LEGIT Reunion Tour. You missed out. #gnrindenver

  1.  Greetings and salutations, people.  Thanks for coming aboard (the boat).  I haven’t spoken with you since Sunday.  Let’s move.
  2. We got the apology, but no story on Iverson’s absence at the Big3?  Sad.  I either wanted a second hand story or a police report.  Neither.  Failure.  HAD to be something bad.  The fact that gangster rapper Ice Cube has to hand down a suspension for anything in a league is a flow chart within a flow chart.
  3. That Rick Mahorn Trilogy squad is looking pretty solid, and the roster is a solid get summation of two guys who made it long term in the NBA, three guys who almost made it as regulars or are on the market, and one guy most of us have to Google.  Solid though overall.
  4. I don’t care what a respected ex-fighter (Malinaggi) says about the progress of McGregor from a couple weeks ago to now.  He will be like everyone else and won’t catch Floyd clean.  The part of me ROOTING for a good fight doesn’t win the debate against simple logic and history.  Release that damn tape though.
  5. The problem about quitting drinking and getting into a workout groove is taking the day OFF.  I almost did yesterday, but then went into the gym for a quick workout. 227 lbs to 216 lbs in 4 weeks, stable, no problem.
  6. Note to self.  The day that Seinfeld goes all the way until 7pm is THURSDAY.  Home from work, blogging, and Seinfeld in the background.  Perfect.  Image result for seinfeld kenny rogers
  7. Klitschko AND the whole heavyweight division do this to you when a big day comes.  Klitschko officially retired.  When I read the news, I had to really think for a couple of seconds confirming that I knew whether he was retired already or not.  And I am a boxing fan.  Image result for klitschko retires
  8. “He must take a break…you”  Image result for rocky 4 ivan drago
  9. When I think about HOW baseball players get all of these weird injuries, I have to internally debate on whether it is chance for the baseball players, or whether the hockey and football players just play THROUGH the injuries.  Not sure where basketball fits in with this flowchart.  Get well, Greg Holland, and watch those “kitchen incidents.”
  10. The Nashville Predators run was great this year, and many were rooting for them.  They have loads of talent and can repeat that without the surprise.  But, in this effort, losing your captain to retirement doesn’t HELP that endeavor.
  11. The Dodgers had a streak of FIFTY THREE games of never losing as long as they led at some point DURING the game.  Impressive.  Question.  Did anyone outside of L.A. and the 10% baseball JUNKIES know this streak was going on?  I wasn’t aware.  I will come clean.  I just knew they were rocking it out consistently, and getting better through the trade deadline.
  12. That’s why I couldn’t be a stat guy for ESPN, because I would find the most USELESS stats and spend way too much time doing it.
  13. My Twitter guy, Jim Weber, endorses this and has tried to make any college football road trip you are thinking about BETTER and more strategically planned.  Hope he is right.  I will be there for the Red River Shootout.  http://awfulannouncing.com/espn/predicting-2017-weekly-locations-espns-college-gameday.html
  14. It is so interesting living in this town and hearing the constant Trevor-Paxton debate.  Logically, it is a stalemate.  Fandom wise, it is a stalemate.  Sometimes I get tired of hearing of certain sports stuff.  In this case, I am entranced.  Not only do you have to choose between a smart guy who has a low ceiling and is a surprise and a first round draft pick they have invested in, and not only are they both stinking it up in practice these days (to clarify, no one is looking GREAT apparently and Paxton looks like he is running some sort of zone read), but they aren’t even sure EITHER is their future guy…and RGIII and Colin Kaepernick, past starters on teams, are still out there.  Image result for colin kaepernick
  15. And Cutler…lol.  Image result for jay cutler quarterback
  16. I don’t think Colin Kaepernick is being totally blackballed.  I think it is 25% that and 75% of not wanting to take on a guy that defenses figured out relatively quickly in the zone read offense.
