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Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Speed version.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)       The world of sports is just like everything else.  Information “leaks.”  Still, I love all of this “sources report the________ are about to fire_________.”  They are coaches in a sport, not spies.  Just tell us when it happens, unless you are giving the coaches a heads up on house/ condo shopping.  Anyway, do you REALLY think I have time in a speed version rant of commenting on the firings occurring with the Chiefs, Chargers, Eagles, Jaguars, Browns, Jets, and others?  Hey, Browns.  Ever notice you guys are on this list like every other year over the last ten years?  Do your research and interviews, pick someone, and give them a freaking chance.

2)      The Bobcats have lost 18 straight.  Hey, MJ, if your boys get two more, you have the infamous title of having two separate teams in the overall, all time top ten.  Make us proud.

3)      Dwayne Wade returns after his ban, and the Heat decide to lose to the Bucks with him IN the lineup.  You can tell us all you want about being able to “flick the switch” come playoff time.  I don’t remember too many past champions losing back to back games to teams like the Bucks and Pistons.

4)      I commented on Kevin Ollie’s contract the other day.  Well deserved.  Seriously.  10-2 with the talent that left them last year through graduation or transfer?  That is solid.

5)      Because I didn’t hear anything from the NHL sides today, I will assume they are secretly READING this much more compromising proposal.  Don’t start skating yet, Chris Pronger.  We don’t want to risk injury until it is official.

6)      I watched a good portion of the Santa Clara-Duke game the other day.  Duke is starting to win me over.  With Marshall Plumlee added to an already successful mix, they aren’t going ANYWHERE anytime soon.  And Santa Clara is a pretty freaking good team.  Know this.

7)       Congrats to Jerry York, who won #925 this weekend to get the all time wins record.  That is a lot of wins, and shows a lot of consistency at that BC hockey program.

8)      Jerome Whitehead was found dead this weekend.  You might not know who he is, and I had to look it up to confirm MY memory, but he was a center for the 1977 Marquette basketball team that was VERY good and took it all that year.  Thoughts and prayers to the family.

9)      I am not allowing myself to buy cheese during my present workout program.  What does Lindsey do for a Sunday of watching football at home?  She brings over cheese.  Listen, my rules are that I can’t purchase my own.  Needless to say, those Gouda cubes didn’t stand a chance after opening them.

10)   I know Vandy basketball is reloading after losing some kids.  Still, Creighton going into THEIR crib and beating them down was a nice statement win.  This is not a statement win to get IN the tournament.  This is a statement win for seeding purposes.  You might as well just prep yourself for it right now.  If you don’t follow hoops, and don’t know who Doug McDermott is, you absolutely WILL this time around in March.

11)   We left a restaurant the other night that had Chicklets.  I LOVE Chicklets-I just never see them around anywhere these days.  Shame I am not a gum chewer anymore, but it was nice to see them around.

12)   Hold the phone.  It is great that A.P. gave E.D’s rushing record a run…coming in a mere 9 yards short.  But, aren’t we forgetting something whenever we discuss this thing?  O.J. Simpson would have had about 2350 yards had his season been 16 games as opposed to 14 games.  Let’s make sure we are comparing apples to apples.

13)   Rockets player Royce White has refused D League assignment.  I feel bad for this kid.  He can’t fly in planes due to his condition, they won’t give him his own bus, they won’t give him limited games, and now they are sending him down a flight because of this and not his skills.  There has to be a way, people.

14)   Interesting tidbit from my brother that I admit I totally did not know.  Only three players since 1957 have won the NFL MVP who were NOT a QB or a RB.  DT Alan Page.  LB Lawrence Taylor.  AND?  Mark Moseley.  What’s that?  You know who it is.  Redskins KICKER.  Ugghhh.  It wouldn’t be so bad that he won it I guess if the consecutive field goal record he set hadn’t been touched.  But.  It was TORCHED by Mike Vanderjagt with 42.

15)   Kind of invigorating just SEEING Chuck Pagano on that Indy sideline.  Even better they came out with a win they didn’t need against a team that desperately needed a win to avoid playing next week instead of getting a bye.

16)   Peyton Manning has photos of the formations in front of him seemingly before the extra point is kicked after possessions.  That dude is a stud, and still has the drive of a rookie.

17)   I hear the Nets are sticking with PJ Carlesimo for the time being.  Let me tell you what happened.  “Phil, so you won’t come and coach THIS year.”  “No.  I will wait until you all get Dwight Howard.  I only take over rosters that are OVERLOADED with egos and talent.  You are not there yet.”

18)   The Clippers went 16-0 in December.  Pretty stellar, fellows.

19)   I love how Andy Reid is calling people to get a staff together for next year.  So, not only is he predicting his firing, not only is he dissing his present staff, but he is pretty much ASSUMING someone wants him on board next year.  The thing is this though.  This WOULD be funnier if so many teams weren’t clearing house.  Someone WILL pick him up with all of these openings.

20)   I am sad to see that Penn State coach is on the “short list” for NFL teams.  If he leaves that school after all of the crap he said about rebuilding and being in for the long haul, I will be pissed.

21)   Stan Van Gundy and Dwight Howard repaired their relationship.  Stan and Dwight are friends.  Stan and Dwight text and call each other.  Stan says that Dwight’s back is a factor in Dwight’s performance.  If I was Dwight, I wouldn’t be telling Stan anything anymore.

22)   Serena Williams comes back and breezes in her first match of a tournament.  Even though her injuries made it a quiet year overall, know that she was just a dismal 58-4 for the year.  Scary.

23)   I don’t understand how we have all of this review technology, and the refs still get it wrong after 5 minutes of looking at it.  That Indy fumble that the Texans recovered that was then given BACK to Indy was B.S.

24)   Andrew Luck not only has the loudest voice of all QB’s in the NFL, but it frequently sounds like he is saying “sick ‘em!” when the ball is hiked.

25)   Jimmer who?  BYU’s Tyler Haws had 29 points the other night against Virginia Tech…in the first HALF.

26)   How the Texans allowed Indy to get that 3rd and 23, getting beat OVER the top, yesterday was ridiculous.

27)   I had a sandwich called the Old McDonald yesterday.  Once again, finding any way possible to put eggs on everything at all meals.

28)   Sure, they are just punters, but kind of cool to have the two Colquitt brothers facing off yesterday.  Most of the younger generation forgets that their dad was also a punter, two time Super Bowl winner with the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Craig obviously has stolen my idea of having my kid be a punter, get flags called when he is contacted, and make the NFL minimum wage which is still a LOT of money.

29)   I can’t believe that a little over a month from celebrating the monumental Johnny Unitas record that Drew Brees broke for consecutive games with a TD pass, that we are only a few games away from doing it all again.  Tom Brady is at 48, if you care.  The almighty record is 54.  Don’t worry about it after that for a while.  Peyton’s present streak is only at 23.

30)   Quick!  Name the active running back who is ALL TIME leading rusher per attempt.  ALL TIME.  Got your answer?  Wrong.  It is Jamaal Charles surprisingly.  Tell your friends.  5.8 YPC.

31)   I bought Prego’s Bacon Provolone spaghetti sauce again at the store this weekend.  I am very excited about eating it again.

32)   I can’t buy BLOCK or SLICED cheese.  I can buy something with cheese IN it.  MY rules.

33)   I still think the sword flip is the coolest .2 seconds of Gladiator and possibly every other action film ever.

34)   That is it.  Gotta go.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.

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