Lazy River.


Thoughts for the day…no blog template again.  Let’s move.

  1.  Sad news.  The Pelicans are digging themselves yet another season long hole.  0-8 before tonight.  Anthony Davis is putting up legendary, historical numbers but has no help.  They might have to make a move so he doesn’t suffer through this whole season.  Problem is their trade bait is actually not that much.
  2. I would like the media for informing me today near the TOP of the wire that Wade and Riley haven’t spoken in months.  Report on ANY hockey game or MAC football game and that would be more deserving.
  3. I like Big Ben’s style and “follow me” comment, but not sure if doing that before playing the re hot Cowboys was the best timing.
  4. Intern Doug is nowhere to be found.  Not edited tonight.  Sorry.
  5. Jon Jones will look back on life and realize he blew maybe one of the best fighting careers of anyone out there.
  6. Chargers fans HAD to have hope their team wouldn’t leave, but I bet you they didn’t expect to LOSE the damn vote.  That was the easy part.
  7. My mustache for Movember sucks.  I could keep trying, but it is useless.  My girl hates it, I have a client coming in tomorrow…might have to go.
  8. I had no idea that the bocce court at Rhein Haus was INSIDE.  Cool little place.
  9. A moment of silence for our lost subscribers.  Someday we will get them back in the fold.  Just a glitch no one can figure out.  BUT, they did go out ONCE, so something has to fix itself at some point.
  10. How haven’t I heard the term Blair Walsh Project yet?  That is funny.
  11. If you are a small child, you can ask for a drone at Christmas.  Crazy.
  12. I have a pop culture guy at work, Anthony.  I call him Lifeguard, as he gets into other conversations when a movie or pop culture is referenced.  Like a lifeguard blowing his whistle about someone in the pool.  Anyway, I have a podcast idea that might hold water.  Complete with the floaty, Baywatch music, sunscreen on nose, and whistle.
  13. I am not going to talk about the election except for A) the President is one person representing a historical position/ title B) this is the reason we have checks and balances C) we at least get four solid years of Alec Baldwin doing Trump on SNL and D) #princessbride “They were both poisoned.”
  14. LeBron, I don’t care about your feedback on the election.
  15. I think if I had an Indian name, it would either be #twocatmark or Mark Lazy River.
  16. I could make the theme about the election or Baywatch, but nothing really beats a Lazy River…
  17. I would like to open a bar someday and also design a water park…and that water park will outdo everyone thus far I promise.  So many ideas I have.
  18. That’s it for today.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.
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