  17. I hope someday the person who keyed my car in the last 2 months suddenly has a conscience attack and fesses up.  I am not getting it fixed, I love my car, and someone got something out of their system.  They certainly knew how to get me.  I LOVE my ride.  Wait until they get to know the reinvented Fillerbuster.  MUCH less keyable.
  18. Sometimes players proclaim a record they hope to chase and it sounds ridiculous.  If I combine my historical view with the stories I have heard about Broncos practice thus far, I am not laughing it up on Von Miller’s 30 sack call.  I have always thought someone could up the present record of 22.5.  He could be the guy, especially since the rest of the defense quality makes it harder to focus only on him.  But all that being said, I am telling the media a safer, more realistic 25 to start.  Image result for von miller
  19. Did I change a computer setting, or did Google just change the way images pop up…like they are in Facebook or something.  Ugghhh.
  20. Porzingis.  I love your optimism on NYC suddenly, but I would ride this Melo thing out before proclaiming anything on one side of the other.  Plus, I liked you better when you hated your team.  Image result for porzingis
  21. It is only 2017 still, and I am ALREADY tired of any mention of Melo, Paul, James, and Wade getting on the same team.  I don’t want to see it.  Stop teaming up, everyone.  You should want to take DOWN your peers, not team up.  Image result for espn melo, cpiii, boat
  22. Wait.  I switched to SportsCenter and just caught the Paul Goldschmidt highlights.  WHY did they pitch to him late in the game with the score tied?  Confused, but I don’t have all the facts yet either.  NICE day for the guy though.  Would have sucked if he did all that and the team lost.
  23. Happy trails to one of the greatest coaches ever, Ara Parseghian.  He is known for being a stud ND coach, but most people forget he has scarily only the THIRD best winning percentage in Notre Dame history…and he was freaking at .836 for his career.  Crazy.  Another fact to tell your friends.  Ara had a team we know only recently as any type of football team, Northwestern, at #1 in the country at one point before shifting over to ND.  Crazy.  Image result for ara parseghian
  24. Reading Tom Brady stories on his 40th birthday has been fun, but it also kind of makes me feel like I didn’t accomplish much up to this point.  Dammit.
  25. ESPN actually wrote an ok article on it.  http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/20222434/tom-brady-40th-birthday-stories-never-heard-nfl-2017-new-england-patriots
  26. I am very, very clear that MJ is the best ever.  Because of this, I guess I have to pay attention to what he says.  He says he thinks Kobe was better than LeBron is.  Listen, MJ, I get what you are talking about I guess, but my vote personally has LeBron ahead.  Kobe had Shaq for a lot of those, bro.  LeBron had some crap teams he took way too far singlehandedly.
  27. Neymar moves.  Big day for French football.  I get it.  No comment.  Club stuff.  I still want to know exactly how many club leagues are going on at any time during the year.  BUT, reading his acceptance speech was fun, with all of the broken English.  Kind of like that Family Guy skit of two foreigners in a coffee shop.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vnUv2fhFy5E
  28. Also, it came out that he followed his heart.  Whatever.  When someone is the biggest monetary transfer like of all time, leave the word “heart” out of anything you talk about.  Enjoy those fries with no condiments.
  29. CLICK on it.  It is funny!
  30. The Texans have a sick defense and simply are waiting for their offense to catch up.  Will Fuller going down for a while does NOT help things on the fast start front…at all.
  31. Pete Rose will not be allowed to attend the Phils alumni event because of doing it with a sub-16 year old.  Ban him from everything.  He had some issues.  Him being in our head one of the best ever will not be diminished.  Image result for pete rose phillies
  32. Steph Curry shot a respectable 74 today (especially after STARTING with a bogey).  He is not the worst on the board and playing against Web.com talent, and considering the over under was somewhere around 79 for him, I would it was a successful day.  Damn him for being so good at TWO things.  Dammit.  Image result for steph curry web.com tour
  33. Here is a fun blog to follow IF you care about how he does Friday.  http://www.golf.com/tour-news/2017/08/02/live-blog-stephen-currys-first-round-2017-ellie-mae-classic
  34. Michael Collins having to show his shorts on with a suit coat on ESPN was hilarious when Steph calls him out.
  35. Holy shit.  I was watching Seinfeld instead of watching the finals of The Basketball Tournament.  Wow.  That was a huge oversight.  Not like me at all and I am truly a little sad.  The team we expected to win won again.  Overseas Elite.  Studs.
