It means Luca Brasi sleeps with the fishes.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Let’s turn and burn.


1)       Chris Bosh says he is already a lock for the Hall of Fame.  I guess perhaps.  You have 8 All Star appearances, and you have higher numbers than the one guy who ISN’T in with that many, but I hope your statement doesn’t mean you plan on shutting it down.  You have the stats, but you don’t FEEL like a HOF’er yet.  You already jumped on a bandwagon to get a ring.  Now, show me a little more.

2)      I stayed up for watch the entire tennis match late Saturday/ early Sunday.  It was pretty high quality tennis for the first couple of sets and well worth missing sleep for.  Andy Murray played him VERY well, and showed a different aura now that he has a Slam under his belt.  That being said, after that second set tiebreaker, and after a little fight early in the set, it was SO obvious who was dictating the points.  Why is everyone so excited already for the French/ Nadal Open?  Because Nadal is hurt and actually out of the top 4 for the first time since 2005.  AND, because that red clay will slow down the vicious Djokovic shots a LITTLE.

3)      Ivan Lendl is the coach of Andy Murray.  I hope I look that smooth still when I am his age.

4)      I am sparing you my point by point notes of the match.  You are welcome.

5)      GREAT game Sunday morning between Indiana and Michigan State.  It was an obvious possible Final Four matchup, and Indiana just had a little too much ammunition for the Spartans.  Plus, they had Assembly Hall as their sixth man.  Michigan State just lacks the offensive firepower (don’t they always it seems?) to run the table in March I personally think.  They have great players, but not necessarily great scorers.

6)      When the heck did Michigan State start putting “Spartans” on the back of their jersey instead of a player’s name?  I sure as hell am glad I didn’t become a detective in life.  I could have something happen right in front of me, and the scariest part would be how little I remember when questioned by the police.  “Ummm.  Average height, darkish lightish complexion, and he left in a earthy colored car.  4 wheels.”

7)      The Celtics lost Rajon Rondo for the year with a torn ACL.  Geez.  Can we make the Eastern Conference any EASIER for Mr. James and company?

8)      I still chuckle when those faster/bigger commercials from AT&T come on.  LOVE them.  I want follow up commercials with a new set of kids.  Keep the kid who does two things at once.

9)      Obama has said something to the effect of football is bad.  Thanks, Mr. President.

10)   Damn.  The Lolo Jones bobsledding team won the world championships, giving her a reason to be even cockier.  Vince, I know YOU are happy.

11)   I almost forgot to switch back to the Heat-Celtics game after the Mich St.-Indiana game.  Not only was Hubie Brown announcing it, but it is like they waited for me, as the game went to several OT’s.

12)   I think Paul Pierce’s nickname is one of the better ones out there.  “The Truth.”  Nice.

13)   Tiger is whipping some ass presently as the last round got delayed until a weekday because of fog.  Welcome back, bro.  I am still here for you.  I was patient.  Now, let’s run the gauntlet in 2013, buddy.

14)   First there was Fluff, who was famous.  Then, there was Steve Williams, who was famous.  Why the hell can’t I figure out who Tiger’s present caddy is?  Looking it up kind of defeats my hook.

15)   The Clippers had a four game winning streak, which they ended last night.  Chris Paul comes back WHEN?

16)   This is what happens when Tiger is blowing everyone away-the announcers need to find things to talk about.  Hey, Gary McCord, thanks for that longer than expected segment on how to create a hole on the green.

17)   I finally got Lindsey to watch The Godfather.  I have a feeling she liked it, but probably is more from the camp of those that think they could have cut it down to 2/ 2.5 hours with no real losses in content.  I felt the same way in the fourth set of the Djokovic-Murray match.

18)   The #1 running back in the land chooses Michigan.  The odd losers that probably had a thought they he might be able to ramp their program back up to usual expectations were Tennessee and Auburn.

19)   I think my time in the Navy has made me try anything possible to not iron a shirt.  I actually still make my bed, but that is probably from my mom and dad then the Navy.

20)   GOOD.  THANK YOU.  Act like you have been there, if you HAVE been there over the last 50 years.  I would like to thank NC State basketball fans for NOT rushing the court after beating UNC.  You had your David Thompson and Valvano time.  You have been to the promised land already.  Good stuff.

21)   I try not to think about all of my life decisions I regret, but one always pops in my head that I wonder what life had been if I had gone the other way.  I think Top Gun brainwashed me.  Goose dies in that movie, and I think that subconsciously drove me away from being a rio in a jet.  I didn’t have the eyes to be in the front, but I think being Goose would have been a lot of fun.

22)   Shaun White won AGAIN?  Six straight?  That is impressive in ANY sport you are talking about.

23)   Carmelo Anthony had 9 three pointers last night.  What makes him a dangerous scorer is his jab step.  What makes his jab step dangerous IS his outside shooting.

24)   What is unbelievable about Northern Illinois breaking the NCAA Div 1 record for lack of scoring in a half (FOUR points) is not that it happened.  It is the fact that they broke their OWN record.

25)   I am not the only one in the “Coke Zero is the best tasting thing ever” club.  It disappears SO fast from our company vending machine.  AND, the ones that AREN’T buying are the smart people who brought in a college mini fridge.

26)   That is it.  Hope you enjoyed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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