It’s back tonight. Boom goes the dynamite.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Evening during the commercial rant in front of the first half of the UVA-Duke basketball game.  Let’s turn and burn.


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1)       Greetings and salutations, people.  Thanks for joining me.  I would like to make a toast to media timeouts, as UVA needed one just now after starting down 8-0.  Very nervous about playing them after the Clemson loss.  Coach K doesn’t lose two in a row much.

1a)  And for any newbies who are not familiar with the Boom Goes the Dynamite.

2)      Duke is subbing in players like this is a hockey game.  Like five at a freaking time.  I get the feeling they would like to pound UVA tonight.

3)      I was sad to hear about CU Spencer Dinwiddie’s ACL injury.  He finally turns some heads from the East Coast for season honors of some degree and now he goes down and needs surgery.  Unfortunately, his absence takes them down from a very dangerous team come March to a pretty good team with a good home court advantage.

4)      I love Deion Sanders.  I truly do.  But, him tweeting about lacing them up for the Pro Bowl simply proves more how much of a joke the event is.  I said this yesterday.  It is NOT the NFL’s fault.  It simply is what it is.  You can’t make a good All Star sporting event from such a violent sport.  You can give it gimmicks, but you can’t make it high quality.  You can make the NBA ASG watchable, because basketball is fun with or without physicality.  Baseball?  Same thing.  Even more so.  Hockey?  Marginal.  You still have the beauty of the skating at least.  Football?  No.  The HITS are mainly what is cool.

5)      Maybe this UVA game is too early for you.  If you plan on watching any other part of Big Monday, you will enjoy seeing the best player in the country no one has heard of.  Iowa State has a kid named DeAndre Kane that is popping up on some midseason All American teams.  I have seen him play three times this season.  Great player, and presently the best kept secret.

6)      Congratulations to Cristiano Ronaldo for stopping Lionel Messi’s reign at the top of FIFA.  Ronaldo won the player of the year today.  I won’t even crack on his tears after the announcement.  If I admit that it is true that soccer is a world game more than all of our mainstream sports, which I do, then that means you are competing against the most amount of players of any sport by far to be the best.  Quite an accomplishment.  And the U.S. is lucky enough to get him up close and personal in the Group of Death this summer.  Yay.  Remember this nice hook I wrote when you play us this summer, Cristiano.

7)      I am not saying it is not cool if you were really, really rich, but I wouldn’t pay $119k for Laettner’s jersey from the greatest college game of all time unless I had it under my mattress or in some secret compartment on my private jet.  Of course, I am not a Duke guy, so that makes sense.

8)      The City of Omaha tweeted Peyton Manning thank you for mentioning them so much before a lot of snaps yesterday.  The mayor is saying he is trying to figure out a way to make dividends on the idea.  He doesn’t have ideas, and that is probably why Omaha IS Omaha.  The window is small, my Nebraska friends.  Get your 15 minutes maxed out.

9)      It is so nice KNOWING after all is said and done that we have the four best NFL teams left.

10)   In case you care, San Fran is 7-0 since Michael Crabtree returned.  Just saying.

11)   In finding out Venus Williams lost yesterday, I did NOT know that she was up 3-0 in the third set.  Surprised she lost?  No.  Surprised she lost that lead at crunch time?  Without a doubt, yes.

12)   Don’t freak out, Broncos fans.  Losing CB Chris Harris hurts, sure.  It doesn’t change your BASE defense though.  You can plug in the holes in the nickel.  It is a loss, sure, but not a game changer.  Plus, can anyone else remember where two teams had as many injuries as the Pats and Broncos do and STILL are in the AFC Championship?

13)   If you take out charities and causes for human well being, I think the thing I would start a collection for would be to make A-Rod go away.  For good.

13a)  I mean to pay him off, not have him contract killed, you silly people.  Your minds are in very dark places.

14)   UVA is down 30-17.  UVA is not a comeback team, mind you.

15)   Dennis Rodman says he is sorry he couldn’t do anything to help the imprisoned missionary in North Korea.  And, he announced plans to return again next month.  So, let me get this straight, you alien.  You are BOYS with the dictator and are gathering frequent flyer miles visiting him, but you can’t get ONE person home?  So, when you apologized, you basically are saying you are sorry for basically doing nothing constructive at all.

