Murdock…I’m coming to get YOU.

Thoughts for the day… quickly.

  1.  Greetings and salutations, people.  Thanks for coming aboard (the boat).  Let’s move.
  2. I am pretty sure that Greg P. is one of my favorite people in life.  Sucks not sitting within 5 feet of him.
  3. I am pretty sure we will all miss Kaytie.  I am her unofficial big brother, and our favorite songs, as everyone’s should be, is “It’s a Good Day.”
  4. I don’t OWN an AK, but wish I did, and glad I don’t need to use it IF I had one.
  5. Marvin Wilson chose FSU.  Dude will be a defensive STUD.
  6. Is anyone sure to this minute whether Aubrey Solomon chose Miami or Michigan.  Google it.  Results are HILARIOUS.
  7. WHY does anyone want Melo on their team?  I can’t wait for Melo Trimble to be in the NBA, so we can say “nice Melo?” or “ballhog old Melo?”
  8. Yes, I am salty again tonight.  Different reasons, but I will be on fire for my brief time in the blog zone.
  9. Lindsey and I don’t fight a lot, but where we eat is one of them.  I will build this thing THIS weekend.
  10. Seriously, if you work at my work and haven’t had a 5 minutes conversation with Greg P., then shame on you.  You will actually LIKE Pats fans.  Him and Baxter.
  11. I just spent 10 minutes of my life paging through 2017 movies that are coming out.  A) When is Rounders II B) I guess I need to like superheroes to like 2017 movies.
  12. Just for the record, do you understand how hard it is to write accurate sports blog info every single day???  Just asking.  YOU try it.
  13. It IS stress relieving though.  It is my yoga.  Dog looking at sky stuff.  Or whatever that move is called.  I think that may be my theme.
  14. Thunder are playing in front of me.  We are almost at the end of the quarter and Westbrook already has 4/3/3.  Boom.
  15. The boat ride probably wasn’t smart, but a hidden story of this week was how Beckham was the most professional NFL payer during the BS Pro Bowl week.  Props.
  16. So THAT is why we didn’t know about Lynch.  He tested the 49ers by saying DON’T mention me as a candidate.  That is one smart dude.
  17. Google “Donovan Winter.”
  18. (waiting)
  19. I will wait until the end to tell you.  Can’t you just do what I ask?  There is one person reading this who just laughed.
  20. You KNOW the Cavs are serious about open tryouts when Lance Stephenson is invited.  Vince Roe and I should have flown to Cleveland right NOW.
  21. Good day.  I floss and flouride like a maniac.  Dentist was good.  Demo went great.  And our work workout facility got a BENCH.  Once I get the dip/ pullup bar equipment, I am SET.
  22. Yes, Greg.  I know that 50 lb’s are not heavy enough for you to workout at work.  I believe that tomorrow is leg day, but not sure.
  23. Why won’t I switch my dentist from Littleton?  Because I get McDonald’s RIGHT after getting a clean bill of health from Perfect Teeth.  I freaking LOVE McDonald’s.
  24. Shit.  Might be a theme…
  25. If I was actually talking to you instead of writing where you had Google, I would ask an over/ under of how many times Ken Hitchcock has gotten fired.
  26. He was ONE game from being in 3rd on the all time list.  Wow.  Punch in the gut.
  27. This could be the greatest article of all time, and THANK you, Deadspin.
  28. I wish Mark F. (not me) read this.  $10 if he tells me my new favorite college football player.
  29. Whoa.  Haven’t told you yet.  OU football recruit.  Charleston Rambo.  WR.  Murdoch, I’m coming for YOU.
  30. Shit, that may be the new theme.  I think it IS.
  31. Murdock is with a “k.”
  32. Talk about prop bets and Vic Beasley (after Von won it last year), can you IMAGINE if there were Oscar bets.  It is head to head between Denzel…and CASEY Affleck.
  33. Reminds me of the Peyton vs. Eli conversation.  What have YOU done lately, Ben?
  34. Brent Musburger’s last call was awesome.  My wife laughed at me (technically was asleep).  When it went to OT, I texted everyone.
  35. Oh, hell.  Wife, don’t come home yet.  Just realized that KU-Baylor is on right now and just started.
  36. (on now-relaxed)
  37. If you didn’t like Swinney before, read how he signed on his son as a walk on.  THEN, try to tell me you don’t like him.  Wow.
  38. Cooler.  I love you.  Just know I don’t believe in birthday weeks or months.  I hung out with you in Aspen and bought J.S’s.  And the bus ride weird shit will always haunt me from your friends.  I needed a break.
  39. Who blames getting on the wrong bus on their FRIENDS?  No one.  That is the answer.
  40. I think Livin on the Edge by Aerosmith is one of the most underrated songs of all time.
  41. Wife just called me on way home and said she wanted to talk to me on way home.  I said “would you rather me talk to you now or blog when you get home?”  Hung up.
  42. I spent more time watching Beavis and Butthead with Marc Camarote listening to the theme song by Aerosmith than…some people have spent working in their LIFE.
  43. Ooohhh.  Beavis vs. Rambo.  Rambo still wins thus far.  Dammit.
  44. Hey, Ronda, I just ASSUMED you would not fight anymore.  Over you.  Done and done.
  45. Southwest, fire your website person.  My smart wife just said “switch browsers” and problem was solved.
  46. I may or not be going to Cali next week.  Talk about motivation to set meetings…
  47. Deep thoughts.  IF Duke wins out (they won’t), can they even become a #1 seed?  I think their losses are way too much.  Good luck with someone like VCU or George Mason in that round.
  48. Will doesn’t read this blog and we are new work friends, but those breakfast gryos you occasionally bring in are DIRTY.  That is my ultimate compliment.
  49. Got enought WR’s, Bama?
  50. Nice move today, USC.
  51. You too, LSU.
  52. Bama still got theirs…dammit.
  53. My parents are on a cruise and going to Jamaica…still haven’t been there…jealous.
  54. You should turn this Baylor-KU game on.  Just tightened up.
  55. That’s it for today.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.
  56. Rambo won the theme.  I LOVE Rambo so much.  I still have the III poster.  “The first was for himself, the second was for his country, and the third was for his FRIEND.”  Awesome.
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