Just tickling…right?

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock big time.  It is an evening rant, but the Steelers play in an hour.  I feel the need…the need for speed.  These hooks will be the speed version type.

1)  Wow, Mike Leach.  Here you get busted for an embarrassing incident of mistreating a player at your previous gig.  You get fired.  You might not even get a job again, and if you get one, it will probably be some directional, small school hell.  THEN, you get a job offer for not only a school at all, but one in one of the Big Six conferences.  Washington State.  Now, they are looking into allegations ALREADY for you mistreating a player.  They are officially investigating this incident.  I don’t even care if it is true or not.  The fact that anything surfaced is bad enough.  You are starting to become what they call a “pattern,” Mike.  Not a good one either.

2)  After having the games stopped due to a wet court, the Carrier Classic college basketball games will happen next year again it was announced today.  I concur.  Work out the wrinkles, put an overhead something up, perhaps have it in San Diego each year to eliminate the rain element, and truck on.  It is too moving to NOT continue that thing.

3)  Andrew Bynum is out 5 weeks due to injury with his new team, the Sixers.  We get five more weeks to delay trying to figure out if this whole “ceiling” thing and “potential” actually was worth the trade with the Lakers.  Hell of a gamble.  I hope it turns out better than the Elton Brand experiment.

4)  Cool stat.  After 60 wins, if we compare Mike Tomlin to Bill Cowher, we get this.  60-30 vs. 60-28, and both are 1-1 in the Super Bowl.  Crazy similar.

5)  My buddy, Brian, said something funny today at work.  After discussing how my vehicle broke down as I was LEAVING the car shop, he said “that is like getting hit on the road by an ambulance.”  True, true, true.

6)  Roddy White said the Falcons had the pedigree to go unbeaten.  He probably should have waited until a game against the Jags or something.  They got beat by a solid team who NO one wants to play if they can get to the playoff…the Saints.

6a)  Oh, Roddy.  Shut up about how you “gave” them the game.

7)  Mark Sanchez is still bad.  I respect Rex Ryan for making it THIS far without being told he has to play Tebow.

8)  Michael Vick has a concussion.  If Andy Reid was trying to find a way to replace him, that is it.  And grab me a flow chart.  Reid supported Vick, Vick keeps playing, Foles now might play, and what if he plays well and then Vick heals…I have no idea, my friends.

9)  Houston took down the Bears.  It pretty much tells me nothing.  I knew Houston was good, I thought I knew that the Bears were not as good as their record, so draw from it what you want I guess.

10) Brad Kesolowski has a big lead in the NASCAR thing (is it still called Chase?  is it Nextel?  I don’t freaking know…).  As long as he finishes in the top 15, he is home free.  There.  Now you are officially updated on cars and stuff.

11)  Kansas State is now the top dog in the BCS.  Going off of past years, and even while looking at the top 3’s favorable schedule, I still think this thing is far from over.  People might not want it to happen, but look for an SEC team to sneak in there by season’s end.

12)  Turkey franks taste glorious.  I also love pepperoni.  As much as I would like to think it does, turkey peperoni, even the top brands, does NOT taste as good as original pepperoni.  Not even close.  I will move forward eating the unhealthy type.

13)  Peyton Manning throws his 420th TD pass.  Aside from tying another player on the list (Marino), I don’t know why we are celebrating such an odd number…unless we are doing it for the pot smokers out there.

14)  In the battle of misfits, the Cowboys beat the Eagles.  This is another game that tells us absolutely nothing.

15)  I hear the NHL sides are still talking.  I would like a moratorium on them “talking.”  Let us know when they are “finished.”

16)  YES.  Kings resident idiot DeMarcus Cousins was suspended two games.  If they have a sequel for The Truman Show, I would like to throw his name officially in the hat for possible contenders.  Floyd Mayweather still leads it in my book.

17)  A Lindsey contribution as she is sitting next to me as I rant…This is really bad.  I would LOVE to be a fly on the wall during THESE parent-child conversations.  He evidently likes to raise the bar a little higher than just “tickling.”  http://mommynoire.com/10082/too-bad-voice-of-elmo-busted-for-sex-with-an-underage-boy/

18)  Putting GRAVY on a smothered breakfast burrito is officially now my favorite wake up food.

19)  I hope this isn’t the kiss of death, but the Steelers haven’t lost at home on MNF in a couple decades.  Pretty impressive stuff.

20)  A guy I sat next to over the weekend watching football, Gabriel, said something profound to me.  The Electoral College is kind of like the old school version of the BCS.

21)  Bama-A&M.  I hope there are a few million people who don’t respond quizzically when someone says the name Johnny Manziel.  I am still working on a joke tying his name in with the Seinfeld Manzier.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZJ8Jxt9qrM

22)  At my buddy’s memorial get together, a lot of people had on sport coats.  My buddy had a Jack Handy moment.  You have suit coats and sport coats.  When you put a suit coat on with jeans, does that transform it automatically into a sport coat?

23)  How did the Ravens on the cusp magical offense finally score 55 points, and Anquan Boldin still only got 7 fantasy points?

24)  My new favorite song for the week.  Apparently, you can only get a “snippet” of it.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_B4B0lLriuo

25)  I am going to DC for work this week.  It sucks SO bad that my client forces me to have to stay in the area of the beautiful Washington DC monuments.

26)  Finally, I was as blown away as everyone else when it was announced that Mike D’Antoni got the Lakers gig.  I get the concept.  Steve Nash might not work as well in the triangle offense, and he has coached him to MVP’s before.  Then, you have the transition INTO the triangle offense.  I don’t care.  You have a guy who wants to coach with that many rings, you sign him up.  No thought process involved whatsoever.  Now, for the rest of the season, all Lakers fans will lose a game, and say “we probably wouldn’t have lost it if Phil was here.”

27)  That is IT.  They are about to kick off.  Hope you enjoyed.  I will get to the stuff I missed on my DC trip/ airplane rants.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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