Kids say the darndest things…


Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of importance or chronology…

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(deep breath before going to town)


1)  The NBA draft is Thursday.  I, for one, am excited.  Since so many underclassmen stayed in school last year, teams picking in the 2nd round oddly have a chance at picking up a solid player.  The order gets random after #6, but those first players will happen in some order of the following.

-Davis? Franchise changer and get ready those Bill Russell clips of blocking it to a teammate and not out of bounds.

-Beal? LOVE him.  Not the most famous name, but has the pro body and skills to be playing in the backcourt of some team for years.

-Kidd-Gilchrist?  What is there NOT to like about this kid.  He can play 3 positions easily.

-Drummond?  Wildcard with the perfect body for an NBA frontcourt.  Be nervous about his off the court exploits but know you have a physical specimen ON the court.

-Robinson?  He, in my opinion, has the least downside besides Davis.  You are getting a 10 year player minimally.

-Barnes?  He has the body, and he has the skills.  I haven’t seen him looked pissed or determined for more than 5 minutes in any game though.

2)  OF Marlon Byrd gets banned 50 games for PED’s.  I only know him from his days with Philly, so the PED’s must not be real high quality ones and not working in much respect.

3)  Anderson Silva has proclaimed he will break arms, legs, and teeth in his fight with Sonnen.  Come on, man.  Just say you will beat him.  We get the picture that it is better you than us to get into that cage in an extremely dangerous sport.

4)  Steve Nash has said he is open to “everything.”  Ok.  The question is if he will be open to taking table scraps for money to go to Miami or another powerhouse who has already spent their money.

5)  If you have not seen this, stop and do so.  Not only does the kid do a cartwheel and dunk it, but the dunk has…authority.

6)  The Family Guy where Peter allows OJ Simpson to live with him was on the other night.  LOVE that episode.  Especially at the end, when OJ converts an angry mob into feel good lovesters, and then stabs three of them right before credits.

7)  Ryan Lochte beat Michael Phelps in the first of three head to heads in the 400 IM yesterday.  Those who don’t follow swimming might be surprised.  Those who do know that Lochte has actually taken the last three races from stud Michael head to head.

8)  I am confused.  I live in Denver, and I keep seeing this South New Hampshire University commercial.  What gives?

9)  Arizona swept defending champion South Carolina pretty soundly in the College World Series.  This is their first championship since 1986.  Here are my two cents.  How the hell did my alma mater Virginia be #1 ranked the year before, and then not even be in the mix this year, and when the f%^& are they going to switch to wooden bats?

10)  Tim Tebow concedes he needs a lot a work to be a starter in New York.  That is what was printed, and that is what we hear.  What I, the President of the Anti-Tebow Club hears is “I went three days with no wire time and am lonely.”

11)  Sprinter Justin Gatlin has offered his two cents on how to split the tie between the women sprinters who tied in the 100m.  Jello Wrestling.  If Bill Cosby said it, it might be funny.  Might.  Or, if they had another Family Guy with him on it when Stewie was on that stupid kid show he came up with.  Hilarious.  ANYWAY, Justin, we are not short two cents, and just shut your mouth and do what you do best…running and/ or using PED’s.

12)  Because of that bar brawl, Tony Parker might miss the Olympics for France.  DAMN.  Am I allowed to retract that 4000-1 bet I made on France with my bookie (just a hook, people, I remain retired)?

13)  In case you are not impressed with Stephen Strasburg yet, I wanted to share that the dude can hit, too.  He has 5 extra base hits this year, 3 more than any other pitcher in the bigs.

13a)  I admire how Stephen broke baseball code a little and felt BAD for hitting a guy in the box.  It showed, too, in his play.  He kind of fell apart after that.  Classy.

14)  I want to know how I have on demand Comcast, and how their has been ONE freaking Seinfeld episode on demand the last two weeks.  AND, the SAME one.  Lock and load, people.  I know where your office is.

15)  Chase Budinger was traded to the Wolves for the #18 pick.  That sounds about right.  The Rockets can give up players, as they are the poor man’s version of the Nuggets…a bunch of pretty good players with no real stars.

16)  Larry Bird is retiring as President of the Pacers, kind of like the poor man’s, executive version of John Elway stepping down after a win in the Super Bowl.  He didn’t win it all, but won Executive of the Year in the Association.  So, it is KIND of cool.  Actually, it is Larry Bird.  Dude can do whatever and it is still freaking pretty cool.

17)  Adam Oates will be the Capitals next head coach.  I like it.  You HAVE to experiment with ex-players getting the head gig, and I think he is an example of possibly a good chance at a success.

18)  Hey, Josh Hamilton, we know you are good, but stop losing your bat and making on deck circle guys and fans pay that much attention to you while batting.

19)  Dickey, Cain, or Strasburg for starting NL All Star pitcher.  Good question.  Everyone wants Strasburg, but I still like Dickey for the starting gig.  What a great decision to have to make, and sad that that depth COULD determine home field advantage in the World Series.


20)  Time’s up.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a clown question, bro.  Peace.

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