It’s not a lie…if YOU believe it…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Just taking a break before finishing up my work proposal of all work proposals.

Let’s turn and burn.

1)  The Broncos Falcons game, when not being painful viewing watching the awful refs, was sort of a debacle no matter what the final score indicated.  It was kind of like watching a boxing match where one guy gets the cleanest, hardest shot on the other guy early, and although the other guy hangs in there, you know he doesn’t have the juice to finish the thing.  Atlanta owned the first quarter, and then it was all about not letting Peyton totally be Peyton.  It worked.  Barely.  First of all, I want physicals for all these replacement refs.  Just test their eyes.  Nothing else.  What the hell are they looking at?  Second, luckily the horrible calls were NOT the reason the Broncos lost.  They did it to themselves.  Third, the Broncos are the first team since the 2002 Skins to have FOUR first quarter turnovers.  That is ten years, people, doing some quick math.  That will get you NO good place.

1a)  My girlfriend is so cool that I accidentally got stuck in a scene of Family Guy (always my “flipper” if possible) and she grabbed the remote and switched it back to the game.  Nice.

2)  Adding more backing to my theory that if you make $1 million or more, you should pay someone $60k to drive you around when drinking, Michael Turner decided to go 97 MPH at 5am on a nearby road on NOT adhere to my rule.  Dude, save the fun drives in your fancy car for weekend afternoons, and glad to know your focus was on the next game already.  Idiot.

3)  Hey.  It happens to the best of them.  Big Ben can say “no” and not have someone hear him, too.  Check out this photo from the Jets-Steelers game:

4)  It is not worth regular visits, but it sure as hell worth an occasional look.  For my money, Dirk, MJ, and Steve Nash had some of the better public snapshots of their body feeling a little loopy.  Tim Tebow actually had a pretty good one, too.  He must not do sex, but has a couple beers here and there.

5)  Pats TE Hernandez is to “sit a few weeks,” and TE Winslow gets oddly let go.  The Pats snag him.  Yup.  THIS one was in the cards.  I like the pickup, no matter how long Hernandez has to sit.  With the offense they run up there, the more tight ends, the merrier.

6)  Xtreme icon Shaun White gets busted for vandalism at a hotel.  He has apologized, and we believe him, but his arrested photo is phenomenal.  Did the hotel pay phone hit him BACK??  Check it out:

7)  This whole Jonathan Vilma thing is getting pretty interesting in relation to Bountygate.  He is pulling Williams into the courtroom to support his case.  With the fight he is putting up, I think I would almost respect him more if he sat the season if offered a lighter ban.  Dude might win an Oscar someday if he IS lying, because I think I am starting to believe him.  Like George Costanza said, it’s not a lie…if you believe it.  This was said right before Jerry had to go meet his female cop girl and take a lie detector about never watching Melrose Place.  Good show, Vilma, whichever truth it is.

7a)  You might as well catch the actual lie detector scene.  I am with Jerry.  I WATCHED Melrose.  I admit it.  I couldn’t have pulled this off either.  Michael was a jerk.  Sidney was crazy.

7b)  LOVED Melrose Place.  The OLD one.

7c) Even the theme music.

8)  Just a day after Kovalchuk has decided to play in Russia during the NHL lockout, Ovechkin has said he thinks this might go at least a year.  Yup.  As I said yesterday, I am not seeing ANY reasons to think we might play this year.  Hey, Chris Pronger, you just go rest.  I don’t need another postseason without you.

9)  Now THIS is a new one.  He didn’t write it on paper.  He wasn’t quoted it.  He didn’t SAY it.  No, Yunel Escobar decided to put a gay slur in his eyeblack.  Dude.  I guess I sort of understand why some people don’t like gay people.  Actually, I don’t.  But, to each their own.  But, to take the time to WRITE it on your FACE?  Wow, you got some problems.  Have a nice relaxing 3 game ban, bro.

10)  Three students were charged in the Wisconsin RB Montee Ball attack.  THREE?  Have you people SEEN Ball play?  That is IT?  LOOK at this guy.  Please tell me you are still looking for more guys or extra big weapons.

Montee Ball Wisconsin v Illinois

11)  Bears QB Jay Cutler apologizes for bumping his OT on the sideline last week.  In a more quiet, related story, the OT has said “you are welcome” for not beating his ASS.  Jay, you are absolutely an IDIOT.  Perhaps a book smart one since you went to Vandy, but you are not the brightest bulb on the tree in reality.

12)  Rex Ryan has come out and said there is no second guessing their use of Tim Tebow thus far.  I agree.  Not to sound like a homer, but if there is one defense not to make assumptions after, it is after playing a Dick Lebeau defense at Pittsburgh.

13)  Another bad week, but I WAS in a rush and delirious at the airport, and more reason why I don’t bet anymore.  3-4 record this week in my college picks, with my two games I would have hiked up the stakes on (KU +20.5 and FSU -28) both coming through.

14)  Do YOU know who Thomas Tyner is?  Well, you will.  I only know because I am a loser and actually read like it is a book that normal people read.  Thomas is going to Oregon, and keeps to the usual speed thing they like there.  I am reporting his stats to you.  644 yards rushing, 10 touchdowns.  Pretty good, right?  Uhhh.  That was in ONE game on Friday.  Sick, sick, sick.

15)  Weird story.  Up and coming rapper Ervin McKinness tweets about drinking and driving, and then dies in a one car crash twenty minutes later.  Sad, bro.

16)  Justin Tuck called out the Bucs in their kneel down ploy today.  Sometimes a player ranting to the media is worthless, but I agree with him.  Might as well voice it if you have a mic and an audience.  You can write it off to playing until the whistle in your tunnel vision mind, and it is true that football has a lot less etiquette than say a sport like golf, but when you are done, and the other team is kneeling, then let it go.

17)  Sad.  Steve Sabol died today of cancer.  For those of you who don’t know who he is, he was the engine that was NFL Films, which before ESPN became mainstream was IT to remind us of how great the game was.

18)  Allmendinger has been re-instated to racing from his drug ban.  There.  You are now racing informed.  Tell your friends.

19)  I never got to watch the show Dexter back in the day because it came out when I bartended part time those nights.  Therefore, I never got into it.  Anyway, since I want to just remain addicted to not many more shows than Seinfeld, I try not to pick up new shows.  Lindsey had me watch Dexter the other night.  My mom had talked about it for years.  Anyway, it was solid.  VERY likable show.  Plus, I have always said this.  If I hypothetically COULD kill other human beings, I think I would be a pretty darn good serial killer.  Unfortunately, there is that whole moral and normal human being thing in the way.  I would have been stellar.  Anyway, I still enjoy books, movies, and shows relating to the topic.  I am intrigued.  Dexter is pretty freaking cool, and I intend to watch more of them.

20)  ESPN Mag is doing this cool thing where they are giving you sporting events to go attend before the world ends in December because of that Mayan thing.  Anyway, I wish I had some cash and wasn’t so busy.  I am supposed to go watch an elephant polo match pretty soon.  Damn.

21)  There are some stories that surprise you, and there are others that don’t.  I hear that Evander Holyfield is being held in contempt for not paying child support.  If you are curious, this falls in the latter category.

22)  Back to work.  It never ends-at least this month and next month.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  I hope you enjoyed.  Peace.

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