  36. Look at their team.  We can say “THAT is where DaJuan Blair is” and “CJ McCollum can play both this and NBA at same time?”  Image result for dejuan blair overseas elite
  37. And all are somewhere sharing $2 million.  It doesn’t matter how many people are on the team.  It would be nice.
  38. Everybody seemed to do something (good, bad, questionable) except the Astros.  You can improve and be as good as you want.  When you see that Kershaw and Darvish now in the same rotation, you get queasy and suddenly feel like cheering injuries like Eagles fans.  Image result for yu darvish
  39. Not sure I would call them the Warriors like famous people did on a microphone, but the Yanks made some solid moves.  Sonny Gray obviously, but some other smaller moves might make more impact.  MLB will be very, very happy if the World Series ends up being Yanks vs. Dodgers.  VERY happy.  Actually, I think I would be happy too.  Sounds like a plan.  The big boys are back unofficially.
  40. I have no idea on why I was thinking about what an ambulance driver going to an emergency does if they literally drive BY an accident.  But, what do they do?  Moving on…
  41. The less I hear presently, the weirder this Kyrie thing is.  If I am a Cavs fan, I am just simply CONFUSED on motive/ methods/ etc.
  42. Love how when Gronk was explaining how he is on the Tom Brady center program and they asked about alcohol, he just laughed and said he might not do EVERYTHING in the program (or something to that effect).  Image result for gronkowski drinking
  43. I am transparent and have said I might not be the best rich person, but those NFL linemen can stop complaining about their $9k tab any day now.
  44. Hey, Gio.  Ninth inning.  Go listen to this song by Hall & Oates.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8rMkMDFjK8U
  45. Hey.  It has been a while since I used that much overused odd reference by me.
  46. Ignore Dana White, Tyron.  I watched the fight.  If I was in your shoes and as big as a tree trunk, I would have stayed away from that crazy floor wrestling dude too.  Image result for tyron woodley stays away fight maia
  47. Seriously, I have NO problem with what you did.  Plus, you are a monster.
  48. Wait.  Bartman got a ring?  Come on.  Ugghhh.  They won  year later.  After lots and lots of years.  Move on and DON’T give him a ring.  No more exposure.  And he didn’t ruin that inning for you all.  He did something odd and wrong RIGHT before YOU all sucked very badly.
  49. L.A. gets 2028 for the Olympics.  That was a little longer than I was hoping for, guys.  Guess I will have to travel for an earlier one.
  50. Did you see that shot by Spieth today from behind the tree?  Wow.  http://golfweek.com/2017/08/03/jordan-spieth-tries-something-stupid-makes-miraculous-recovery-from-trees-at-firestone/
  51. Look.  “Stupid” and “miraculous” both in the same link.  It HAS to be good.
  52. Important.  Don’t forget.  Deadspin is in the middle of their annual NFL warmup, doing their “Why Your Team Sucks” focus articles.  I got you today.  You are on the clock, Jets fans.  http://deadspin.com/why-your-team-sucks-2017-new-york-jets-1797496551
  53. On the super team note by the way, here is what I found as very interesting reading.  Our views of interesting and your views might differ.  But it is BASKETBALL!  http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/20175109/lakers-celtics-sixers-more-potential-superteams-challenge-warriors-nba
  54. Or, I guess you could just marry a person who loves the same team as much as you do. #boomersooner http://abcnews.go.com/Lifestyle/150-pound-oklahoma-university-stadium-cake-groom-viral/story?id=48966355
  55. More to come on the actual concert, but weird walking into work after a concert of one of my favorite groups playing locally and ending after three hours of playing and NOT being hungover at work at all…just bottled water.
