Just in case I DON’T squeeze in a blog tomorrow before heading to Cali, BOOMER SOONER #boomersooner #ou

  1. Greetings and salutations, people.  Thanks for coming aboard (the boat).  Let’s turn and burn.
  2. Quick one as we round out the new year.  I have a brief window and don’t want a long list for tomorrow’s POSSIBLE good bye 2017 blog.  Let’s move.
  3. The Bucs will bring back their coach next year.  I get this.  Subpar year in a year you were supposed to be a darkhose contender.  Changing up the system and coaches at this point would set you back a year.  Take the pair of 8’s and see if what you get on the river.
  4. I am going to see Molly’s Game tonight, so just getting in the mode.
  5. I don’t remember a situation before like what the new Giants GM has facing him going into next season.  Really, really odd mix of all kinds of stuff.
  6. When the Lakers had a team meeting, did they possibly exclude LaVar Ball or did he find a way in the locker room?
  7. Copy and paste from like the last two years.  Andrew Luck’s shoulder is stable and stronger.  Maybe him and Tiger can hold a contest on media coverage of shoulder and back in the last two years.
  8. I am BREEZING through this, so no intern fixing my grammatical errors.  Sorry for any problems.
  9. Also, I don’t have an intern still.  Guess monster.com and careerbuilder.com don’t work anymore.
  10. Hope everyone took the over in the Wake-A&M game.  55-52?  Wow.
  11. Tonight’s Ohio State vs USC matchup is supposed to be epic, but I think Ohio  State comes out to DESTROY the Trojans, giving them a final, secluded last laugh on the selection of Bama in the playoff.
  12. We were talking about Mindhunter at work today, and I found out it gets BETTER.  Can’t wait to knock out the other half of the first season.
  13. I am not finding it for you since I followed it personally on local radio and Twitter, but the Baker Mayfield-Mark Schlereth squabble is HILARIOUS.  I will have more on Baker in the New Year in my new FOCUSED approach to things.
  14. For now, staying unfocused.
  15. Fantasy football players get a bad rap, but I guess the rich ones did something really cool this week.  They contributed some of their winnings to Todd Gurley’s charity of choice…Shriner’s Hospital.
  16. I assume you did NOT win fantasy unless you had Todd Gurley for the most part.
  17. Kamara got fined for his Grinch cleats?  I get a rule is a rule, but BEING a Grinch BECAUSE of the Grinch?
  18. It didn’t work out because of forward passes and penalties and such, but WOULD have been SO cool had it worked out.  TCU had a player LAY DOWN in the end zone before a kickoff for a future attempted lateral and a big run.  All things failed, but man was that fun.
  19. The Pac-12 gets the least amount of exposure on the East Coast.  And yet, the masterminds of college football had TWO of the premier Pac-12 teams (Stanford and Washington State) play at the SAME time, when they had like 40 plus other slots to play them in.  What?
  20. Deadspins best sports stories of the year.  https://deadspin.com/the-100-most-popular-deadspin-posts-of-2017-1821586859
  21. I think the videos came out today, so you should check that out too.
  22. Deadspin releases articles on everything.  Even windshield wipers.  https://splinternews.com/there-is-an-insufficient-variety-of-windshield-wiper-sp-1821622893#_ga=2.91875162.1183681934.1514298569-2013796419.1510533718
  23. Roadkill.  Deadspin.  https://deadspin.com/over-3-300-pennsylvanians-requested-a-permit-to-eat-roa-1821624697
  24. Assailed by picks.  Deadspin.  https://deadspin.com/arena-worker-assailed-by-czech-pucks-1821634912
  25. In case I don’t get to blog tomorrow, know I think that Bama and OU win in the semi’s.  Less certain about Bama as Clemson is a better team, but giving Nick Saban this much time to prep I think gets them the formula for success. 31-20
  26. And I think that UGA will give them ALL they can handle, but I think Baker WILL find a way.  Too long of road for a double walk on to NOT make this happen.  Their defense will bend and not break.  38-27.
  27. Good karma.  Wisconsin players already had a good bowl weekend.  They caught a 450 lb. hammerhead shark on a fishing trip.  Good for them.  No playoffs, but sharks.
  28. Washington State football should have gone fishing, so at least we knew they SHOWED at the bowl game.
  29. I LOVE that Barkley is playing the PSU bowl game AND waiting to declare until after.  Play the season out, kids.  Your millions will come.
  30. Hell, the Purdue QB played HIS bowl game with a busted ACL.
  31. Hard not to believe the woman accusing Sanu of assault when she provides this much detail.  https://deadspin.com/photographer-says-miguel-sano-assaulted-her-1821628362
  32. Vegas lost $11.4 million when the Astros won the World Series.  Apparently, a lot of futures were in the hopper.  Probably people who read that SI Mag years ago.
