It means that you know something even if you don’t know something.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Old format, as I had free Nuggets tickets last night and therefore no time to organize thoughts.

Let’s turn and burn.


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1)       Adam Scott has declared that he believes that Tiger will get the Major record of Jack Nicklaus.  This proclamation is simply “I won The Masters, so thou shall listen to things I say now in a public forum.”

2)      In vomit news, my boy Bryce Harper vomited and then went on to go 4-5 in the game.  You the man.  In other vomit news, it has suddenly come out that Michael Jordan, in his famous flu game, was POISONED.  It was pizza served in room service.  If someone ever chose to poison me, pizza would be the way to go.  I have a fast metabolism and therefore can’t eat a lot at one sitting, although no matter how much I eat, I am hungry an hour later.  That being said, all bets are off when pizza is served.  I can put down some slices, as I proved again in yesterday’s work “lunch and learn.”

3)      The Book of Eli was on main TV when I got home last night from work.  What a freaking GREAT movie, with a surprise that floors you.  I hadn’t seen it in a while, and loved catching the last 45 minutes of it.

4)      So, the Lakers beat the Rockets (and the Jazz lost) to get into the NBA playoffs.  More on this in a few, but once again could the Ewing Theory come to prominence?

5)      The Cleveland Cavaliers fired coach Byron Scott for going 24-58.  Let’s take a look at their roster.


It must be internal struggles, because I am actually IMPRESSED he won 24 games with that squad and a sometimes hobbled Irving.

6)      In college bball news, we won one and lost one.  Hardaway Jr. is leaving Michigan, leaving their cupboard even more bare after losing Burke.  I hope everyone enjoyed the Michigan basketball renaissance, because they will suddenly just be decent rather than good.  On the other side of the state, Gary Harris is staying at Michigan State.  I LOVE this move.  He is an NBA player to be, but his consistency wasn’t always there in games.  I think another year does him good.

7)      Someone grab a flow chart.  This is a picture of NBA legend George Gervin TAKING a picture of two fans with OKC’s Kevin Durant, with announcer Jay Bilas in the background being as funny as he can be.  So, where do I start?  Do the people know that is George Gervin?  Does Kevin?  Why is the kid texting while getting a picture with his alleged hero?  Was Bilas just passing by?  Does Bilas actually joke around at all like this?  Should Bilas TELL the fans who is TAKING their picture?  I am supremely confused all around.


8)      Down to business.


We can talk all we want about if OKC is better or worse without James Harden.  They are fine…at least until competition increases.  James has brought the Rockets far, but his supporting parts need to get better for him to put them on his back.  They need Lin to increase his 13/6 to about 16/9, Marcus Morris to be dreaming of some double doubles, and for the best kept secret in Texas, Omar Asik, to give a little more offense.  This year?  Not enough guns.  OKC in 5.

By the way, do you think some teams are wishing they drafted Chandler Parsons?


This is a bear trap with whole Kobe being out thing.  They can outsize the Spurs at times with Pau and Snowball, but I can’t see the Lakers having a prayer without a healthy Steve Nash, which we really haven’t seen.  Steve Blake is NOT going to score 24 a night like last night, and Manu being back changes everything.  Spurs in 6.


Even without Gallinari, Denver is too deep and too talented for the Warriors.  I think the Warriors shooting will sneak in two wins, I think Denver’s lack of being able to close games contributes to this, and I think the Nuggets own them in Denver.  Nuggets in 6.


The fun series.  This series will be intense, and the Nuggets are glad they got the 3 seed and dodged this.  The Clippers were early season sweethearts to be contenders, and even when they kind of tailed off, they still have the parts to make a run.  It is too bad the Griz will give them all they can handle.  Talent eventually wins, but it will go the distance.  Clippers in 7


I am not even going to waste me time writing about this.  The Heat want to end this to get rest.  I think the Bucks surprise the heavily favored Heat in one game, maybe in game 2 or 3.  Heat in 5.


The Celtics are known for defense, the Knicks are known for shooting 3’s.  Something has to give, and I think a team has to watch it relying on outside shooting so much.  I smell an upset, even without Rondo.  Celtics in 7.


I am still concerned about the Pacers long term run without Danny Granger.  That being said, the Hawks are not going to be the team that ends any run.  The Hawks are just soft and not playoff built when the game slows down.  Pacers in 6.


If only the Nets would have rested Deron Williams a little earlier in the season.  The Nets have the moving parts, but I think they need another year/ player for a playoff run.  The Bulls got the 5th seed without Derrick Rose, so they are adjusted to that loss.  The Bulls have pieces that have been here before.  Bulls in 7.

9)      That is it.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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