My father made him an offer he couldn’t refuse…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

Let’s turn and burn…

On the clock tonight.  20 minutes hard stop.


1)  Some people wonder why Carmelo Anthony excels in international basketball.  It is actually quite simple.  ALL he has to do is score.  He has other multi-position teammates who can lock on the other team’s star player on defense.  He doesn’t have to dominate the ball on offense, working to get where he wants.  Bottom line, he is one of the most natural scorers we have seen in years, and with the squad around him, he can always get the ball where he is best positioned.  He then can do the one thing he is fantastic at.  SCORING.  Semi-Dream Teams are PERFECT for him.

2)  I am amazed in the best way that Missy Franklin is turning down millions of dollars from sponsors and loads of money in salary to stay at amateur status.  She is pure, genuine, sincere, humble, not greedy, and evidently twitter buddies with Justin Bieber.  She probably would have a shot at Justin if she was slightly hotter.  Much respect though, Missy.

3)  How long has gymnastics based their scores on a 16 total possible?  I grew up hoping Americans got 9.95’s, and now that score sucks.  I will put this mystery in the same bucket as the enigma of when we started using FBS in college football mainstream.

4)  I laughed out loud during Family Guy during a scene when he says to the person on the podium “we are Marshall.”  Just trust me.  It was funny.  I am on the clock tonight, so I don’t have time to go into the context right now.  Moving on.

5)  They are calling the attack on Wisconsin RB Montee Ball by five men “random.”  I don’t think so, media.  At all.  First of all, Montee Ball is the LAST person I would try to jump in a college town.  Dude is HUGE.  Second, they had 5 guys.  That is a lot, and very much needed when taking on Mr. Ball.  They knew who he was.

6)  By the way, if you are more curious about that Adventure Park I mentioned last night, here are a few videos of the rides. Disclaimer.  The person is using WAY too much brake on the Alpine Slide.  You can pretty much ignore the brake if you want to live large.

7)  Did you hear about the gymnast who wasn’t told about her grandmother had died OR that her mother had cancer because the parents were worried about the news interrupting her training?  Wow.  I know they have to start them young, and I realize that competition is fierce, but can real life growth somehow be involved in SOME way?  Maybe that is why they are always crying.

8)  More Jets internal drama.  CB Antonio Cromartie has proclaimed to the world that he is the second best wide receiver on his team.  That is nice, bro.  You guys are all playing with 51 cards on that team, I swear.  Way to piss off your boys.

9)  Venus is out of the Olympics, and Serena rolls on.  That pretty much sounds like any Grand Slam or tournament third round newspaper headline for the last year I suppose.

10)  After a LOT of off the field issues, FSU finally released Greg Reid from their football team.  Dude was an incredible returner and one of the best secondary players in the nation.  You might think that we are through with him, and don’t tell anyone, but I have already dispersed Rant Squad scouts to Tallahassee.  If he does dumb stuff when he is in a great position in life, he HAS to do something dumb to blow off a bad day, right?

11)  I don’t know WHO bets on badminton, but someone in Vegas is really pissed that four teams got kicked out of the Olympics for intentionally throwing their matches/ games/ whatever the hell badminton people call their craft.  Maybe it is only five people, but SOMEONE lost on that gig.

12)  A day after Jerry Jones says he is not ready to speak to Dez Bryant, he talks with him today.  Are Jerry Jones and Tim Tebow having a media coverage contest for useless stories on the wire?

13)  Very cool.  Clemson is adding a very important locker room presence on their football team this year.  I doubt anyone will NOT listen to a wide receiver who was involved in fighting AND received the Purple Heart in an actual war.  Dibs.

14)  Yay.  Floyd Mayweather is released from prison on Friday.  I wanted to send Marcus Vick to go pick him up at the gate, but Floyd said he was good.  That would have been the rated X of Damon picking up Norton in Rounders.  Scouts have been dispersed though.  Not to draft him (he is already a freaking captain on the Rant Squad), but to make sure his first exciting event is caught on video.

15)  Big Ben has a hurt rotator cuff injury going into this week’s team activities.  Did someone hide his motorcycle keys as promised, or was sex with college girls a little rough this go around?

15a)  SEE?????????????? I can crack on my own teams.  I am loyal, but some of Ben’s activities are funny regardless.

16)  Shame to hear about the Olympic shuttle bus that killed a cyclist today.  Before you ask (as everyone I have shared the story with has asked), NO, it wasn’t an Olympic cyclist -not that it matters on the level of sadness.

17)  I hear Sandusky is “upset” about the Penn State sanctions.  Why do we have a freaking microphone or media person ANYWHERE close to this clown?

18)  If anyone cares, my social experiment continues.  I have driven around now for two weeks as of tomorrow with a bright yellow flyer on my car window.

19)  I hear Jose Canseco filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Nevada. I know.  I technically didn’t include him on my Rant Squad in my unofficial list.  Let’s just say he is there, as a mentor, a Godfather, THE Godfather, a coach, whatever.

20)  That is it.  I went a little over, but oh well.  7:41.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a clown question, bro.  Peace.

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