  56. ALMOST.  I can’t do it because…it is work.  But the situation arose, and I WANTED to use the phrase “my hypocrisy only goes so far” in a work email.  I didn’t, but damn was it a funny couple of seconds debating it.  Image result for tombstone doc holliday val kilmer
  57. Oh, and forgot the other thing on MJ.  Pick and choose your battles, MJ.  We ALL hate LaVar and he does generate responses, but NO need to even entertain his quote about being able to beat YOU.  One leg, one hand…whatever.  We got you.  Don’t talk to that guy.  Just let his 15 years of 3 kids all being in the pros go as quietly as possible.  Ugghhh.    Image result for ball brothers basketball
  58. There was a fight at a Pats practice?  Must have been about how the offense is or isn’t going to score 35 points each game.
  59. You will learn, Jamal Adams, and we all know you are a good kid overall.  Just don’t mention ANYTHING about war, dying, weapons, allegiance, etc. or any type of war reference when on a mic talking about the game of football.
  60. Jay Mohr is coming to town next weekend.  Not many understand why Jay Mohr is more cool than he comes across to comedy fans.  He grew up on the Jim Rome Show, people.  He was a comedic clone who called in randomly, started talking to, started interviewing, and then even took over for Jim when he was on vacation.  Jay is a fight fan and KNOWS sports.  That makes him funnier to me.  And, he was a clone.  So was I.  Image result for jay mohr jim rome
  61. So, I have figured out with this non drinking thing I just need to be at ACTIVITIES.  So, the candidates I guess are festivals, concerts, or during an important sporting event with me having close proximity to a big TV.  With football and basketball season fast approaching, it should be easy peasy.
  62. Is that how you spell “peasy?”  Not sure.
  63. I forgot it is summer.  I haven’t seen Dunkirk, have heard loads about it, and now this movie Detroit is allegedly the best movie of the year?  Geez.  It is nice outside.  I don’t have time for movies.
  64. Movies.  Yeah.  Another good activity when I am not doing something constructive.
  65. I bet you Jon Lester drinks.  And I bet he had a couple of well-deserved day of getting his first hit HR AND his 2000th k.  Not a bad day at all.
  66. Maybe he drank with Mr. Scherzer.  He got HIS first hit HR too.
  67. I actually was in a clothes store in the last couple of weeks and was thinking about this exact thing.  http://deadspin.com/under-armour-is-still-struggling-1797449184
  68. I want to volunteer, and might have my first contestant.  You can volunteer at the wild animal sanctuary outside of Denver and feed lions and stuff.  Sounds fun.  And I would feel good about myself after from what I hear.  Image result for wild animal sanctuary colorado
  69. Lol.  Ahhh, Deadspin.  http://lifehacker.com/tiger-selfies-have-to-stop-1797479925
  70. Unless you live in a cave, you have seen this, but I am here for you regardless.  http://www.latimes.com/sports/mlb/la-sp-austin-jackson-catch-20170802-story.html
  71. Yay.  In previews on Ballers this week.  Mark Schlereth is finally going to be on.  I shame any of you who say “who?”  Image result for mark schlereth ballers
  72. Or, you are not living in Denver, so that is ok I guess.
  73. Anyone see the D-Backs doing shenanigans during a rain delay?  Loose is cool, and the late 90’s A’s were loose, but shouldn’t they be like warming up and stuff?  Here, Deadspin already ranked them.  http://deadspin.com/cubs-and-diamondbacks-rain-delay-theater-activities-ra-1797524472
  74. I asked Greg for some blog material and he merely told me to tell you that preseason polls have Boston #1 in the East.  Hey, when the Yanks do what they just did, I would also look forward to NBA and NFL seasons if a Boston fan.
  75. In deciding which sports mag to reorder, I decided on ALL of them.  I have more time, and before advancing to reading actual books, I figure it is best to just have as many sports mags around the house as possible.  I would rather semi-read two of them than not totally read one of them.
