Look. I tied in my usual non sports theme and photo WITH what is going on tonight. And boom goes the dynamite.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

Kind of on the clock.  I am on a flight with nothing to do, but it is just Denver to St. Louis.  Let’s turn and burn until the captain says stop.

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1)       Big decision for me, and I think I have made it.  I am flying into St. Louis, and the best team with the apparently fantastic ballpark I have never been to is indeed playing at home.  I like getting the feel for a city I have never experienced.  Sorry.  You lose, St. Louis.  Tell the Arch I said hello.  Tell the ballpark I said hello.  Game 7 is too important, whether that be at a nearby bar or in my hotel room.

2)      Wow, the hockey game last night was fun.  Question.  Answer.  Question.  Answer.  For those of you who NEED lots of scoring to consider a game “exciting,”  I feel bad if you missed it. Twelve goals in the first 3 games.  ELEVEN last night, AND another OT game.  Three of the four of these games have gone extra.  The Toews Kane line proved to be big, along with Hossa returning.  Like I keep saying, Hawks in 7.  They will now each hold serve again, with the Hawks and then Bruins winning the next two games.

3)      I must be getting older.  Widespread Panic comes next week to Red Rocks.  Normally, I would have bought 4 tickets for each night and then sell the ones I don’t need to friends.  I don’t even have tickets for me yet for ANY night, and might just pick one night and drive myself up.  Lindsey is definitely catching the upside, low key part of this particular addiction.  I still listen to them and love them.  Guess I am just too lazy to make the logistics work for a trip to Red Rocks.  Not having my phone ring off the hook from friends talking me into it probably plays a part too.

4)      I am traveling with my colleague, Ponto.  Barring work problems when we land, he has to have a set schedule.  The set schedule is always fun though, and I notice I don’t hit the hotel gym when rolling with him.  Weird.

5)      Today was my last day watching the neighbor’s cat, Wylan.  I did a pretty good job, but still know I am a dog guy.  You are one good cat, Wylan, I have to say.  I took care of you, but betting you are pretty stoked Brittain is home.

6)      I am waiting on this whole Aaron Hernandez thing to be clearer before jumping into an entire hook on it.  This is just plain old weird thus far.  I might have been wrong about him not being involved though.  Too many coincidences are popping up.

7)      That chick who walks her cat was outside yesterday again.  It looks odd and goofy.  That could be the name of a band.  Cat on a Leash.

8)      The Celtics and Clippers are talking trade again.  Evidently the Clippers read my blog.  Yes, I said it was idiotic to not pull that trigger on the proposed trade.

9)      Chris Bosh told Miami fans who walked out early to stay home tonight.  I get it, Chris.  You really didn’t even DO anything until AFTER they left.  It must be a sign.  The fact that you are even part of any big three bothers me.  Go back to Toronto and be an All Star on a losing team.  I liked you better then.

10)   Kobe says Howard and Paul will stay put.  Kobe says he wants two more cracks at winning it all.  Fans say Kobe be quiet until THIS season is done.  Chill.

11)   Now that Josh Hamilton has been dropped to #7 in the batting order, I wonder if that big #7 on the Jack bottle is talking to him a little more.  Hey, look at it this way if you drink.  #7 hitters can be a little hungover and not perform as well.  You can just MORPH into a worse hitter hitting in the spot that no one expects anything from.  Not saying that will make accounting happy though with your nice big paycheck.

12)   Go Google that goal that Brazil’s Neymar had against Mexico.  It was pretty sweet.  And then change “goal” to “assist.”  THAT move to create that assist was better.  Kid is GOOD.  He even FLOPS awesomely also.

13)   I just thought of a very STUPID joke while on this plane.  What did the Navy Midshipmen say when the cops asked of the girl’s condition when they raped her?  “A-Nap-Police.”

14)   That was horrible.  It’s a joke because she was unconscious.  I am digging a grave.  Moving on.

15)   Manny Ramirez and his Taiwan club have parted ways.  He wants the Majors again.  This story has hit Favre status from back in the day.  We are over it.  Go start a game show or something, Manny.  Or go start throwing balls to HS receivers on MS fields.

16)   If I have a doubt about Lindsey and I, I can always go to this card.  I have said that I could eat lasagna for the rest of my life…every meal.  Lindsey just made me her special recipe lasagna the other day for the first time.  Case closed if it wasn’t before.

17)   Jay Z is now licensed for NBA players.  I guess if it is possible, we will hear MORE about him than we already do?

