JACKIE: That’s what the professionals shoot, isn’t it? KRAMER: Well if they’re lucky.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Work/lunch/sanity check.  SPEED version.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)      Forty eight year old boxing legend Bernard Hopkins will fight for the light heavyweight title held by Tavoris Cloud.  I am all excited about my new workout program, and Bernard Hopkins is jumping in the ring with lads that are 24-0, have 19 knockouts, and are 17 years his younger.  He either hasn’t read any of the articles on NFL concussions, or can’t remember any of what he read when he puts the newspaper down.

2)      Nevada football will “Kapitalize” on the 49ers QB for their football ticket sales.  No, I didn’t create that pun, 7-6 teams will do anything for warm bodies in the stands, and at least the cat is out of the bag what college he came from.

3)      Michigan QB Denard Robinson will play WR at the Senior Bowl this year.  He is either really indecisive, is covering all bases as far as positions, or has actually sat down and watched tape of him throwing passes in the air.  Plus, Antwaan Randle El had a few good years after a conversion from QB to WR.

4)      In the Aussie Open, break out your spell check.  Agnieszka Radwanska is still in.  If there is a corner of your brain that thinks that this name sounds familiar, it does.  Your corner of your brain remembers she was standing on the court next to Serena last year at Wimbledon with that uglier and slightly smaller bowl…runner up.

5)      The Chargers will name Broncos assistant Mike McCoy as their new head coach.  If I am Mike, I am loving life.  My QB is younger, the weather is nicer, the talent is there, there is an ocean nearby, and the city is already used to underachieving for the last decade or two.  He leaves one or two games from being a legend in Denver, but also returning with a 37 year old QB who most can’t believe made it through THIS season.  The bigger question is this.  Who takes over the title of OC in Denver?  Why not Peyton’s old OC in Indy?  Tom Moore is just an “offensive consultant” for the lowly Titans.  I am sure he would consider it.

6)      Lance will evidently be on Oprah tomorrow.  The doping agency must hate them both also.  They say that admitting it to that TV monster won’t cut it-he has to admit it under oath.

7)      The Knicks are taping games now in case someone talks trash about Melo and he gets blamed again.  Someone pass me the flowchart so I can figure out exactly WHO to make fun of on this total waste of resources story.

8)      P Rafael Soriano signs with the Nationals.  Like Costanza in Seinfeld, it is good to end things on a high note.  Mariano might be coming back, he had 42 saves, and the grass might not look totally greener in Washington, but it sure as hell looks younger.  Plus, he can make clown comments with my boy, Bryce.

9)      Paul McGinley gets the European Ryder Cup captaincy for 2014.  Colin Montgomerie was probably at the buffet line during evaluation, and once again, Rory showed how much weight he is throwing around.  First the Nike contract, and now HIS pick and fellow Irishman as Ryder Cup captain.

10)   Terry Francona says player moves were more for glam and image than for substance.  Either George Costanza DID get that Assistant to the GM job in reality, or this book should just be called “Carl Crawford.”

11)   QB Logan Thomas, once a super recruit, has announced that he will return to VA Tech for his senior year.  No word on whether coaches and fans are excited about this as of yet.

12)   The Spurs are being sued for resting four key non injured players in a game.  Suing the Spurs?  That is like saying that even though it is a very long movie, that Unforgiven is a bad movie.  Go pick on someone else, lawyers.  Pop cares about winning everything in odd numbered years, not fans being let down for one freaking game.

13)   Wisconsin bball took down Indiana AT Assembly Hall.  Oddly, enough, it was their 11th straight win against the Hoosiers.  Eight of those meetings were during the “down” time in the program when they were being penalized, so in my book, they have only won 3 straight.

14)   Why is everyone so surprised Wisconsin is good this year?  Have we not learned from the last ten years that the media ALWAYS undervalues Bo Ryan’s teams in the preseason?

15)   Traevon Jackson has made the difference for Wisconsin.  He is a dead ringer for Jim Jackson, ex- Ohio State and NBA player.  That would be because he is Jim’s son.

16)   Nuggets JaVale McGee once again had 2-3 plays in a game that NO ONE else in the league could do.  That bad pass/ alley oop that he slammed down one handed was at the top of the backboard folks.  When he bet kids in high school he could grab stuff off the backboard, he was actually DOING it.

17)   Assembly Hall is still one of the coolest buildings in all of basketball.  The nosebleeds are some of the most coveted seats in the place.

18)   I ate two hard boiled eggs this morning.  This system is GREAT.  I already can’t wait for the two after my workout tonight.

19)   Shaun White has said that he will not be skateboarding in 2013.  It will give him more quality time with that hotel phone booth.

20)   The Denver mayor was actually injured in paying off a bet to Baltimore’s mayor.  No joke.  He was practicing doing the Ray Lewis pre game dance.  Is it bad that I am more excited about finding the TV channel HE is on when he pays off the bet instead of Oprah and Lance?

21)   A shout out to the legal department at my company.  The irony is that going to legal to discuss government contracts shouldn’t be fun.  But it IS with them.  They requested this shout out, but they may or may not actually read this blog.  I guess we could do the whole tree, forest, and hearing it cliché.  Dawn, Sarah, and Corrinn are awesome, and make this very busy job much more fun.   If you can’t laugh at clients’ crazy contract requests, then what are you going to do?  I can’t wait to go up there again and continue yesterday’s discussion of building them a cubicle fort complete with elevated lofts with desks, tapestries, slides and ladders.

22)   Tim Tebow has been spotted in Arizona working out.  Hell, that would be a PERFECT fit.  The Cards can’t make a QB who looks like they have the goods successful.  You might as well input a guy who has a jacked up throwing motion and preaches to the Lord in the mix.  The religious thing can’t HURT their results considering the last decade.

23)   This week during my workout I incorporate the Freemotion machine.  I LOVE that machine, and destroy my body on it.

24)   Facebook will take on Google’s search engine with Graphic Search.  You knew this was coming, but their naming convention is confusing.  So, they want someone saying “I will just Google it” to change it to “I will just Graphic Search it?”  Doesn’t work.

25)   The Clippers have quietly won two straight games…without Chris Paul.  Just in case you think he is EVERYTHING on that team.  He just makes them instant contenders, but their squad is already pretty damn good.

26)   Watched The Caddy last night for our Seinfeld episode.  Hey, Jerry, I am glad you caved on the stand.  You have had hotter girlfriends on that show.  Too bad they listened to Stan and had her try it on.

27)   Finally, Chip Kelly will make the jump and coach the Eagles.  I think that this is not a good idea with the pipeline he has coming in and with his QB coming back, but you got to do what you got to do.  I will say this.  IF you are going to make the jump, better it be a good team.  They weren’t good in record last year, but you would be a fool to say on paper they don’t have talent to go with their dysfunctionality.

28)   That is it.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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