Music and ranting were always in fashion…at the Copa…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Work break/ sanity check/ twenty minutes.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)       Everyone who thinks that Indiana basketball is totally vulnerable after their loss and isn’t quite the class team we thought they were, know THIS.  The two players that I have mentioned in previous rants that have been out the whole year are now BACK.  Just take a pretty solid team, and throw in two more talented players, 6’8” and 7’0,” and you have the cream just biding its time to rise to the top again.

2)      I love Michigan State coach Tom Izzo and his zany, yet strategic, schedule making.  Every year he is bashed for starting out his kids with the roughest schedule in the nation.  Every year, he is on the cusp in the tourney wrecking better seeds around him.  I LOVE that he schedules home and homes with non Big-6 conference teams.  Classy, and it gives the smaller school fans a chance at seeing a big time team.  They just played Bowling Green AT Bowling Green.  Who else does THAT in the big conferences?

3)      I hear that Gonzaga might join the Big East too for basketball.  Might as well.  Everything is already wrecked.  I guess Gonzaga kids will LOVE that one short trip to San Diego State each year (another misfit).  Of course, if those other 7 schools are all exiting stage left, who knows where the home base for schools will be?  Can you all at least rename the damn thing?  Confused.

4)      I don’t have time to check this, but I believe IF A.P. gets 200 yards this week and gets E.D.’s record, it will be the first time an NFL team (Packers) will have a back go for 200 twice in one season on them.

5)      Greg Jennings oddly enough has said he is rooting for A.P.  Come again?  Those Old Spice commercials are giving you dementia, Greg.  Cheer for your own defense.

6)      Great.  Knicks G J.R. Smith is the talk of the town for his two clutch shots to beat the Suns.  Just so everyone else knows, I have developed a J.R. Smith “formula.”  I have.  Anyway, every time he makes a game winner, and given his low IQ in general, it gives clearance in his head for 47.2 consecutive dumb shots moving forward until he gets the feeling that he is shooting badly.  Then, he might make another one, and the cycle will resume.

7)      The Knicks losing Raymond Felton for 4-6 weeks, with Melo fighting injury is not good for them.  What it DOES do for them is give Amare some time to come back and score a lot, thereby creating the playing time controversy we are all expecting.  Chemistry failure will then proceed.  It was in the cards anyway.

8)      When Tim Tebow is not saying “excited,” he is saying “you know.”  It is very irritating, and I already THOUGHT the guy was irritating.

9)      The Arizona Cardinals are starting their FOURTH QB this year.  Everyone, this is Brian Royer.  Brian, this is everyone.  He went to Michigan State if you care, and if you can’t remember him, he had one good year in between more famous Drew Stanton and Kirk Cousins.

10)   The Red Sox got Joel Hanrahan in a 6 player deal.  Wow, are they purposely TRYING to not big names in acquisitions?  We must be bringing back sabermetrics.  Sure, Joel was an All-Star, and yes he was buried on a bad Pirates team, but man they are reaching a little.

11)   Big Ben says to blame him for the Steelers bad season.  Thanks, Ben.  I will, and I will leave about 15% leftover of blame for your coaches and other players.

12)   If you haven’t read the ex Cowboy WR Michael Irvin article in ESPN Mag this past month, you should.   Moving, and it will allow you to see him in a different light.

13)   LeBron’s streak of plus 20 point games is getting just ridiculous.  Literally, you KNOW that guy could score 40 points every night should he choose to.

14)   I know they have a lot of people back out of a sissy example game called the Pro Bowl.  But FIFTH ALTERNATES for positions?  Wow.  This is true by the way.  Check me out.

15)   The Nuggets beat the Lakers last night, and not surprisingly Kobe scored more than 30 points in the loss, as has been the pattern.  Three things that were beaten again into my brain as I watched?  Kenneth Faried is an absolute mad man on the boards, JaVale McGee ALMOST had the dunk of the year (and then had two other good ones RIGHT after), and Corey Brewer is coming into his own and BETTER get more playing time somehow.  This team, who has played the least amount of home games thus far, could really start hitting stride now.

16)   I was checking my site stats last night.  Thanks to the five people yesterday for searching for Barry Manilow and then read my blog after it popped up on their search.  I had to reread that one to refresh my memory.  Tell your friends, Barry fans.  Maybe I will make it the theme today so maybe they will come back one more time.

17)   Lindsey got me a very smart present.  A custom Steelers calendar.  Not only does it have cool player pics which is cool, but it has photos of us at particular dates that I am somehow supposed to remember.  Take that and all the Seinfeld DVD’s finally in my possession, and you have a winning formula.

18)   I have more to say, but I have to go today.  Work to do.  Hope you enjoyed.  Lack of non sports themes in this one, so Barry it is.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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