It is like the secret of “reduced fat” Cheez Its tasting better, being more crisp, and getting less stuff on your hands. DO it.

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock as it is Sunday night and my witching hour.  Semi-speed version.  Late afternoon rant.  Let’s turn and burn.


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1)       Greetings and salutations, people.  Thanks for joining me and Happy Easter.  Hope you all had a good day of whatever you do on Easter Sunday.   Let’s hope I can at least get 20-30 hooks in before crashing like the Mavs did today against the Spurs.  Hey, Dallas, the NBA home court advantage is powerful.  When you have a better than average chance of taking one from the #1 seed at their crib, you have to grab it.  Embarrassing.

2)      The Flyers took advantage of stealing a playoff game today.  I was at church for the first two periods of the game, but nice to see Game 1 scapegoat Patrick Ackeson get the game tying goal today AND the team having the trust to have him out there in the first place.  Good stuff.

3)      I am confused how JJ Redick is cracking on ANYONE’S defense.

4)      I am impressed by the Blue Jackets coming back on the Pens in Pittsburgh.  I still am not sure what a blue jacket is exactly.

5)      I am very impressed by the Avs going up 2-0 in their series.  Still lots of hockey in the hardest championship to win in any sport, but it WOULD be fun to have an Avs-Flyers matchup.  Quite a dream at this point though.

6)      The NBA is looking at a 20 year old age limit.  I don’t see another LeBron coming down the pike, so I am down with this rule.  Unfortunately, it might give Cheaterpari more championships.

7)      Roy Hibbert decided he wanted people to know the Pacers are “healed” and apologized for calling his teammates selfish.  Good plan right before the playoffs.  The Hawks then went out and trashed the Pacers at their crib.  Words don’t solve anything.  The Pacers I don’t think are broken, but they definitely aren’t the same team as earlier in the season.

8)      Let the record show by the way that the Fillerbuster was opposed to the Granger trade beyond belief.  Hated that trade for depth.

9)      Thoughts and prayers to the family and friends of Craig Sager.  Get better, bro, and come back with even brighter suits after beating the monster.

10)   I have never heard so much coach speak happen with multiple people when there is STILL a coach on the payroll.  Mike Woodson must be pissed.  Dude still has the gig, and we already know that Steve Kerr will be offered the gig AND that he will accept the job.

11)   In case you care, I didn’t pull the trigger on the Clipper winning bracket.  As Gabe mentioned, Durant is stupid, stupid good, and I think OKC takes it this year.  Here is my bracket on the record.  After watching the end of the Warriors-Clippers Game 1, I am kind of glad.


11a)  Sorry if you can’t read that.  Maybe it is for the better.  I am still learning WordPress.

12)   I just never would think a Canadian hockey coach’s go to gesture would be the crotch grab.

12a)  I actually am just assuming he is Canadian.

13)   So, I guess I am happy that Peyton Manning CAN break a rule.  The NFL is looking into his visit to Nick Saban WITH his coordinator as a possible violation.  This would rank in Peyton’s living on the edge life up with the time he THOUGHT about stealing a stick of Chapstick.

14)   Speaking of living on the edge, although I live down the street, I did not venture down to the 420 celebration this year.  Wasn’t in the mood for my phone lighting up after a shooting occurs about 200 feet away.

15)   Who carries a freaking gun to a celebration for smoking stuff that makes you harmless and silly?

16)     I put salmon cream cheese on black pepper Triscuits the other day and it was absolutely delicious.

17)   How did salmon first get the “in” on breakfast food?  Did a trout or flounder miss its calling a century ago and still on some beach bitching about it?

18)   The Bruins today reminded the Wings that they ARE the favorites in the playoffs.  After dropping Game 1, they owned today.

19)   I don’t care what goals were initially.  Stop telling your fans you think 19 wins was a success, Mr. Sixers owner.

20)   Cole Hamels will make his debut against the Dodgers.  Someone nudge him and remind him he is the most underachieving person on the Top 25 highest paid athletes list released last week.

21)   Either the drugs you are doing aren’t helping you and your 4. something points a game, or no one cares overall.  Nick Calathes, just don’t appeal and let the 20 game suspension ride, ok?

22)   I think reading mock drafts is officially a hobby of mine.  LOVE those things.

23)   Lindsey and I were in Einstein’s this weekend (eating salmon) when All I Need is a Miracle came on.  I reminded her there are ENDLESS 80’s songs that were on the charts but didn’t hang around.  I can’t believe I lived through the uncoolest decade like ever.

24)    I still think that the Griz will give the Thunder a modest run, no matter what happened in the first game.  All that happened is that a home team defended their home court like they should.

25)   I laughed out loud when I watched Blake Griffin pour water on the fan.  How Clipper like.

26)   Raise your hand if you care that Wawrinka beat Roger Federer.  That would be a hand showing of people like me who only care about Majors, Grand Slams, and World Cups.

27)   In case you care, Michelle Wie, the sensation that was supposed to take over women’s golf, won for the first time since 2010.  I am not looking it up, but I bet the time she won before that was at least 4 MORE years before that.

28)   Only people like me who read and such sites care that Marshall transfer Kareem Canty reneged on his pledge to Auburn and is visiting UCF first.  Whoever gets him WILL benefit.

29)   I still order anything that has the word “chipotle” in it.  I just bought cream cheese at the grocery store because it contained it.

30)   I think pre cooked hard boiled eggs are one of the greatest inventions since Velcro.

