Marlins owner vs. THIS guy…so far, a push.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

Not on the clock, and I have missed a couple days I know, but with a great game on the tube now and UNC/ Indiana in the wings, and with work to knock out, I am not spending my entire evening blogging.

Let’s turn and burn.

1)  I like the hire.  Kentucky football could have gone out and brought in SOME big name coach, as they play in the big time SEC.  Instead, they get an up and comer.  Sure, the family only has one head coaching championship to its name presently (Bob ’00), but Mike brought some energy to the Arizona program and some better recruiting classes and the family seems to ooze football.  Actually, throw that sentence out of this rant.  Let’s do this instead.  Alabama is the best defense in FBS.  Number 2?  FSU.  And, if you really check out the stats, technically FSU allowed less yards per play.  Who is the defensive coordinator at FSU?  You got it.  Mark Stoops.  Solid hire.

2)  I get it.  You might never see him again and he is a locked in Hall of Famer.  I STILL couldn’t do it.  KC’s Dwayne Bowe got a photo opp, and Jamal Charles got an autograph “for his mom.”  They got them both with Peyton Manning.  Seriously, I get it, and I know they are a long way from the playoffs.  I just couldn’t as a competitor ask someone on the other team for an autograph for whoever…at least in the public eye.  If you need one for your son or mother, get in touch with him another way.  I am sure you guys have a phone list or something.

3)  I talked about good cheaters and bad cheaters in my last rant.  Well, Auburn is a bad cheater, and now Carlos Ruiz is a “good” cheater.  He got banned 25 games next season for PED’s today.  Well, the guy was coming off a career year with .325, 16 HR, and 68 RBI’s.  See?  THAT makes sense to me.

4)  Bill O’Brien said today he plans on staying at Penn State for years to come.  Good play, Bill.  You already have a pretty hard sell in general to recruits.  Being “in flux” would not be a good addition to your elevator speech.

5)  The Steelers lost to Cleveland over the weekend.  I don’t want to talk about that game…at all.  They named today Jonathan Dwyer as the starting running back next week.  I like it, and it makes sense.  He is the least injured, most consistent, and a change when they need one.

6)  The ACC is asking for the entire $51 million from Maryland for leaving.  Get that money, ACC.  I don’t know what greener pastures they think they have lined up, but at least grab that dough before they exit stage left.

7)  Tulane (all sports) and East Carolina (football only) will join the Big East in 2014.  Sure. THAT does the trick.  You lose Syracuse and Pittsburgh and replace them with a directional and the maybe third most popular school in their own, not populous state.  THAT sounds like an even switch.  Oh well.  I guess the good news is that Danny Manning is a happy guy for the better competition, and the old school Big East kids now get to go to New Orleans on an away game.

8)  Marvin Miller died today.  He created a great system in free agency in MLB, and died about 10 years after players were really starting to abuse his creation.

9)  Wow.  Minnesota surprised me in NCAA basketball.  I thought they would be ok, but not better.  What a pleasant surprise.

10)  I am watching the Michigan/ NC State game presently and ruining my night a little as far as responsibilities only because ONE of these teams are going to be solid candidates for a Final Four run when these freshman mature a little.  Forget the hype for Glenn Robinson III from Michigan.  I like this kid Nik Stauskas.  He can flat out ball.

11)  Louisville basketball, fresh after a loss to better than expected Duke, lost big man Gorgui Deing for 4-6 weeks for a broken wrist.  This is a big deal in one respect, and not a big deal in another respect.  The good news is that he is back for the meat of their schedule and most of conference play.  The bad news is that his lack of offensive prowess loses precious weeks of solid development against subpar competition.

12)  Andy Pettite will return to the Yankees.  I remember saying 10 years ago that I bet you that Pettite will be still playing for the Yankees when I am 40.  Damn.  I am 40.  Can we go 45, Andy?

13)  Seriously, what is Memphis college basketball DOING with all of these “top” recruiting classes.  Sure, it is early in the season.  Sure, they are youngsters still.  But, Memphis just dropped out of the Top 25.  You can blame a LITTLE on youth, but can you at least pretend to have some talent?

14)  Speaking of the newest version of the high talent, underachieving teams, we come to UCLA.  “Back,” my ass.  Not only did they have the second steepest drop out of the polls in history (Missouri 2011), but they were up 18 points AT HOME against…hold on, I hope I can remember this whole college name…Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, and lost.

15)  Were the OKC Thunder REALLY up 79-25 against the Charlotte Bobcats?  Wow.  Hmmm.   Let’s pull those idiots OFF the bandwagon who think that Kemba Walker is going to score 18 points per game for the rest of his career AND that they might have a winning record this year.  Easy, people.  That score looks like UCONN women’s basketball against the closest directional school to them.

16)  Am I alone, or did Panthers Cam Newton’s “awesome” performance on Monday Night Football mean absolutely nothing?  No offense, Cam.  Nice job.  But, you are playing the Eagles, and no one on this planet know what the hell is going on on THAT football team.  Can we bring back Michael Vick’s “dynasty” speech again?  Please?  Ahh, those beautiful July days.

17)  Is anyone else confused why, with all of the technology we have, that NFL replays are getting LONGER?

18)  Who is Jermaine Cunningham?  Evidently, he is a pretty well kept secret.  He is a Pats player who got suspended four games for PED’s, and you had to work pretty hard to find the story.  Belichick must be a “genius” in media coverage also.