  76. Is this solar eclipse thing on August 21st as cool as it sounds?
  77. These classy, trivial stories in sports are so cool.  http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/20240503/kurt-warner-family-gets-lift-private-plane-arizona-cardinals-executive
  78. Preseason polls are out in football!  Yay.  They mean nothing, yet I find myself reading every single word of every single ranking.  I LOVE lists, rankings, predictions, and mock drafts.
  79. Ahh, the waiver system in MLB.  Meaning, the trade deadline came and went, but we have a loophole in place don’t you worry.
  80. So, rule of thumb, college football players.  Make sure you fall asleep when drunk before the police come and play for Bama and you won’t get suspended.
  81. Whenever you get Dustin Johnson’s life, watch this and it will further depress you.  http://deadspin.com/dustin-johnson-cranks-a-majestic-439-yard-golf-dinger-1797508614
  82. TWO animal stories in one day on DS?  Special day.  Thanks, animals.  http://deadspin.com/tiny-horse-briefly-becomes-pro-cyclist-1797508435
  83. Game of Thrones.  SOLID episode.  We got the Snow-Dany meeting, LOTS of Tyrion, and a last five minutes with the double whammy of losing a much loved character AND the truth behind Joffrey’s death at the very end of the episode.  There are some problems with the show, like time warps and people magically appearing at far away places with no travel, but pretty damn good show overall.
  84. If you watch the show like normal people do, then although I find this a dumb game, the wisecrack reviews are funny.  https://www.theverge.com/2017/7/31/16067208/game-of-thrones-season-7-episode-3-recap-fantasy-league
  85. If you watch GOT like normal people do, then this will be your favorite share of the day…easily.  https://www.facebook.com/G0TFanatics/videos/151450912097042/?hc_ref=ARR0AgH_p7A3KlIe8XBQ335ci6XgmYoK5qXVh2ZYRW3JaciFh9u-WWdH9Eicamq71mA
  86. So, I think this is my final decision on the right shoulder tattoo I am getting in the next couple of weeks.  Ship’s helm and I will treat each grip as a decade in my life, with one acronym signifying my favorite thing of the decade.  HW, UVA, CO, LD would be 0-10, 11-20, 21-30, and 31-40.  
  87. Tough week for the Dolphins.  Luckily, it appears that Ajayi and Tannehill, both injured and two guys no one are sure are the guys to lead them at each position, are ok (after further review and time, we apparently need a little more hope for Tannehill as his injury might need surgery).
  88. GNR review.  MY review.  Here we go.
  89. We missed Sturgill.  I guess when the main act is going to play for over 3 hours, you HAVE to start right at 6pm.
  90. The graphics were fun, but I felt a little stuck in the 90’s…or did they MEAN to do that?  Deep thoughts.
  91. Slash doing that Peter Frampton/ harmonica/ whatever thing was dope.
  92. IF worried about Axl’s voice, he sure picked a good warmup song AND good, lively opener.  It’s So Easy was a strong start.
  93. Listen, I won’t drag this out.  Axl still has the pipes.  Sure, he went low a few times because of age and energy and because his voice was RIDICULOUS back in the day, but there were key high parts in key songs, and he was spot on and did NOT shy away from going up there.
  94. If Axl missed ANYTHING, he missed the notes on whistling oddly.  Civil War and Patience were a little off in my opinion.
  95. Not only is Slash apparently sober these days, but he plays even BETTER.  Wow.  What a show HE put on.
  96. Slash is HUGE.  Sober and lifting weights apparently.
  97. I made a list of ringers and not so ringers I wanted to hear.  Oddly, like they knew I was there, I GOT them.  Better and Estranged are not splitting the atom so much, but getting the longest and most underappreciated song they ever wrote (Coma) was stellar.  People around me were complaining that they weren’t playing “good” songs.  Whatever, people.
  98. Nothing like watching a guy smoke up next to us, offer, and then hit the floor in puke for the next hour-they got him out of there.
  99. Nothing like a tone deaf person on the other side of us knowing 5 songs (all played) yelling out the vocals, making sure we all knew he was a fan.  Not sure how he heard ANYTHING from the stage over his own voice.