  33. I am sure UVA is writing off their shellacking as “Navy was at home” but I guess that also meant they did NO research on the triple option.  Navy’s QB was 0-1 in pass attempts and had FIVE TD’s.
  34. When you watched Stanford, remember one very scary thing.  They are a YOUNG team.  They will be very, very good next year.
  35. I really enjoyed watching the Oklahoma State-VA Tech football game.  Lots of things going on, a couple big plays, some special teams, and just overall a fun game to watch.  Plus, if UVA loses, I definitely want VA Tech to lose.
  36. SMU basketball has a guy named Shake on it, and he is pretty good ASIDE from his cool ass basketball name.
  37. Sam Darnold says he will play for ANY NFL team, and therefore Cleveland has a little hope.
  38. Rajon Rondo had 25 dimes, and surprised he doesn’t do that more often.  Of course, I guess when the other team knows you can’t shoot either, they probably are guarding those passes more than anything.
  39. When Texas played Mizzou, I still felt like I was watching a Big 12 game, even though it wasn’t.
  40. The Celtics are playing .500 ball lately, and I wish I was made of money, because I thought that -1 spread at Charlotte was a women’s game.  Weird.  I took it.
  41. More Deadspin end of year stuff.  https://deadspin.com/deadspins-favorite-sports-moments-of-2017-1821136761
  42. Yes, I love Deadspin, but hope that one of their marketing people notice how much I link them and let me be a contributor someday.
  43. This is not a joke.  I know this team.  Very true.  Played all tough road games, is presently 0-13, and probably WILL make the tourney in March.  It is what it is.  Mike Davis, ex-IU coach who took his team to a final, is heading up the program.  https://deadspin.com/this-0-13-basketball-team-is-a-favorite-to-make-the-nca-1821600072
  44. Sorry.  More Deadspin links.  End of year FUN, folks.  https://theconcourse.deadspin.com/the-best-things-we-heard-in-2017-1821136807
  45. I still hated Star Wars, have not seen it again with my notepad, and therefore you are off the hook until next week with my spoiler rich breakdown.
  46. Pretty bad, Eli Apple, and you must be doing something wrong in the locker room (besides tweeting during games) when a team with nothing to play for suspends you for the final game of the season.
  47. Deion Sanders is being targeted as the new FSU DB coach, and DAMN does that sound fun.
  48. Can you imagine him coaching?  “Hey, kid.  Just be faster and everyone else like I was and don’t let the WR get the ball.  Easy.”
  49. I Pegged DeSean Jackson for a weed and bullets in the car guy YEARS ago.  Glad he came through.
  50. Is Hue Jackson going to jump in Lake Erie before, during, or after the Excedrin 0-16 parade?
  51. I keep up with everything in sports, but admit to not knowing much about James Harden’s Free Meek’s sneaks.  Except for that all rhymed and it is apparently for a good cause.
  52. Please shut down all of the Christmas TV commercials.  I am talking mainly to you, Geico, and that damn Christmas lights commercials with the neighbors.
  53. Dez Bryant won’t take a pay cut despite low stats this year.  That.  Sounds.  About.  Right.  For.  Dez.
  54. I think Baker Mayfield is missing team events with the flu so he can rival the MJ story.
  55. Just kidding.  But seriously, that dude will get out there on a broken leg.  Not just saying this because I married into a Sooner family.  I would love that guy regardless.
  56. Speaking of the Sooners, I love this Dede Westbrook article.  Great stuff.  Lindsey’s dad passed it along.  https://www.theplayerstribune.com/dede-westbrook-oklahoma-georgia/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  57. Steve also sent this along, which is one of the saddest things I have read.  If you are having a great day, don’t read this.  If you are having a bad day, don’t read this.  Wait until you are in perfect equilibrium and then, maybe, read this.  Or just don’t read it.  http://abcnews.go.com/Lifestyle/mom-dying-brain-cancer-pens-heartbreaking-letter-young/story?id=51019332
  58. You can’t tell me ANYONE who gets tired of reading or watching ANYTHING involving Mike Leach.  https://www.theplayerstribune.com/5-thoughts-that-have-nothing-to-do-with-football/
  59. Patrick Mahomes gets a start this weekend for KC.  This is the prelude to Alex Smith losing another playoff game early on and them showing him the highway.
  60. I am less sad about the Steelers showing James Harrison the door after reading comments by players on the team.  He was no-showing all over the place.  TRUE, he probably was told he would get more snaps, but walk the walk and continue leading, bro.  Now I REALLY hate the Pats.
  61. I missed comments on some bowl games, but there are really just too many of them.  I would be here all day.
  62. Off to the Rose Bowl if I don’t sign on again…38 rows up at 10 yard line on UGA side.
  63. That’s it for today.  Wife is home and we are going to see Molly’s Game.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog again?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.
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