It only took me 40 years…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Work break-sanity check-speed version.  I feel the need…the need for speed.

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1)       Louisville is the new college bball #1…for now.  Lots of conference games to get through, although this team is just going to get scarier.  Duke has a reality check (not that Coach K wasn’t preaching that to his kids anyway), Michigan has a reality check, Indiana already got a reality check, and Kansas is just being Kansas.  I am wondering why Bill Self isn’t using more of his bench in some of these blowout KU wins though.  Just saying.

2)      Boise State is the not so giant killer.  They now have wins against then undefeated Creighton, and then undefeated Wyoming.  They are boasting a very odd resume for the Bubble Watch.

3)      I like these new computers that fold up.  Wish I had some extra cash under my mattress.  They are pretty cool.  The Yoga one has the best name.

4)      I don’t know whose name I am more tired of hearing this week…Lance or Oprah.  It would be a push if Oprah wouldn’t have irritated me for the last 20 years or so.  Win goes to Oprah by a hair.

5)      This is EASILY the funniest thing I have read this week.  If you get tired of reading it, suck it up and keep reading.  You have to at least make to where Tom Brady says he had sex with Matt Schaub’s wife.

6)      Jovan Belcher was drunk during the shooting incident.  Shooting someone one time takes some serious hatred.  Shooting someone NINE times is a LOT.  Something also tells me the cool cops who let someone off when they are randomly sitting in their car in the early morning are done doing that also.  Shame, shame, shame.

7)      John Elway backs John Fox kneeling the ball at the end of regulation.  And there is a LINE of flies (picture flies with tents and grills) waiting to be on the wall for whatever he is saying behind CLOSED doors.

8)      USC fires bball coach Kevin O’Neill.  They were so bad that no one even knew they were bad.

9)      MLB approves interpreters coming to the mound to talk to pitchers.  This is going to be FUN, people.  What if the shortstop can’t speak English, but speaks a different language, wants in on the conference at the mound?  We could have mound PARTIES.

10)   Notre Dame RB Cierre Wood declares for the draft.  I was going to crack on him and say welcome to the CFL, but then I found out he had a one year old daughter.  You got to do what you got to do.

11)   The Oakland A’s extended Bob Melvin’s contract for two years.  He is now set throughout the 2016 season.  Good for him, and the A’s.  Melvin is simply taking teams to the playoffs on what can be paralleled as allowance money.

12)   Rory McIlroy gets signed to a MONSTER deal with Nike.  The kid can be outside the top ten for the next ten years, and he could still afford personal jets and yachts.

13)   I watched the KU-Baylor game last night.  I have never been to Allen Field House, but I want to go.  There were times in the first half, before the game got within hand, that you could not even HEAR the announcers.

14)   There was a woman jogging on Sunday afternoon.  Getting by the question of her jogging in single digit weather, did she not care at ALL about the Broncos?

15)   I got an email from some legal entity saying there was a class action against Southwest Airlines for “drink vouchers.”  These are the class actions you better put a number/ amount on in the email, because I sure as hell am not looking up tickets from over 6 months ago finding out whether I got a freaking drink voucher.

16)   Everyone is worried about what Gronk’s absence will do to the Pats success.  I think it is legitimate, but not with the remaining teams.  Seattle’s height at certain positions would have given them trouble, but considering the  Pats still have a Pro Bowl TE remaining in Aaron Hernandez, I think they will be fine.

17)   So Serena gets hurt during her Aussie match and still wins love and love.  THAT is scary.  I hope she gets her treatment, and can give this a legitimate run.

18)   Not good.  Stay humble, Johnny Football.  A&M officials are meeting with him and his parents about his recent “sightings” since becoming famous.  Considering you can get a college on probation for them buying recruits lunch, I would watch pictures like this:

19)   Ravens Brendon Ayanbadejo has apologized for his “gimmick offense” tweets about the Pats.  Maybe coach made him go check out that waking the sleeping dog story.

20)   Danica files for divorce.  I am confused.  This must just be “official” this time, as I already thought she divorced her husband…unless she already got married againwhile I was ignoring car racing.  Confused.

21)   How many candidates have the Eagles interviewed?  Break out that flow chart for me.

22)   I can’t believe there were only 500 views on this video.  The only way to make up for being an idiot initially is to be really fast and make up for it.

23)   I cooked hard boiled eggs last night and ate a couple this morning.  How someone who treasures the taste of egg like I do has not done this before is BEYOND me.  VERY late to the game.  And here I was drinking them raw like Rocky for YEARS, or doing the microwave 2 minute version sometimes.

23a)  This lack of egg skill doesn’t apply to occasional weekends where I make scarmbled eggs for myself.  They are off the hook good.

24)   Mike D’Antoni has informed us that Kobe will “expand defensively.”  I don’t think that is really your problem, Mike, but that is just me.

25)   Quietly, another Top 150 recruit, and one of the top recruits from LOUISIANA, has committed to Bama.  Tim Williams. DE.

26)   Denver is overachieving with the most road games of everyone thus far.  Now they are shopping Mozgov.  I get it-they have LOTS of trade bait, but please tell me if you are going to raid the Heat’s limited trade cupboard, you are going after a star or multiple players.

27)   Mark Cuban has declared the Bank of Cuban is now open.  He doesn’t like losing.  I wonder if all the people calling to GET Dirk will eventually persuade him to trade down as opposed to trade up.

28)  The only question is…did they end up counting it?  I didn’t look that much into it.–nba.html

29)   That is it.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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