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Let’s turn and burn.


Damn you, Duke curse.  If you beat them, there are years of documentation that shows your team will suffer afterwards.  Whatever.  I am not a believer except when it affects me personally, which it is presently.  UVA dropped a game last night against Florida State, AFTER losing to Boston College, AFTER beating Duke.  Ugghhh.  Boston College just plain stinks, but the Florida State lost hurt more because of the timing.  In my opinion, a win on the road against just ok Florida State would have catapulted UVA into safe ground.  Now?  They need a decent showing in the ACC tournament to go with some sleepless nights.  Quality wins?  THREE.  Wisconsin, Duke, NC State (which isn’t looking that high of quality anymore).  Quality losses?  LOTS.  At least they will have odd company with Kentucky losing embarrassingly at a bad Georgia team.

Watching UVA play offense is like stabbing yourself slowly with a butterknife.


Amazingly, I actually heard a great debate on Denver sports radio the other day.  That doesn’t happen often, and usually I would have already switched channels.  It was regarding Elvis Dumervil.  This is an odd situation, as both sides can claim clear righteousness in some aspects of it.  If you average his sacks over the years, it is not at the highest level.  If you delete the injured times, he is one of the best.  But, then you have to say the argument he is “injury prone.”  Do you take the chance with his salary, or trust decent pass rushers are obtainable?  I am thinking he walks on this one, with no side really being at fault.


Dwight Howard blessed us yesterday again by saying he didn’t mean any disrespect to his teammates with his other dumb Orlando comments the other day.  Dwight, I am just going to call you “Snowball” from now on.  Henceforth, I will only refer to Mr. Howard as “Snowball.”  Anyway, Snowball, realize if you say ONE stupid comment, you will find that as coverage “snowballs,” you have the opening to say MORE comments to explain, which in your case will most likely be ALSO stupid.  You really make me angry.


Hmmm.  Do I crack on his schooling, his drunkenness, or that the tattoo is PERFECT for the message?

photo (12)

BUSTER HEADLINES (new segment-PLEASE send me contenders for future ones)

“Soccer fans attack opposing team at airport.”

“Rio Linda High School coach impaled by parking lot barrier in stomach.”


Not about the Buster today.  Lindsey was waiting in line somewhere and should be VERY glad I wasn’t with her at the time.  THIS name was on the waiting list board.  Embarrassment for her would have been high.  I would have HAD to know more.

“Chitwood, J”


I work 65 hours a week and don’t have the time.  I have been told that people have tried to look into it, but it still says it is real.  I am 100% on the “fake” side of the debate obviously, but it is still cool to look at.



5.  This would be the amount of millions of dollars that Jadeveon Clowney has insured his health for.  If you haven’t heard his name, you will.  He was a super recruit lineman in high school, will be gunning for the Heisman this year for South Carolina, runs a 4.5 40 at 270 pounds, and will be a star in the NFL assuming that he doesn’t need this $5 million.


Interesting stat from the other night that you can tell your friends.  When LeBron hit that last second jumper the other night against the lowly Magic, it was the first “winning” shot (from tied score or from behind) he has had with less than 10 seconds in the game with the Heat.  Tell your friends, pay it forward.


This is going to get interesting.  It just broke today that doctors have cleared Derrick Rose to play again, but he is still saying he is not ready.  I get it.  He wants full lift on his left foot.  He is the face of the future of the franchise.  But, he will get some resistance on this, as plenty of superstars play hurt.  It is not like the Bulls are way out of the playoff race.  They are IN it, and you HAVE to play for seeding to dodge the tough first round matchup.  Right now, they are lined up with an away series with dangerous Indiana, and no one in the league would wish that on themselves.  Rose, get back in there.


The Big East is looking at “America’s 12” as their new name after the separation of the Catholic 7.  I am trying to imagine myself saying that 20 years from now, and thinking maybe it will sound normal then.  Nope.  Sounds silly to me.

That is it.  The Monster Rant is tomorrow.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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