18)   Bob Stoops just had a vehicle stolen from his home while he was sleeping.  Maybe we should find out where Nicolas Cage was, but I think that the top QB recruit from Norman who just signed with Bama just needed some wheels to get down there.

19)   I had the greatest thing ever happen to me in the security line today at the airport.  I was at the lesser known A Concourse security line, and it was HORRIBLE.  Worse I had ever seen.  Us Frontier peeps know how dope this line usually is.  No train either.  I sat at the very end thinking about actually going downstairs to check it out.  The person came up to me and asked me to lead the newly opened line up the right side ramp.  Yay.  When the worst things that happen pre flight are having to park at the West parking lot, having a switch of gates, and forgetting ketchup for the hashbrown from the McDonald’s line before sitting down, I would say everything went ok.

20)   Yasiel Puig.  People, are you paying attention?  Him and Phils Domonic Brown continue to put on Trout vs. Harper II.  Puig is exciting.  He is scaring pitchers.  In 15 games, he already has 5 homers, and is hitting .474.  AND dude almost picked someone off from an OUTFIELD hit at first last night in New York.

21)   Saw a tweet about making Ray Allen’s regulation tying three the end of He Got Game.  That would be awesome, Spike.  Do that alternate ending stuff with Jesus Shuttlesworth.  If the Spurs win tonight, let’s make a NEW movie comparing him to Karl Gibson.  The parallel is there I swear.  Game 6 hero and then lose the series.

22)   The Red Wings are pondering a new home for their team.  Scott, that was a GREAT call to go to Joe Louis the off day of the Final Four in Detroit.  Glad I experienced that place if they are tearing it down.

23)   I thought Wimbeldon CAN alter the tennis rankings to fit grass court players.  Well, TWEEK them, officials.  Nadal being #5 is a joke.  Sure, it is not clay, but let’s remember one of the greatest matches EVER in the final between Federer and him.  Also, Ferrer at #4 after the pasting Nadal put on him on FERRER’S favorite surface????  Ridiculous.  At least I know the possible final might be in the quarters, Wimbledon idiots.  I can schedule accordingly.

24)   I guess Adam Pacman Jones saying “hoe” and “fuck” in an actual ESPN TV interview is a sure sign he is ready to speak in front of all the rookies.  Yeah.

25)   Kendrick Perkins sold his dog on Twitter.  Pretty clever.  Now if he could just be clever enough to live up to expectations in the middle, he would be set.

26)   Tonight.  I have thought about it.  A Lot.  I think the Spurs are the ONE team that can come back from blowing that game in game 6.  But did they TRULY blow it?  I think LeBron just became superhuman.  That is not a guarantee every time.  When they win a classic close game tonight, you will hear more about whatever was said on the team bus for 5 minutes yesterday when Pop kicked everyone off but him and the players.  I think Parker said it best when asked if they should even be IN this game 7.  He said if you would have told him before the beginning of the season that he would be in a Game 7 for it all, he would have taken it any day of the week.  That attitude says they are over it.  These guys all have 3-4 titles among them depending on when they came aboard.  They will be fine.  I think we are in for a barnburner classic.

27)   I am in close quarters on a plane, but have more time.  These thoughts might be a little random since I can’t see my screen right now.

28)   I think wandering around airports, parades, and town festivals is birth control.

29)   If Dwayne Wade was upset on sitting the bench for a little of that comeback in Game 6, he better get rid of that feeling.  He has one more title than the other cats in the big three.  He should know that when a lineup is hot, leave it alone, whether you are an HOF’er or not.

30)   And way to come in and IMMEDIATELY put up a bad shot, Dwayne.  We SAW that.

31)   Sopranos James Gandolfini is dead.  The Sopranos is one of the best shows ever.  Jersey, mob life, and northern accents.  It doesn’t get better than that.  You know you made an impact when your last show is scrutinized and analyzed beyond ALL belief.  Cue Seinfeld, MASH, etc.

32)   This is an airplane rant, so there are no links, but check out the baseball GIR article in ESPN Mag.  Interesting stuff to say the least.

33)   There IS a weakness.  Lionel Messi doesn’t like paying taxes?

34)   Poor LeBron, the only way he comes out positive tonight in the public eye is if he goes for 42, 16, and 14.  Otherwise, people will just say that he did what he was supposed to do.  If he loses, it will be FUNNY.  Funnier than his hairline without the headband.  If he comes out of this 1-4 in Finals, we will be talking other types of legacies.  Maybe we will bring up him QUITTING on his team against the Celtics that year in Game 4.

