Marconi plays the mamba…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Speed version.  Work break/ sanity check.  20 minutes….go.

I feel the need…the need for speed.

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1)  Now this is getting REALLY fun.  We have a QB controversy in New York, just not the two in the mix that we thought.  Sanchez throws three INT’s in the first half, and Greg McElroy comes in and gets the win.  Who is he, you ask?  You know him better than you think, and it is another reason I always say to draft a guy from the big time school with less stats than the guy from the smaller school lighting it up.  He went to Bama, and his stats might not be as glittery as some other QB’s, but at least you knew those stats were against the best in the land.

2)  I follow Ryan Clark on Twitter.  I am not sure when exactly he practices, as his tweeting hobby is pretty overwhelming in number/ day.

3)  Happy trails to Rick Majerus.  He died over the weekend, and his presence in the basketball community will be missed.  He was a class act, and got the best of his players wherever he went.  His legend would be a little higher had Mr. Pitino’s Wildcats not taken down his Utah squad back in the day, but he leaves us at high stature for his days on earth.

4)  Wisconsin football sure didn’t look like the honorary top finisher in its division, with Penn State and Ohio State ineligible.  They stomped Nebraska, meaning I was in a good mood about the whole thing.  That good mood was then in turn stomped, as Northern Illinois grabbed an at large BCS bid, Nebraska got picked, and that left Oklahoma out to dry.  Shame.  One team wins their final game to clinch a part of the Big 12 Conference, and the other gets beat 70-31 by an also ran, and they grabbed the losing one.  Of course, it is doubly bad because that didn’t exactly put Lindsey in a good mood.

5)  Who’d have thunk?  I am a pretty optimistic Steelers fan, and I gave them about a 25% chance, as they were at Baltimore’s crib and they had a 3rd string QB playing…with no backup on the table.  They escape 23-20.  That was old school football, with one team getting a few bounces and wanting it a little more.  There are no guarantees in life, but having a tight ball game when the Ravens and the Steelers play is pretty damn close.

6)  And the Broncos keep on trucking.  Sure, they were at home, and sure Tampa Bay is not exactly a top tier football team, but can anyone else really tell me who is playing better than the Broncos right now?

7)  Good job for the golf fan at Tiger’s event for staying knowledgeable.  When he heckled Keegan Bradley on his last hole, he at least DID know what anchoring your putter is.  Good job.  The part he forgot is that the new rule being discussed wouldn’t go in effect for another 3 years.  Three plus years, dude.  Settle down.

8)  I bought the Bacon Provolone tomato sauce at the grocery store Saturday.  I am becoming addicted to it.  It is good.  If you like bacon and spaghetti, and then in turn want them together, I recommend going out and getting a jar.

9)  Amazing.  The 49ers and Rams have played 10 quarters of football this year.  Score?  40-37.

10)  Raiders of the Lost Ark will never go away as years tick by.  That movie will still be loved 50 years from now.  Great flick, especially when I need a good flipper.

11)  The NHL is “meeting” Tuesday.  OK.  A non-secret meeting announced ahead of time.  You guys are really getting organized at congregating to accomplish absolutely nothing.

12)  Louisiana Tech football turned down an Independence Bowl bid.  I am not alone in being confused about this.  I don’t think Karl Malone or someone 6’9″ or taller is the answer, but I still think he has a partial point.

13)  Andrew Luck is in his first year.  We are expecting some bad decisions, some lost games, and lots of learning.  Dude has his team at 8-4, on a win streak, with the last one being one he had late game heroics.  This kid IS special.

14)  My friends and I who were watching games yesterday have decided that “knee deep in the hoopla” might be one of the coolest phrases in any 80’s song.  Annually voted one of the worst songs ever written, it still doesn’t take away the fun factor of “We Built this City,” and certainly didn’t stop us from requesting that and Winger “Seventeen” at one of the music filled commercial breaks during the Broncos game.

15)  That is it.  Twenty minutes are up.  I hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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