Little Jerry Seinfeld

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

Semi-on the clock.  I missed a day, so there is more to say.  This will be a true rant, as I have had a horrible day and horrible last week.  You don’t need to know about that, as you are here for my blog.  So, the only thing that relates to is that the angrier I am, the better the rants usually are.

Let’s turn and burn.

1)  Up 10-6 going into the final day, the US blew it at the Ryder Cup…in infamous fashion.  They somehow lost 8 1/2 to 3 1/2 in the final day, and surrendered the magical amount of points to give Europe the win.  Sure, these aren’t like Majors, but they do carry a lot of pride regardless.  I personally think it is funny that they need like 20 countries to go against just us, but it is what it is.  I guess we can also draw these three truths from the weekend’s events.  1)  Even in his prime, Tiger’s Kryptonite is Ryder and Presidents Cups.  2) Steve Stricker should just stay as one of those guys who wins a couple times on tour and tease us in the Majors.  3)     The averages balanced out from what I said on Friday.  Going into this tournament, NO one on the US had a winning Ryder Cup record.  Everyone was either even, a loser, or debuting.

2)  The Fillerbuster would like to wish the best to Colts head coach Chuck Pagano in his upcoming bout with cancer.  I am sure OC Arians will do fine in replacing you, but we all hope that you are on the sideline  before the 10th game or so.

3)  The Texans, Falcons, and Cardinals are all still undefeated, and if you don’t think that those teams are listed in order of the possibility for staying undefeated the longest, then there is something wrong with you.

4)  I felt bad that Santonio Holmes hurt his foot.  I felt worse thinking about how by lack of options, he ended up on both my fantasy teams.  Why?

5)  I was wrong.  I thought the real Saints would show up in Green Bay and take down Rodgers and crew.  Then again, maybe these guys ARE the real Saints.  There is NO one who has more job security in the history of the world DURING their suspension than coach Sean Payton,

6)  Mike Gundy still thinks that Texas fumbled late in the game.  I still think it will be at least 30 years before I can look at that coach and NOT picture the “I’m a man” monologue.  Could be top five in press conferences that top out at Iverson’s.  And you KNOW I never get tired of this:

And Gundy’s top five one:

7)  I got sucked in.  I admit it.  I have been walking around the planet saying there has not been one scary movie since perhaps The Shining.  Then, I see a preview for Cabin in the Woods where it says this movie is FOR those people.  I watched it.  Mistake #17 for the week.  Save your time.  Buy an old school domino set and set up drops and curves and such.  You will be more constructive that way.

8)  Neat stat.  Tell your friends.  The Philadelphia Eagles beat the Giants this weekend.  They are the first team ever to win their first three games by two points or less.  Crazy.  Like I said, tell your friends.

9)  The Texas Rangers might have clinched, but everyone and their mother would be watching the health of again injured, rejuvenated Adrian Beltre.  I think the Tigers still might be the team to beat in the AL no matter what the standings say when it is all said an done.

10)  Cabrera-Trout.  Trout-Cabrera.  I get a bad feeling that no playoffs, no MVP for a guy everyone is following.  Sorry, Mike.  Send reminder texts to the voters though that say that you are the first person ever to have more than 30 HR’s and 40 SB’s in his rookie year.  Pretty freaking solid.

11)  Brad Kesolowski wins this past weekend in NASCAR.  He must be decent , because I didn’t even have to double check his first name.  The Fillerbuster has now updated you on NASCAR.  JJ is second if you care.

12)  VERY cool.  After all of the flack the replacement refs got, some due and some not, the NFL paid them salary for week 4 in the season after they the regulars came back.  Very cool, Roger.  They did their best, even if their best sucked.

13)  Dolphins WR Brian Hartline had 253 yards receiving this weekend.  Not only are networks going to overloaded with people picking him up in fantasy prematurely, but he got the all time club record.  That is pretty impressive considering Dan Marino used to toss for them and you would think SOMEONE would have had higher.

14)  The Meow game.  Barely caught in the act, and I don’t agree with all of the noted ones as he might have been saying “you know” in a weird way, BUT funny regardless.–nfl.html

15)  Kind of interesting how this Bountygate thing is going to end up the defensive captain against the coach at the time.  Jonathan Vilma didn’t quite, Williams cooperated, and what do we have?  A showdown where all the league has is WHAT Williams agreed to in punishment.  This will be a LEGENDARY he said-she said.

16)  Lindsey and I played against someone in fantasy that had 185 points as of end of games last night.  185.  No, it is NOT some BS league.  It is on ESPN.  That is amazing, and very unfortunate as our streak of people having dream games against us continues.  We have been favored EVERY week.

17)  I read a story that Rory McIlroy had to get a police ride to make a mixed up tee time.  What the story DIDN’T tell me, which is what I was looking for, was HOW he got the police car ride.  Was it waiting outside of his house?  Do they have police cars at every corner at Medinah and he took a cop off his post to get him there?  Did he call the non emergency line?  Confused.

18)  Every time.  EVERY time I see a horse and trolley, I think of Rusty, Kramer, Beef o’ Reno, and the marble rye.  They have horses on our 16th Street Mall.