  100. Another example of not being able to sidestep the high notes was that he NAILED Yesterdays.  Not an easy song.
  101. I called Sweet Child O’Mine WAY early in a guitar solo…
  102. Lindsey didn’t believe me, she made me doubt myself a little, but got it confirmed the next day by my musical colleague that they did indeed bust out Johnny Be Good with no vocals and only guitar.  Awesome.
  103. Wish You Were Here into the last part of Layla was so incredible.
  104. Tribute to Chris Cornell with Black Hole Sun was a little repetitive, but nicely done.
  105. Only thing they missed on with me was NOT giving me one Velvet Revolver song, since Scott died too and Slash played with him.
  106. When they approached the 2.5 hour mark, I just assumed every next song was Paradise City, but they went on for about 3.25 hours.  Wow.
  107. Pretty amazing how many times Axl changed his shirt/ outfit during the show.  I would ballpark it at 20.
  108. I remember him last time being very much a talker in between songs (in 1992 lol).  VERY little said this time and he just did his business.
  109. All in all?  Considering their age, I would give them an easy A for the night.  Pretty awesome when one of my few complaints was how LONG they played.  I got tired WATCHING them go all out for over three hours.  No set break either.  AND, IF I had to reach on another complaint, I would say that Slash could have toned it down here and there on solos.  And know that is REACHING.  I would never ask Slash to tone it down.  He was sharp as hell.
  110. Not ever heard the song Coma?  You need about ten minutes of time in your life, but here you go.  You are welcome.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_CnSTSixzcg
  111. Some pics from the show…  
  112. I decided not to post until Friday in between things.  A couple of other notes…
  113. My one cat STILL hisses and doesn’t recognize the other cat after a lion’s cut.  Amazing.  I thought cats had good smell and senses and all.  This is the CLOSEST they have been since last week (and she is about to hiss Jackson right off that cat tree (after smelling him first, still confused)).
  114. From Jimmy Fallon:  https://www.nbc.com/the-tonight-show/photos/hashtag-gallery-footballraps/3021419
  115. For the record, nothing has changed, and this is still my favorite workout song ever…for the next 2-3 weeks typically.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZuHZ4EbTMUk
  116. Doc Rivers got demoted to pretty much just a coach.  Probably for the best.  Only a few guys can handle both roles in any sport.  And, amazing how the Clippers were not the Clippers for a couple of years, and now are trending towards being the Clippers once again.
  117. Yeah.  Tom Brady is going to go against the Hoodie press conference mold and talk about his possible concussion last year or anything in the past because blah blah blah…we are unproven..blah blah blah…all about this year…blah blah blah…this is a new team…yada yada yada.  Lobster Bisque.
  118. I wonder if in Oakley’s dismissal of charges if just said “because he was a badass Knick and we are all pretty scared of him.”
  119. So, now Wawrinka AND Djokovic are out of the US Open due to injury.  Roger, Andy, Rafael, and all of you want a be’s.  You have NO excuse if you can’t take THIS Slam.  Your opening is NOW.
  120. I never would want to be in this guy’s head at ALL, but at least we know he is working hard and not doing dumb stuff (at least until after his practice).  http://deadspin.com/javale-mcgee-provides-pick-up-game-highlights-and-stati-1797541270
  121. Oh, and the Chargers are on the clock now.  http://deadspin.com/why-your-team-sucks-2017-los-angeles-chargers-1797533082
  122. You should go back to #85 and click on that link.  Telling you.  VERY funny.  My parody standards have been officially UPPED.  Good work by some random person.
  123. In case you care, Matt Moore is ready to take over the reigns if need be after the Tannehil injury.  Just like I am ready to write a new blog when things build up again.
  124. That’s it for today.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Off to bed (closing written night before) before heading to a wedding to watch people get hammered and offer rides home.  Will I blog again?  That is a CLOWN question, bro (.324, 27, 80, .424).  Peace.
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