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Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of importance or chronology…

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1)  I AM excited for this new college football playoff system but am not celebrating just yet.  I am interested in seeing who is on the committee and how they are selected.  I still think 6 teams would be better, earning the top two teams a bye.  I still think that team #5 might have a legitimate gripe about not being included.  I still am weary about an undefeated non Big 6 team bitching about being left out.  But, I am excited.  I truly am.  I have wanted it for years, but just am curious to see how it plays out.

2)  Amare gets fined 50k for a gay slur to a fan.  Amare, clean it up.  If the NBA brawl back in the day taught us ANYTHING, it is to recognize how much money you make, know that you are playing a GAME for big bucks, not react to fans, and to not act anything close to the daily operation of Metta World Peace.

3)  The Pacers GM is stepping down also, in addition to Bird?  Wow, they finally get something going and it is suddenly exit stage left.  We know FORTY % TOPS, people.  Something else is going on most likely.

4)  In reaction to a discussion about LeBron, Carmelo Anthony said “my time is coming.”  You are an unbelievable talent, bro, but let me see some other decent role players/ good guys around you before we start talking about a Knicks title.  Maybe Latrell Sprewell will make a comeback.

5)  Oates is named new Caps coach RIGHT after induction into the NHL Hall of Fame.  VERY cool.

6)  I hear RGIII was extorted by a fellow Baylor athlete, a basketball player.  Sad to hear, and of course it was one of the parts of the team that was not a pro prospect, as they have had more than their share…with a little cheating.  Hang tough, RGIII.  Everyone wants what you have, and knowing that is half the battle.

7)  Matt Kenseth will leave Roush Racing after this year in NASCAR news.  I am the Fillerbuster.  I just am reporting it, and couldn’t hit the broad side of the barn with what exactly the fallout of that action would be.

8)  When I sneeze twice, I need to leave the room.  My average is 13.3 per sneezing episode, and I am happy to report I beat the over-under last night before bed at a solid 16.

9)  Lions CB Aaron Berry got a DUI yesterday.  Quality kids they are drafting over there in Detroit.  This is the 6th time a Lion has been busted in the last 5 months.  Eastern time zone old school Raider quality.

10)  Ex-NFL running back Jamal Anderson also got a DUI yesterday.  Considering his shelf life was like 5 years, I can understand him boozing a little.

11)  President Obama got booed in Boston the other night.  He is a Chicago guy, and when he said over the mic “Thank you” for the trade of Youkilis, the crowd didn’t care about the President title.  Good for them.

12)  With Cubs P Ryan Dempster flirting with the DL, Zach Greinke is the newest contestant for hottest item at the trade deadline.  Dude NEEDS to be somewhere else.  He is always in the top ten in ERA without the wins, as he has spent half his shelf life on shitty teams.

13)  Brendan Hansen qualifies in the breaststroke at the trials.  Cool thing about it was that the only guy to beat him in the Olympics, Kosuke Kitajima, was sitting in the stands…in OMAHA.

14)  The Bobcats dealt Corey Maggette to the Pistons for Ben Gordon.  The Pistons get a guy who has been on 18 teams all because he left college a good year or two early, and the Bobcats get a born scorer who hasn’t had a true position since his days at UCONN where everyone was shorter.

15)  I LOVE MMA fighter Sonnen’s comeback to Silva’s comments about breaking his arms, legs, teeth, etc.  Sonnen mentioned that Silva never mentioned if he would win the fight, and that he might do all those things, but he won’t break his will.  I am officially rooting for Sonnen.

16)  Walmart is still ahead of the others.  I saw a commercial about you being able to cash paychecks and money orders there for no surcharges.  Brilliant.  You got a store full of crap, and one more person with money in hand.  Clever.

17)  There is a Polish elephant named Citta at a Polish zoo who evidently is picking Portugal over Spain.  I disagree, Citta, I only got one less quarterfinal prediction less than you (I had England), and I will get to watch the damn game because you are an elephant in a zoo.  Yeah, take THAT Citta.  Not like your quarterfinal picks were really against the grain, anyway.  Don’t forget that shit.  Oh, I guess you won’t.  By the way, Spain over Portugal, Germany over Italy.  I am sticking with Spain over Germany as “my pick once Netherlands was eliminated.”

18)  Lochte touches out Phelps in the semi’s of the 200 Free.  Must see TV when these lock up today in the finals.  It is a Lock-te.

19)  I am not embarassed in this day of technology to say I actually write checks and send them for my bills.  I like to FEEL the pain of money leaving me.

20)  Matt Kemp says he won’t pick Bryce Harper for the HR Derby.  Here I read this whole ESPN Mag about you and like you now, and you diss my boy.

21)  You got punked, ump.  Check out the Yankee who tricked the umpire.

22)  Rangers pitcher fanned 10 for his 10th win.  Dude is a stud.  He even got the 10 K’s against the Tigers, who are good no matter what their record says.

23)  Odd fact.  The American League won this year’s interleague play 142-110.  It is the NINTH straight year they have won that distinction.  Weird.

24)  Finally, Comcast read my blog and finally put another Seinfeld episode on their On Demand.  Problem is this.  Both were the same episode even though they read as different.  I am watching you punks.

25)  12:25.  Wow.  25 takes in 20 minutes.  Hands are tired.  Will I write a blog tomorrow??  That is a clown question, bro.

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