15a)  Conspiracy theory.  Can you IMAGINE the loop we ALL would be thrown if Rodman DID somehow talk his boy into releasing that missionary.  I am FAR from saying that would happen.  But, that WOULD be crazy shit…and isn’t that is what Rodman’s life IS about?

16)   This has been my first day off the Arizona basketball bandwagon.  It has been an odd day.  Sorry though.  No bench and bad free throw shooting have someone like Northern Iowa or Toledo beating you in the cards for the tourney.

17)   I am NOT making fun of those teams.  They are possible bracket busters.  I am simply saying those are the types of teams that would show Arizona’s deficiencies.

18)   There are upward moves, lateral moves, and questionable moves that better be for family, mentors, etc.  Todd Grantham, I put you in the last category.  You are leaving Georgia to go take the SAME DC job under nutcase Bobby Petrino?  Non sequitur to me.

19)   The Broncos were so scared from last year’s Baltimore game to start running the clock earlier than they did that they ALMOST blew it against the Chargers.

20)   I am listening to a lot of talking heads say that the Pats can go into Denver and beat the Broncos.  Coming from the President of the out of state Tom Brady man crush crew, I don’t think it is happening.  Sure, some of it is because I have Denver winning one more in my office pool.  But, I break this down to simple manpower.  The Pats are not healthy enough in my opinion to take the Broncos out at their crib.  Not buying it.  UNLESS Blount does anything like he did this past weekend.

21)   Just broke 200 Twitter followers.  I want more followers than FB friends by the end of February.  Almost halfway there.

22)   Lindsey made some sriracha mac and cheese last night with bacon, tomatoes, and other stuff.  It was pretty incredible I will say.  Pretty spoiled on the food front and actually have to tell her I WANT my simple post workout spaghetti rather than the delicious creation she is making next.

23)   DeSean Jackson is offering $50k for information on his stolen money during his home robbery.  We hope he just doesn’t leave this $50k laying around his house this time.

24)   So, it is pretty simple.  If Seattle wins, I am looking pretty solid on possibly winning my fantasy football playoff pool.  If San Fran wins, and then beats Denver in the SB, I win THAT one.

25)   I might have strayed over the years, but I realized this week that I am firmly an Old Spice guy through and through with anything involving odor.  Old school and Old Spice.

26)   In reference to yesterday’s blog, comments were made I need to check out “old school Anthony Hamilton.”  Noted.  Apparently, he gives Withers and Nate Dogg a serious run.

26a)  Can I just include the “guy from Earth Wind and Fire” too?  Any of them.

27)   Iowa took down Ohio State in basketball yesterday.  I won’t do it, and I won’t go there, but you KNOW I want to write about three paragraphs why Ohio State basketball is not as good as everyone thought they were.  No bias…just looking at the same roster everyone else is.  Craft is a stud.  I get it.  After that, I see randomness.

28)   The Titans hired Ken Whisenhunt as their new head coach.  I am sure Tennessee has better weather than Detroit, but WHY aren’t more people begging for that Lions job?  That cupboard is loaded, and the Titans would be like wandering through the wilderness and finding a semi-stocked cabin.  It is new, exciting, and has more than you did before, but for a new gig?  Nope.

29)   A couple story lines I am interested as we approach the NBA trade deadline.

-Will the Clippers solidify their front court depth, knowing that is their route to a ring?


-Will there be any rumors involving the Clippers and Knicks?

-What will the Pacers do with Danny Granger?

-Will the Nuggets make any moves with any one of their 7-8 trading pieces?

30)   I am not rooting for the Pats, but this is still WAY dope.


31)   Does anyone remember Mark Kelso in Tecmo Bowl and that HUGE helmet?  I think it was Mark.  Actually I thought it was Greg but now I forget.  Anyway, look at a great shot of Wes Welker..


32)   That is it.  Halftime is over, and I need to watch my game undisturbed.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

32a)  Late entry.  I almost TOTALLY forgot my show is starting up tonight.  Blacklist.  Guess THAT is my plan and also needed for my traditional non sports theme.

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