19)  The San Francisco Giants got $377k for their postseason championship.  PLEASE tell me that even though he technically was on the “list,” that they didn’t give him a dime…cheater. And THEN he left for Toronto.  Don’t give him ANYTHING.

20)  These are the stories that make the Fillerbuster warm and fuzzy.  You have the world in your hands.  You play a freaking GAME for a living and make more money than you should.  You have money, the game, and luxury.  So, what do you decide to do?  This, and I picked the one with the largest mug photo:

21)  How cute.  The Knicks and Nets go to OT in their first meeting.  That is adorable.  Can you all stop throwing around “Clash of the Boroughs?”  No, I don’t have anything better as I haven’t really thought about it, but that doesn’t have any catchiness to it.  You guys can do better.

22)  I hear that the Marlins owner and Fidel Castro are running pretty equal in an unpopularity contest in the Miami area.  Just wait a little bit until something else dumb is done.  Then, if Castro wins, just like the mother in Hoosiers yelled, “well, I think we should vote again!”

23)  I hear that Tim Tebow might be ready to play next Sunday.  Forgive me for being either too unbiased, fair, and cognizant of what is going on, but what exactly is he going to  be ready for?  Standing or kneeling on the sideline?  At least I know this.  As much as I don’t like Rex Ryan, I do like him for THIS.  I think him and I are competing for who hates Tim Tebow the most.  I am President of this club, Rex.  You can be on the Cabinet…TOPS.

24)  Lane Kiffin has said his job is safe he feels after a 7-5 season.  Thanks, Lane.  If the fans in L.A. actually DID care, UCLA being in the Pac-12 Championship game would be disgusting.  UCLA has one national title in their lifetime.  They have one Heisman Trophy winner.  YOU have the recruiting classes.  YOU were preseason #1.  It HAS to hurt a little, job kept or not.

25)  I think the story about crazy story healer Adrian Peterson getting heat for missing the team bus would have been a LOT better if he would have run to the stadium instead of getting a cab.  Freak of nature?  Check.

26)  Jason Kidd has back spasms.  Injury mad lib for the rest of the year.  “Jason Kidd is out for (number) weeks because of (injury).

27)  David Ash has hurt ribs.  Case McCoy is pretty healthy.  Case will start.  Evidently, Mack Brown watched the Steelers-Ravens last game with Leftwich throwing the ball ten yards before receivers.

28)  Amazing, but who wouldn’t have thunk it.  Ray Lewis WILL return THIS year.  The sky is blue, the grass is green, and Ray Lewis is a badass.  I am supposed to hate him, being a fan for the rival team.  I can’t.

29)  The NHL will meet with a “mediator.”  Yay.  “Progress.”  Yes, I put that word in quotes, because I think it is funny that the “mediator solution” is just NOW being brought into play.

30)  I apologize to the people (they are out there) who wait for my mindless non sports takes.  During my 40th birthday day before, during, and after, I actually didn’t write down all of my thoughts.  It is not as fun or easy telling those stories if they are not on the list.  I promise I only turn 40 once, and the legal pad will never leave my side again.

31)  Just put Creighton in the Top 10 in college basketball.  Seriously, just vote them there and KEEP them there.

32)  Indiana and UNC are about to start, meaning I am about done.  UNC has the athleticism and talent to hang, but they are young and inconsistent, and without PJ Hairston (UNC’s main shooter) not playing, I don’t think they have the firepower.

33)  Cody Zeller SAVED a program.  We all knew that Indiana would make it “back.”  They are a tradition.  BUT, Cody signing with them over UNC literally started a snowball effect.  Add solid walk on’s who helped them weather the penalty storm, solid role playing recruits who saw Cody go there, and Isiah reborn Yogi Ferrell, and you have a program that is not only “back,” but is not going anywhere.  I NEVER would have thought it would happen THIS soon…and neither did you.  Trust me.

34)  Duke basketball always seems to underachieve when they HAVE the talent, and overachieve when they don’t seem to be all there.  Well, they have the best wins thus far in this season, and if IU goes down tonight, they will be #1.  Plumley has blossomed, and that will be SCARY for other teams.  Practice some free throws, Mason.  PLEASE.

35)  I live solo, and frequently go low on TP.  During my Bday trip, I thought it was funny that Lindsey and I had a classy hotel room that forgot the most obvious thing…the TP.  We made it, but barely.

36)  I guess I AM writing a lot.  Sorry.  It is tough for me not to “rant.”

37)  I think all top baseball players are overpaid.  That being said, if I let myself get sucked into their salaries being “normal,” I will say this.  Ryan Longoria getting 10 years/ $100 mil is actually a solid play.  If I had to overpay ONE player, it would be him, with his numbers, his age, etc.

38)  Sorry.  I didn’t even go to a school in the SEC and I will say this.  Whoever wins the UGA-Bama game will beat Notre Dame by 10 points minimally.

39)  Just in case people weren’t wondering whether the NY Giants had SB possible worthiness still in their veins, they go out and destroy the Packers.  31-10 at HALFTIME.  I am not on the bandwagon by NO means, but is Tom Coughlin FINALLY off the hotseat for good?

40)  That is it.  IU-UNC.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Hope you enjoyed.  Peace.

40a)  Seriously, I won’t miss tomorrow.  I took a lot of time off, I know.

40b)  Dick Vitale announcing a game…just makes it SO exciting.

40c)  Lindsey bought a REAL TV for me for my birthday.  Not only is thing machine not nicknamed a “tube,” but it is SO thin.  So THIS is what it is like catching up in technology.  No.  I am NOT getting TIVO or using it.

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