31)   If you live in Denver, and haven’t investigating the La Fondue happy hour, then you are missing out.  Delicious and affordable.  Go in, go to the right, ignore the uppity atmosphere, and just go to Shag afterwards (which has a stripper pole) if you need to be in a more lax environment afterwards.

32)   It is Easter, and normally I would put a bunch of pictures in the Sunday rant, but I am not.  I am running behind my typical 8pm go to bed schedule.

33)   If you don’t follow me on Twitter, just know that Christie Brinkley still looks WAY too hot as a 60 year old.

34)   I was barely making it through a normal church service since my last pastor was a cheating bastard when the boring sermon threw out a R.A. Dickey reference.  I woke up immediately.  Happy Easter.

35)   Matt, you totally psyched her out.  Whether you meant it as a joke or not, Lindsey is still on level 461 in Sugar Mash/ Candy Crush.

36)   Be alerted that the Heat won LATE against a bad Bobcats team, but know they won, which is more than a lot of NBA home teams this weekend.

37)   My ending monologue thing is NOT going away.  But, it will merely be a during the week thing.  A bunch of short hooks with one long chosen monologue, which I am still figuring out a name for.  Friday’s theme WILL continue…for a little while.  Logan wants more on my hooks.  The least I could do would be to do it for ONE of the hooks.

38)   The NBA has admitted there should have been a foul called when Chris Paul dribbled it out of bounds yesterday.  Of course, that does NOT help the fact that both teams ruined free throw shooting for us for the rest of our lives OR the outcome of the game.

39)   I am watching “Inside Caddyshack.”  It is unbelievable.  The movie is like #2 in my book behind Princess Bride (everything is behind that movie of course).  It is also somehow getting me out of watching the Snapped marathon that I always endure on Sundays.

40)   It is crazy to remember that Kenny Loggins literally OWNED all movie soundtracks from 1979 to 1985.

41)   I have made a pact with myself and Lindsey about buying a weighted keyboard, and golfing every four weeks ALL summer.

42)   Of course, all of this is AFTER going to Jazzfest in New Orleans with Lindsey first.

43)   It is getting closer to nice weather, meaning I will go from zero friends to about 20 VERY soon.  My patio is dirty.

44)   I am watching an off channel with this Caddyshack thing, but I just saw a commercial for a female product that both Lindsey and I BOTH rolled off the couch watching.  “Sam in my pants.”  You will know it when you see it.

45)   The Tennessee Volunteers must be LOST with Cuonzo Martin just totally dissing them.

46)   Tell your friends.  Bernard Hopkins is still boxing, and the oldest boxer to unify titles with a win…ever.

47)   We are worried about the Yankees sending OLD guys to the DL as the season roll on.  That is why “Nova sent to DL” concerns those fans more than ever.  He is NOT old.

48)   I want to see the movie again.  The Hurricane died today.  Sad.  Plus, I love boxing beyond all belief.

49)   I am anxiously awaiting Lindsey being the “right” mood to watch 30 for 30 Bad Boys.  It has to be soon.  Otherwise, I will need to go to a different TV.  Come ON, Lindsey.

50)   We were supposed to watch that Walter Mitty movie last night.  It didn’t pan out.  Ping me if I have made a mistake by not watching it yet and if it IS the new version of Forrest Gump.

51)   I already love Aspen.  Lindsey found an 8 mile very hard hike that has ascended to the top of our bucket list in literally a day.  Think hard to hear about hard hike that ends in a mountain hot tub party with 100 people who woke up earlier than you and had 1.75’s in their backpack.  Sounds like a blast.

52)   May the record show that although I doubt Wii’s age classifications, Lindsey and I played in 4 sports last night, and I was 57, and she was 58.  Boom.  Tennis saved me.

53)   I am not surprised that the Nets beat the Raptors in Game 1.  I AM surprised that the Raptors had thousands of people OUTSIDE during the game.  That is awesome.  DeRozan should probably show up for the next game.

54)   But at least the Raptors GM was cussing at the Nets.

55)   I am VERY depressed to know my tagline baseball player, Bryce Harper, got benched for lack of hustle.  Sad.  You are demoted from being my favorite player, Bryce.  I don’t LIKE that.  I AM keeping your tagline for my blog.  But, officially, I am claiming my favorite player in the MLB as being Chase Utley, who I am STILL trying to explain to Lindsey is an extremely FACEY guy.  And now he is healthy.

56)   How the Clippers respond to losing Game 1 is already my favorite story of the NBA playoffs.

57)   By the way, La Fondue also had SOUND on a non Avs hockey game.  Uppity place having sound on hockey.  MORE bad ass.

58)   I am amazed the Blue Jackets came back in that game with the Pens after giving up FIVE power plays before the 10 minute mark in the 2nd period.

59)   Cool that Bama’s spring game was on TV.  Cool that they win a lot.  Sucks that apparently their replacement QB’s for McCarron just SUCK.

60)   Outside after church today, I saw my future vehicle.  It was a Jeep.  It was not a Cherokee.  Or it was a streamlined version of it.  Whatever it was, as soon as Eleanor is done giving me her best or worst, I am GETTING it.  Case closed.  I am in.

61)   That is it.  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.  Start running fast to first base, Bryce.

61a)  Lindsey put Oven Baked Cheetos in my Easter basket (yes, she is awesome).  They have 50% less fat, and taste BETTER.

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