, he is an idiot.  Third, he hasn’t proven ENOUGH of an idiot to warrant his own show (for example, What would Metta World Peace do would be funny).  Fourth, the PREVIEWS looked stupid.  Fifth, I don’t give a rat’s A%$ what Ryan Lochte would do in ANY situation.  Period.


820.  The number of games the longest sellout streak in sports WAS.  It just ended in Boston.  Even reducing beer prices didn’t work.  I don’t think that it is the losing.  I think it is the fact that there isn’t a prayer of getting out of their own DIVISION this year with the present roster, let alone go to the World Series.  I am glad I went their during the streak.  I don’t know what is significant about the fact that I attended one game within a 10 year span, but it is my blog.


The Pens win the Atlantic division.  I LITERALLY just got used to hockey being played in this shortened season, and now we are approaching playoffs.  This will make the playoffs more interesting, but less strategic.  Usually, teams are on fumes by the time they hit the finals, and we get to see who has the most depth and players with long lasting endurance.  This year, teams are SO fresh that I don’t think the test in the postseason will be the same.


As in inverted.  The Knicks just won their first division title since 1994, and the Lakers just reclaimed the 8th seed.  Patrick Ewing is texting Kurt Rambis somewhere right about now for the first time in a long time.


This whole resting of players at the end of the NBA season has become a story.  The whole “what if a kid goes to see the game and can’t see his hero” crap because the coach sat his stars.  The Fillerbuster is firm on this.  Screw the kid.  Daddy should have taken the kid earlier in the season.  The objective of every coach in the NBA is to WIN.  Someone is always going to be unhappy, but losing or injuries will accomplish NOTHING.  If resting your superstars is the way to be rested for the playoffs, then DO it.  Your job as a coach is to WIN.  It is not the coaches’ fault that the NBA as a whole has decided to build its fan base on PLAYERS, as opposed to TEAMS.   Sorry, kid.  Would you rather miss a game from your star now, and then be able to tease your friends about how your team won the whole thing?  Yeah.


Yup.  Someone sent the owner of the Red Sox an actual goat’s head.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with this story, and why the curse was so funny before they won last decade, then check out this.


Ugghhh.  I hope a COUPLE players in NCAA basketball decide to stay.  Paul Pressey and Michael Carter-Williams were the latest to declare.  Michael?  That is not so bad.  Kid has ridiculous height for his position, and odds are this Final Four appearance was their chance in the next few years looking at the Cuse’s history.  Pressey?  Hey, Paul, you haven’t proved anything.  You took a team nowhere that was preseason top ten.  Nice job.  I am sure it was all of your teammates’ fault.

That is it.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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