It must have been a WARMISH type of cold looking snow…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Day rant.  Speed version.  No time for extra pictures.  Let’s turn and burn.


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1)       Greetings and salutation, people.  Thanks for joining me again.  The Rangers gave G Henrik Lundqvist a 7 year/ $59.5 million contract today.  What is going on here?  Well, I guess there are two things.  First, they acknowledge he is not the problem.  Second, motivation…because they better hope his 8-11/ 2.50 GA does not speak of a trend and only is an aberration.

2)      Squinston Winston was named ACC player of the year today.  Not sure if that stands for the conference or for “another criminal charged,” but I guess we find out tomorrow at 2pm.  The fact that there IS  a press conference probably means he walks.

3)      Mike Tomlin was fined $100k today and the team may lose draft picks.  He deserves it.  Not going to lie.  I thought he was the MAN.  Lost some respect and in my job we spin things…but you can’t spin THAT video.

4)      Oladipo and Carter Williams had two triple doubles last night.  Two ROOKIE triple doubles.  Guess THEY didn’t come out too early, aye?  Lost in this all was Afflalo getting FORTY THREE.  I am truly becoming a fan of MCW.

5)      LSU’s Zach Mettenberger has a torn ACL and is done for the season.  LSU is out of the BCS Championship picture, and he is a pocket passer for the NFL.  Everyone will be fine.  Heal well, kid.

6)      FACT:  The Atlantic division in the NBA is on pace to be the worst division of all time.  The ONLY thing that might stop them from being that is that they play OTHER Eastern Conference teams frequently.

7)      Google “deadspin funbag” and read it.  You will laugh.  Sometimes out loud.

8)      At least Dick Vitale now TELLS me when he is going to rant on how good Duke is.  THAT is an improvement.  Dick, it is not DURING a game that it bothers me.  It is during other games when they are not playing.

9)      I noticed my Office Pool and Losers Pool picks directly correlate to the Steelers getting back into the playoff mix.  Weird.

10)   Hey, everyone.  Duke will play FOOTBALL in the ACC Championship.  Say it out loud.  It is just WEIRD.

11)   As far as the Duke-Michigan basketball game, you realize that if you shut down Michigan’s Nik Stauskas, you shut down Michigan.  At least right now.

12)   I ran a mile or two yesterday in our five degree weather.  I think it was warmer than it looked in Russia in Rocky IV.

13)   There is something great rivalries can’t overcome.  Money.  Why did the Yankees snag Ellsbury?  Because they suck, they have money, there is no hard cap in baseball, and because they CAN.

14)   I am in speed version.  Google “arrowhead parking lot death.”  Crazy story.  Similar car.  Wow.

15)   At Florida, Muschamp might switch to the up tempo offense.  Because he knows saying he is changing SOMETHING is the only way he keeps his job through next year.

16)   The Rockies traded away Fowler.  They picked up Morneau.  So, in one transaction, they gave away a young often injured player who never reached his potential, and in the other they picked up a guy who already REACHED his potential and NOW is often injured.

17)   Hernandez’s fiancée lied to the jury 29 times.  I guess she was trying to either catch Iverson’s practice monologue or Tebow’s excited monologue.

18)   In case you care, Houston is technically NOT eliminated from the playoff picture.  They are 2-10, people.  And that is a FACT.

19)   Lawrence Frank was demoted from lead assistant coach on the Nets.  I guess he is going to be a “far away” mentor for Kidd.  Thought they were going to grow old together.

20)   The pots were released for the World Cup.  The U.S. was put where they were expected.  They are lined up PERFECTLY for the Group of Death.  Sweet.

20a)  (Sarcastic)

21)   UCLA gives Jim Mora a new 6 year deal.  Well deserved, but does anyone else think that we will be 60 years old and Mora will still be getting new contracts somewhere?

22)   Syracuse reminded everyone that Indiana had the shortest lived successful rebuilding project in history.

23)   New word for Mr. Webster.  You got “mozgov’d.”  Dude comes OFF THE BENCH.  20 boards.  Wow.

24)   In case you care, a woman inspired by the movie Top Gun just got the top Pentagon position.  That is a FACT.

25)   Roger Mason, Jr., Heat player and UVA alum, was robbed at a restaurant the other day.  If his stuff wasn’t recovered, I bet you he would have gone home and watched Pulp Fiction.

26)   I am watching UVA-Wisconsin.  When UVA’s defense is ON, they are really, really good.

27)   How cute.  Peyton Manning responded to a fan’s invite to her wedding.  Lost in the wording was that he responded AFTER the wedding.

28)   Two security guards about to get off the clock who got a picture with Tom Brady were fired.  Come on.  He is freaking Tom Brady and they meant well.

29)   Why don’t more people think that Michigan State can beat Ohio State?  I smell a rat.

30)   Melo said him and some other Knicks might be fearful for Mike Woodson’s job status.  Just like Woodson is fearful the ball might not go to someone else when Melo gets the ball in a possession.

31)   Google “arcade fire Seinfeld parody.”  I am not a fan of the band, but it is pretty cool.  Thanks for the material, Baxter.

32)   The guy who has the Separate Ways ringtone at work had his phone ring again today.  Once again, I almost lost it.

33)   Lindsey has found me my new favorite thing.  Potato salad with deviled eggs in it.  Brilliant.

34)   AND it tastes delicious with hot sauce.

35)   Someone just tell when Aaron Rodgers IS cleared.  I am over the daily updates.

36)   The Mariners are now in the Robinson Cano sweepstakes.  Must be one hell of a couch and mattress they have to find extra money.

37)   Oregon QB Marcus Mariota will come back to the team and NOT enter the draft.  And Stanford football knows they can ruin his life yet again next year.

38)   There is a new deal in the future for Malzahn of Auburn.  He was a coordinator on the championship team a few years ago.  In a related story, the grass is green and the sky is blue.

39)   That is it.  Gotta go watch the rest of the first half.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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