19)  My buddy Skyler and I were watching the Broncos game together.  We collaborated on a sandwich that we would like to eat.  Let me run it by you all.  On a toasted marble rye of course, we would like prosciutto, cream cheese, hollandaise, hot sauce, pepper jack or havarti cheese, gator dust, fried egg, diced tomatoes, pepperoni, bacon, pastrami, and then a little chicken.  We promise to work out afterwards and then eat salads for the next day.

19a)  Of course the sandwich would be called the Little Jerry.  It would take too long to explain the context of that name, but watch the episode sometime.  I hear that even Michael Vick likes that episode.

20)  Middle Tennessee beat Georgia Tech soundly this weekend with only one extraordinary catch involved.  Ga Tech is setting quite a pattern since they have switched to the triple option.  They literally run over people for a couple weeks, and then lose to someone that you just get befuddled about.  I NEVER saw that coming, and actually was thinking about taking Ga Tech minus the points.  SO glad I am retired.

21)  Speaking of my picks, I went 5-5, with my hypothetically huge bet coming through.  I would have won overall.  I said I never have seen Wisconsin plus 11 plus points, and although they lost and irritated Lindsey, myself, and others as we watched the end of it (unfortunately, although our watering hole is awesome, it somehow gets taken over by Nebraska fans for three plus hours a week.  Most regulars try and dodge those times.), they covered easily.

22)  My buddy, Scott, saw Rock of Ages.  He beat me to the movie that LOOKS like it is made for me.  Anyway, apparently it sucked according to him.  I believe him.  The text he wrote me was one of the funniest things ever though.  Basically it went like this.  “It sucked….yada yada yada…think footloose meets glee…yada yada yada…”  FOOTLOOSE MEETS GLEE?  That is incredible.

23)  I am SO glad I am not in New York presently.  If you take Sanchez’s QBR (the new rating system, folks) of 2.6 (based on 100, folks) and the fact that they got beat at home 34-0, then I believe they are feeling the Tebowing mumbles starting about right…..NOW.  Enjoy, NYC.  It is painful.

24)  OK.  Stardust knows their shit AND my team, UVA, sucks.  Not only did I think that it was FUNNY that Louisiana Tech was favored over my Cavs in Virginia, but LA Tech covered…easily.  Embarrassing.

25)  Ok, Scott.  I am not voting him in the HOF yet, but I will give your savior RGIII some props.  I won’t talk about his last minute drive.  I will tell you it was MORE impressive knowing that for the last 2 minutes plus left in the game, RGIII’s headset didn’t work at all.  Impressive, young Skywalker.

26)  I just saw the oldie, but a goodie.  I LOVE the ESPN commercial where the Oregon Duck mascot looks out at the pond and free ducks, and sighs.  I am easily amused.

27)  Every time I have a bad day/ week, to make myself laugh, and to try and act like I don’t care about it temporarily, I think of Stephen Baldwin in Usual Suspects.  No, not the “give me the keys” line.  The “bad day, f%^& it.” line.  It makes me feel a little better,although blogging ALSO makes me feel better.  Moving on.

28)  This fumble is just youth, excitement, and dumb.  WR Thomas fumbles on his way to the end zone…BEFORE contact.

28a)  Sorry it is on a Raiders website.  It was the first one to pop up on Google.

29)  Not only is Coke Zero the best tasting drink ever, but I STILL like the “and” commercial with the dude asking AND? for his whole life and then being happy with Coke Zero.  Kind of funny.

30)  Falcons QB Matt Ryan’s nickname is one of the coolest.  Matty Ice.  As long as Mike Golic doesn’t get confused with the Matt’s and call Matt Schaub Matty Ice on Mike and Mike (which he did), all will be good.  Wrong one, Mike.  I asked the person next to me where Matty Ice went to school as a great trivia question.  His college is presently JUST bad enough to forget that he came from there, the college is Boston College, and tell your friends.

31)  I want the Bud Light Lime commercial to run forever.  I LOVE the song Summertime by Fresh Prince.

32)  Geno Smith ended up with a measly EIGHT touchdowns the other day.  Crazy stuff, and with UK scaring USC and Stanford beating them, Matt Barkley has a little competition in that first round NFL draft.

33)  Hey, Denver.  Why does Oktoberfest end BEFORE October arrives?  Confused.

34)  I watched Batman finally the other day with Lindsey in the theater.  I will NOT be a spoiler, as I don’t roll like that, but ask yourself THIS after the movie.  Lindsey picked up on this.  They show the watchers everyone what goes on near the end.  They forgot to tell Morgan Freeman.  Weird.  It is not as bad as forgetting about the dog in Gladiator, but it is up there.

35)  Mark Teixeira is back for the Yankees.  He will be needed for the playoff run, where the O’s are still irritatingly hanging with them.  I say put his name on Wheel of Fortune.  You could have a drinking game with the phrase “can I buy a vowel?”

36)  Ohio State beats Michigan State.  And there goes THAT dream of Michigan State.  They might have wasted more quality teams over the last 15 years than any other college team.

37)  I hear that Rasheed Wallace is coming back…to the Knicks.  PERFECT fit.  Let’s get the one smart, normal kid out of there, and sign on another misfit.  They are suddenly becoming the basketball version of the Washington Redskins over the last ten years.

38)  More to say, but got to call it quits.  A bad day means that there is work to do.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Hope you enjoyed.  Peace.


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