Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Evening rant.  Let’s turn and burn.


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1)       Greetings and salutations, people.  If you are finally tuning into my long, fun, picture filled  Paul Rudd post, go to the day before this.  Otherwise, evening speed version.  Thanks again for your readership.  Pretty darn good showing in the last week or so.  And I am going to start actually working on building this thing over the holidays.  But nice to know where I am at before doing that.  Thanks again.

2)      Mike Shanahan might sit RGIII for the remainder of the year.  This is a day or two after we find out he almost quit during the 2012 season.  This thing is a soap opera.  Thirty minutes ago, my buddy Scott (and Skins AND Seinfeld guru) sent me this nice synopsis of the situation he found online.

As Washington coach Mike Shanahan mimics George Costanza trying to get fired by the Yankees so that he can work for another team and/or Costanza trying to get fired by Play Now so he can get a buyout, Shanahan could be poised to drop a giant ball of oil from the window at the team’s facility.

3)      Three types of people are monitoring Wes Welker’s concussion status.  Broncos players and fans, Broncos opponents and fans, and fantasy people still alive in their league.  Let’s just leave it this way.  As recently as 24 hours ago, I DID care more about it and was in the last grouping.

4)      The six Heisman finalists were announced.  I don’t think Mason’s 1600 yards overwhelm me, and since that and his 23 TD’s overall don’t overwhelm me, I guess Andre Williams 17 TD’s and 2100 yards against subpar competition definitely doesn’t.  That leaves us the QB’s.  Jordan Lynch has astounding numbers, but must be dismissed because he lost a game against subpar competition.  McCarron?  Game managers don’t win it when you aren’t the best team in the nation.  Manziel?  One loss and maybe.  Four losses?  I don’t think so.  Winston was charged with a crime and they have DEMOLISHED everyone they have faced…not just beaten.  Maybe he got away with a rape.  We will never know.  But the law is the law, and since I now presume him innocent, I have to say he is the best in the land.

5)      Sad.  No tailgating at the Super Bowl this year?  No grills or chairs?  That is lame.  I guess when it is blizzard conditions this year, maybe people won’t mind sitting in their cars.

6)      Arizona is #1 in basketball.  If you read my blog regularly, you know I am a believer.  Do I think they win it?  No.  Still think when it is all said and done, it is Michigan State over Arizona.

7)      Peyton Manning got a little heated (no pun intended) when talking about people’s narrative’s and his cold weather problems.  I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it was the Titans, bro.  And you improved to a mere 4-7 overall in sub 32 degree weather.  It is what it is.

8)      Tyrann Mathieu went down for the year with an ACL-LCL injury.  Shame.  All trouble in college aside and the fact that every team passed on him at least 2 times in the draft, and I would say it has been an impressive season for the kid.  Props, and heal well.

9)      Messi, Ronaldo, and Ribery were the expectant threesome announced for the Ballon d….the freaking European MVP.  If it ends like the last three years, I guess Ribery gets the honor of more parties, a little more exposure, and a third place finish.  Messi and Ronaldo are like the Bird-Johnson soccer version.  And the U.S. will get to experience Ronaldo first hand next summer.  Ugghhh.

10)   Roy Halladay retires a Blue Jay.  If he would have gotten the Phils ONE freaking ring, he would have retired a Phil.  Dammit, Roy.

11)   Joe Torre, Tony LaRussa, and Bobby Cox all were unanimously made the HOF today.  No one can really argue this at ALL, and the only jokes floating between those three guys is making fun of Cox for his one ring…and then he would most likely kick their ass.

12)   Hidden in that headline was that George Steinbrenner did NOT make it in his second vote.

13)   Initial thought.  FSU has the speed to slow down running game of Auburn.  Give me 37-23 FSU.

14)   I have no problem with Richard Sherman talking trash about other players and about his skill.  I DO have a problem when he cries about the refs after a closely fought game with contenders.

15)   I still notice stuff although I have no action on it.  Seattle lost to San Fran exactly what the people at Stardust thought they would.  Weird.

16)   UVA can’t even win the WOMEN’S soccer title.  We were #1 like all year.  Ugghhh.  Congrats, UCLA.

17)   Gronk is out for the year for the Pats.  In all of the crazy finishes Sunday in the AFC, that may be the most impactful.  The Broncos are pretty much at a cakewalk these days outside of Mr. Brady doing something crazy or the Chiefs stopping being Denver’s bitch.

18)   I could go through all of the players involved in the Rudy Gay trade, but I know you don’t care.  Geez.  That dude keeps getting screwed as far as cities.  He is on Memphis, a great town.  Then, he gets sent to a country where they don’t like basketball.  Then, he gets Sacramento AND DeMarcus Cousins.  He needs a do over.  TOLD you that you came out too early from college, Rudy.

19)   How do the Saints look SO badass at home and SO bad away against good teams?  They destroyed a pretty darn good football team last night in the Panthers.

20)   A.P is complaining about refs and fans.  Pick one to complain about and call it a day.  Picking both and you sound like Richard Sherman without the fan complaints.

21)   Kobe Bryant scored 81 points one time in a magical game by him.  In his return last night, he kept mathematically accurate and scored exactly the square root of that.  I like round numbers for my hooks, Kobe.  Thanks.

22)   That is it.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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