It’s New Jersey, Aaron.



(note:  I still have to do my knockout picks, so I even am using this as a guide)

(note 2:  not doing it with spreads, but I am guessing the win margin blindly (left Vegas and not in spread mode yet))

KU-MD:  It is on my official bracket, so the pick is Maryland.  Maryland HAS the horses and KU is solid but not spectacular.  MD 77-74

MIAMI-NOVA:  Miami is experienced, and so is Nova. So, Miami is more athletic and has a coach who took a team with NO athleticism to the Final Four.  Miami wins 67-65

OREGON-DUKE:  I had Baylor playing Oregon in this one.  That doesn’t change my opinion.  Oregon will lose to OU and had a cake bracket.  This is the worst Duke team in the Sweet 16 in years.  Oregon 80-71

OU-A&M:  It is Buddy Hield’s world (in this region) and we are just living in it.  Another Hield performance against a solid, experienced A&M team.  OU is experienced too.  OU wins 73-62

UNC-IU: Two perennial powers with one having a lot more talent than the other.  UNC is one of the best teams in the tourney and the half of play against a good Providence was RIDICULOUS.  UNC 83-64

ND-WISCONSIN:  How fun.  Two teams we thought were reloading back again.  Two teams who shoot a lot and make enough big shots to beat you.  This will be a classic.  Wisconsin 64-63

UVA-IOWA ST:  Come on.  My boys are rolling.  Their defense will contain a team figuring out IF they have hit stride, which they haven’t.  UVA 70-56

ZAGS-CUSE: What does a team with all good bigs struggle at?  A team who can play solid zone defense.  Cuse will find a way with their experience at guard.  Take THAT committee doubters.  Cuse 74-70 (one I am LEAST sure of)



So, let me get this straight, LeBron.  You went back to Cleveland and we all fell in love with the hometown story again.  You are going off social media to be in playoff mode-get that too.  Ok.  Now, right before the playoffs, you say you publicly that you would take a pay cut to play with Wade, Paul, and Melo?  First of all, you built a championship squad with THREE people before, and now you want FOUR.  Why don’t you just pick a center and say you want to build a whole, cheating team.  EVERY time I start to lean back LeBron’s way, he does some minor or major thing to irritate me.  Go Toronto or Heat or anyone in the Western Conference.

I hate to say this, but maybe Melo is right about the Cavs being comical in drama in comparison to the Knicks.  Wait.  What am I saying?  Melo and the Knicks are lost, losing, and their OWN comical show.  Melo is never right.



Former catcher and DBacks Joe Garagiola died and he will be missed.  His odd infection with game shows was a trait everyone cherished, both during his time and hearing about it as I did.  The Today Show, Sale of the Century, To Tell the Truth, etc.  He loved being on them, a panelist, whatever.  Happy trailer, Joe.


LOTS of interesting stories in last two days since my last cast.  Keep reading, dammit.

-Thoughts and prayers out to anyone who lost anyone in the terror attack across the pond.  Horrible.  And on a side note, glad Dikembe dodged that also (he was there).

-The Rays win over the Cuba national team was historic.  Big time stuff with our big man going down to that country.  On a serious note, read the opening article in one of the recent SI Mags.  The article is about when Jim Abbott went down there as a youngster and GREAT read.  On a funny note, Vince always sends the BEST from The Onion.  onion Capture

-I wake up and expect things like the sky being blue, the grass being green, and Jerry Jones disagreeing with things we are pretty much accepting overall and that make common sense to most which is maybe getting hit in the helmet and head for an extended period of time MIGHT cause some problems, sounds about right for Jerry.  Geez.

-I wonder if Lindsey knew that if I really wanted to keep watching basketball in between March Madness action times, I COULD watch the NIT.  I might in my own world, but even I will draw the line on the best losers tourney.  Plus, I may or may not have to catch up some other shows like The Voice.  And some other tougher shows.

-One of my favorite articles to open is ANY kind of social media trolling that Jim Harbaugh does of pretty much anyone.

-I am rolling through this list since I probably won’t have time for blogging tomorrow with working out, working, selling car, and basketball at night.  So, you go read about Nick Young and Jordan Clarkson on your OWN.

-So, it is news because the NBA owners-players agreement goes until 2021, there is an out in June 2017, and they have to let each other know in December of THIS year?  Ugghhh.

-A-Rod has announced that 2017 will be his last year, and I yearn to listen to his farewell boos/cheers ALL YEAR.  Ugghhh.

-This blizzard is REALLY jacking up Lindsey’s brother going to Ohio to get my car.  The ONE time I don’t want DIA to be shut down, I get it when I purchase a car out of state and extra ticket prices are BAD.

-No ceremony for Eleanor.  She is cleaned out, and some dude is coming to get her tomorrow before the basketball games.

-NFL touchbacks are moved to the 25 and you are kicked out of a game if you get two unsportsmanlike penalties.  They are still suiting up, so let’s just make the touchback the 40 if we really don’t want injuries?  I agree with the two sportsmanlike rule, but wait until an important guy gets an early obvious one and then a very marginal second one.  Place will go crazy.  All in all, I don’t hate the new rules, but don’t see them that powerful or on point.

-I have all three knockout/ survivor picks alive fortunately.  Unfortunately, this is where it gets confusing…when you have multiple entries and want to map out stuff.

-Rob Rivera says players shouldn’t be interviewed after a Super Bowl loss.  Just because your player was the latest idiot doesn’t mean we should stop…normalcy.  People want to see how players handle defeat also.

-I am impressed Russell Okung did his own contract without an agent.  I am sad that the Steelers wanted him and Russell CALLED THE BRONCOS before signing.  That is amazing.

-Shit.  Is it time to start looking at World Cup options?  I am going to miss the boat again.  Big games like Chile-Argentina and Uruguay-Brazil ALREADY?  Love it.  I am country, not club.

-Hey, Aaron Rodgers, you might have seen a UFO.  What I think is MORE believable is that you were in New Jersey at the time, and weird shit happens there ALONG with there being like 6 or 7 major airports within shouting distance.  And nuclear plants.  And Newark.  Just doesn’t jive with me.  I am from there so can bust on it.

-Marty, no prizes.  Can’t even reference a number on this one.

That’s it.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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