35)   Snowball will be a voice in a Turkish movie.  Hey, Turkey, keep him.

36)   Tom Thibodeau says Derrick Rose is feeling more like himself.  Does that mean he is happy with his “lift” in the weak leg now and if you guys were still playing he would give it a run?  Because if not, keep quiet in Chicago about anything Rose related until the players who are PLAYING are done.  You and Kobe can BOTH talk then.

37)   The only problem about the airplane rant is not having internet and sometimes not totally being able to remember what my train of thought was.  I have “wright being chased by cougars.”  I think it was Deadspin, so Google “david wright chased by cougars deadspin online” and see what you get.

38)   Brett Favre says Aaron Rodgers will “shatter” his records.  Feeling a little bad now?  Coming clean?  And yes, at this rate, he will.  At least the TEAM records, considering you went East and then to a rival while you refused to retire.

39)   My colleague,Erik, wore this awesome shirt the other day.  I asked him the brand.  Think good looking, fancier, 2.5 Men Sheen bowling shirts.  When going to check out the brand, I realized that Erik also sold some HUGE deals last year.  The shirts are a little out of my price range , but check out the brand Nat Nast.  I never had heard of it, but it is pretty tight.

40)   Jason Kidd has asked Lawrence Frank to join his staff.  I like the hire, and at least Jason knows they will get carded when going out for drinks.

41)   TE Kellen Winslow signed with the Jets.  I think this is a PERFECT place for an underachieving lifetime tight end.  You will blend right in over there in dysfunctionality.

42)   The Cavs said they might take Maryland product Alex Len if they don’t take Nerlens Noel.  Smoke and mirrors, and they might still take him…after they trade their pick.

43)   I still am saying that if the Spurs win, that Duncan minimally, and possibly Pop too ride off into the sunset.  Press conference afterwards.  Boom.  I am on top.  And I am DONE.

44)   I hear the Dodgers are redoing Clayton Kershaws contract.  Uhhh.  Yeah.  Get him locked up for the rest of his career FAST.

45)   So, Kerry Rhodes, who is known as one of the not heralded but still gay football players to never make it official, says that HE is the father of Kim Kardashian’s recent kid?  Flowchart needed.

46)   Derrelle Revis paid $50 k to get his #24 in Bucs camp.  Different strokes for different folks.  I remember when John Kruk sold HIS number to a new player for a case of beer.

47)   Tiger Woods will miss the next two tournaments making sure his elbow is ready for the British.  Get better, bro.  I am tired of you not winning.

48)   Zona NFL coach Bruce Arians makes a good point about gay players coming out in the league.  The FANS are the problem.  I agree to a point.  I am sure there are a BUNCH of people at games down south who would find out there favorite player is gay and say “you son of a bitch….”

49)   Maybe Chad Johnson should be looking up “lesson learned” in Spanish for a new name.

50)   Ok.  I think the plane is starting its descent, and the captain is dropping hints about not being able to walk around in a few.  Let’s wrap this up.  No baseball game.  I am locked and loaded for the Game 7.  Keys.  Spurs.  Ginobli, don’t suck.  No turnovers for YOU.  Parker’s hamstring.  He needs it at 70% to be effective.  Remembering that Duncan’s inside force GOT you that lead you then gave away with LeBron’s heroics.  Making Dwayne Wade beat you instead of LeBron.  Finally, making LeBron shoot from the outside.  He knows the pressure on him, and I would rather have him gunning it then getting inside.  Heat.  Forcing turnovers.  Getting LeBron to ATTACK the basket.  Spoelstra being more strategical in his substitutions.  Hoping Danny Green disappears like the last game.  Letting Ginobli beat you since 5 out of 6 games he hasn’t.  Getting at least ONE of your three point shooters involved in the game early to see who has the touch this game.  Miller?  Allen?

51)   Bottom line.  I think the Spurs may not have the most all star talent, but I have never liked the ROLES of the Heat when putting this team together.  James and Wade are slashing hybrids.  Bosh is an outside shooting PF.  They do NOT have an inside presence.  I think the Spurs are a better balanced team overall.  If the Spurs can get ANYTHING out of Splitter, Diaw, or Green, they are good to go.  Wade has lost a step.  Bosh wasn’t made for this shit.  Barring LeBron doing something magical and getting a triple 20 or whatever they call it, I like the Spurs in a close one 98-94.

52)   That is it.  I always enjoy the airplane rant, and my flight goes SO fast.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  I DO have to fly HOME.  Peace.

53)   And posting at 5:40 local time after knocking out my work but before game.

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