Life (and water) will not be contained…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Evening rant but I have been on this thing all day working ( again again).  Literally (again again).  Speed version (again again).  Let’s turn and burn.


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1)       Greetings and salutations, people.  Thanks for joining me…well, I hope you are not joining me RIGHT now as you should be watching basketball.  I am blogging during commercials/ between games/ just getting one in.

2)      Wisconsin looks in the first half like Bo Ryan had a whole week to prepare for Baylor…oh, that’s right.  He did.

3)      Stanford is getting schooled and has foul trouble with a shorter bench, and Dayton has the longer bench.

4)      Looks bleak for excitement, right?  Wrong.  I think Stanford makes it a game, and I think that getting behind by more than ten to Bo Ryan is like playing an NHL playoff game down two goals.  Possible, but not probable.

5)      Do you think the Pacers were trying to make a pre-playoff statement against the Heat last night?  Yup.  Me too.

6)      Very cool stuff sent from my girl.  Spectacular places in the world that can kill you.  Great visuals.

7)      How can you mistake Duke for Kentucky in a paid ad?  Just asking.

8)      Not like he needs more motivation, but I guess a 3 year contract extension probably made Billy Donovan put in a few extra hours in preparation for tonight.  They will cover large.  You read it here.

9)      I am sure Djokovic did NOT know the rules about hitting the ball with his racket over the net after that fiasco with Nadal in the Australian last year.  Nice poker face though.

10)   I don’t build things.  I am unable to.  But, I need to.  We have the greatest shower in the world, but water accumulates on the seat in the shower, which is exactly level with the floor.  It is like Jeff Goldblum said in Jurassic park when talking about life finding a way and chaos with that water drop in his hand…that water WILL find a way to leak again.  I will find a way too by learning to build something in my life for the first time since shop class in 8th grade.

11)   Hey.  I built some sort of building shelf…I think I had a lot of help from my partner though.

12)   Matt and Lindsey.  Do they keep creating Sugar Mash/ Candy Crush levels for you people?  You are both in the 400’s, and apparently the highest is 500 and something.  Those developers better get ON that shit.  By the way, sad to find out my buddy Scott got on board and is on level 25 after like a couple days without knowing the rules.  He warned me to not start playing.  Do NOT be concerned, people.  Plus, wouldn’t that mean I would have to download an app or something on my phone?  THERE is your answer.

13)   I am kind of mad for Scott in talking us going with Stanford in our winner’s pool right now.  We might win, but DAMN it is stressful.

14)   LOVE Seth Davis.  He just said Stanford is the better team and WILL come back.

15)   I love McDonald’s.  I always put an order in when Ponto makes a bike run to McDonald’s.  But, this is a little crossing the line.

16)   Irsay had $29k in his car driving around swerving before getting busted?  I think that is normal.  I always carry an emergency $20k in my car, Don’t you?  I consider it my version of Floyd Mayweather “bag” money.  Google it.  He carries a fun bag full of hundreds for gambling and stuff..

17)   Shhhh.  The Spurs have won 15 straight.

18)   HERE comes Stanford!!!!

19)   I hear Johnny Football had a great pro day.  Great.  I don’t care.  I can honestly say I think this will make it better when he DOES suck in the NFL OR hits a stripper two days into the job.

20)   My favorite part of the week was when I said at work if I were in the legal department, I would make all contracts in Olde English.  I say a few joking “thee, thy” lines, colleague Neel stands up and says “Middle English at best,” recites a full minute of the Canterbury Tales perfectly, and I say “how long have you been holding THAT in your holster-waiting for someone to say I would use Olde English in a conversation????”  I believe he said about 20 years.

21)   A day after eating 4 hot dogs, we had a lunch and learn with pizza.  I ate 5 large pieces and 2 Orange Fanta’s.  Ponto slacked and only did 4 and 3.  As I said yesterday, my tapeworm loves pizza and SOMEONE had to eat all the food our sponsor bought us.  It would be rude NOT to eat as much as humanly possible, right?

22)   Is it bad I am still singing along with the CBS basketball song even though I am home alone?

23)   Manning says he was angry for getting more money than Tom Brady.  At least his Buick car payments are taken care of, and I DO know people who have seen him driving around in a Buick.  Not lying.

24)   This freshman Pollard is KILLING Stanford right now.

25)   I just saw two commercials from Samsung about multi user log ins and multi region functionality on tablets.  HOW do they seem so far ahead of anyone else?  Or are their commercials just better?

26)   The sky is blue, the grass is green, and only Stanford is smart enough to run the Triangle offense.  That shit is CONFUSING.  Of course, it also means you forgot to recruit a good point guard, but that is neither here nor there.

27)   Yay.  Unless someone dropped during this blog, I now have 300 Twitter followers.

28)   Did we not learn ANYTHING from the Pujols contract?  I wish them better luck in their endeavors, but the Tigers just gave 10/$300 to Miguel Cabrera.  That is just too many years unless you are a semi stationary, yoga doing NHL goalie.

29)   Ray Rice was indicted for aggravated assault.  I believe we all expected this, right?  If not, just go watch the video.  He hits women.  Come on.  Keep up.

30)   I feel like Vince Wilfork has signed with the Pats about 7 separate times in the last 8 years.

31)   Knowshon Moreno signs with the Dolphins, meaning everything I heard on local Denver sports radio meant nothing in the last week.

32)   Although Tom Nalen has made my least favorite sports show VERY funny.  Dude is a RIOT.  He is like my Patrick Warburton of sports radio now.

33)   I don’t know what that means totally.

34)   I almost had a heart attack today.  I thought I had scheduled work travel on Masters final round Sunday.  I was wrong.  We are ok.  Breathe, Filler.  It is the NEXT week.

35)   Coach K says he has about another 5 years left at Duke.  Actually, you have a LIFETIME contract I believe, so you can quit when you die.  Got it?

36)   Josh Gordon has said the Browns probably will draft a QB.  Haven’t we just gotten to the point where we EXPECT the Browns to make a wrong first round pick on a QB each year?  It is like the Lions drafting a first round receiver during the Millen years.

37)   That was funny I thought.

38)   Stanford apparently is waiting until the NEXT run to cover the three points I announced.  Ugghhh.  They look like they are a bunch of dumb kids.

39)   That is it.  I have games to go watch.  Hope you enjoyed or are least more informed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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