Listen, here’s the thing, if you can’t spot the sucker in your first half hour at the table, then you are the sucker.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  No monster blog today.  I might blog tomorrow.  I have too much going on today to do the monster.  I am sitting here watching the Knicks-Celtics game and am just going to vent for 30-40 minutes.


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1)       The Knicks have an offensive system that HAS to have offensive ball movement.  It is early in the third, so there is plenty of time, but I have watched them play about a quarter of ball with too many isolations and guys being chuckers.  Plus, the Celtics are putting bodies on the Knicks, which is really bothering the Knicks.  That is why I like the Celtics in this series.

2)      The fact that Stephen Strasburg is 1-3 is crazy.  The fact that his ERA is still under 3.0 indicates to me he is a little unlucky also.

3)      I don’t wear sunglasses.  I am a hat guy, and I personally think that wearing both is too much going on.  That being said, the hat might get a LITTLE less love this summer.  I HAVE to get those sunglasses that Jamie Foxx wore in Django.  The movie was absolutely fantastic by the way.

4)      I saw an article about how the Big Ten might realign.  I didn’t open the article, as I am SO tired of conferences adding and subtracting teams, let alone aligning teams differently.

5)      Cue the sleeping dog cliché.  Something about waking it up.  Bucks Brandon Jennings said that the Bucks will beat the Heat 4-2 in their upcoming series.  Shut up, Brandon.  If you win two games, let’s just call it a moral victory.

6)      I live right by the Civic Center Park in Denver.  It is 2:37.  Needless to say, the walking traffic is slightly increasing as the clock continues to move forward.

7)      Nice job, ESPN.  I caught all of the pre-game before the Red Sox game at Fenway today.  You made it classy, touching, and didn’t cross any lines in a very sensitive scenario.  Solid buildup.

8)      They are saying Derrick Rose will most likely not be back for the playoffs.  I get cradling your franchise player, and I am not at the practices, but it doesn’t even seem like he WANTS to come back.  It is the playoffs, bro.  I hope you have a long career, and we don’t want any setbacks, but adding a 90% you to the mix makes your team VERY dangerous.

9)      I keep hearing how the Lakers are a trendy upset pick against the Spurs.  I don’t know what this is all about.  No Kobe, the Spurs have beaten twin tower teams before, and it is an odd numbered year.  By the way, if Nash can’t go 100%, you all DO realize that Gasol and Gasol need someone to pass them the ball, right?  Plus, they will drop at least two games because of Howard’s foul shooting.  Pop pretty much invented fouling the dude at random times during the game.

10)   Do you like rap music?  Do you like Family Guy?  Then click here.

11)   James Harrison officially became a Bengal this week.  These times freak me out.  Johnny Damon leaves the Red Sox to go play for the Yankees.  Brett Favre ends his career playing for the Vikings.  Now Harrison is a Bengal.  Does anyone else think that Magic Johnson thought near the end of his career of going to play for the Celtics?  Geez.

12)   The X Games are going on I think.  You are reading the wrong blog if you are hoping for updates on this.

13)   Nadal and Djokovic are in the finals at Monte Carlo.  So, basically, we have our warmup final for the French Open.

14)   Eddie Jordan has taken over Rutgers basketball.  This is kind of a poor man’s Indiana.  Tom Crean took the Indiana job when they were down and out.  Eddie is doing the same thing, and is just lacking championships, legends, NBA alumni, and movies with the nickname.

15)   Who do I write a letter to for them NOT to overhaul Wrigley before I go visit it?  It is not extremely high on the bucket list, but it IS on there.  And shut up, Lance Berkman.

16)   I keep watching this basketball game.  This is just game 1, but I do NOT see in Melo’s eyes that he really wants a championship.  Sure, he got one at Syracuse, but that was to get him paid and drafted high.  Now that he is paid, I think he is content to just be the Dan Marino of basketball (Dan, I LOVE you, and I wish you would have gotten one.  It was a dig on your championships not your drive.  I AM cracking on MELO’S drive though).  Congrats on that scoring title though, Melo, and Jim Boeheim will always love you.

17)   Have I ever told you that Rounders is like the best movie of all time?  I haven’t???  Oh.  You were joking.  Anyway, it IS.  Watched it again last night.

18)   I hear Phil Jackson is itching to come back to the coaching world.  I will tell you all what.  When Brooklyn AND the Knicks lose in the first round, you will hear the rumors STRONG.  Yes, I just said that.  Calling my shot.  Phil is the one guy who COULD get Melo the eye of the tiger.

19)   I am torn.  There is this big 80,000 people party going on down the street, but the Nuggets are also playing.  That is bad planning.  How can you say that you want Denver to be a basketball town when you have all of these stoners not having ANY idea there is a basketball game going on?  I don’t smoke by the way.  I just am going down for the party.  I like parties.

20)   Stephen Curry just got Ray Allen’s season record for three pointers.  Yeah.  If they HAD a three point line in the 70’s, does anyone think that Pete Maravich wouldn’t have that title?  Dude averaged like 47 points per game in college without a three point line, and basically just pulled up after midcourt.

21)   Fourth quarter of the Celtics game.  Solid game thus far, and a GREAT start to these playoffs.

22)   Rasheed Wallace retired again if you care.  Dude is like a boxer with his multiple retirements.

23)   Hypothetically, if it wouldn’t ruin my health, I would definitely do this.  Lindsey tricked me last night.  She usually cooks something delicious.  Instead, she got me McDonald’s, which is unfortunately a solid win also.

24)   The Eagles might have the perfect storm.  A gimmick offense.  Michael Vick.  It will be interesting to say the least.

25)   That is it.  There are 6 minutes left in this game and I am getting the NBA playoff rush.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

26)   Not lying actually this Saturday.  I WILL probably blog tomorrow.  And I still have some good stuff in the holster.

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