It doesn’t have a “happy place”…

Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

On the clock.  Work break/ sanity check.  SPEED version style, as there is way too much stuff on my legal pad.

Let’s turn and burn.

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1)      First things first.  Better team, better coach, faster, stronger, more tested, etc.  Bama beats Notre Dame 31-13. I would LOVE to see a great game though, so go ND.

2)      I don’t know what he does in his off time, but it ain’t working.  Matt Doherty looks freaking OLD.

3)      I am not sure if I have ever mentioned it in my rants, but Cris Collinsworth has the most irritating voice (and substance coming out of it) ever.  I have?  Oh yeah, like every third day.  Got it.

4)      All of my NFL picks came in right this weekend, but of course I wasn’t exactly splitting the atom with them.  You throw in a bad wheel for RGIII, and every single subpar wildcard game was won by the much better team.

5)      Different strokes for different folks.  ESPN has already moved the “tentative” NHL deal off the front page, while CNNSI has it front and center.  I am with ESPN.  As soon as they eliminate the word “tentative,” then it will be news.  I am not on board quite yet as this has dragged on forever.

6)      John Cheaterpari gets ANOTHER top 15 recruit.  This is getting ridiculous.  The #1 center and #12 overall kid just committed to Kentucky.  In my perfect world, Dakari (the recruited kid) will have to leave for the NBA to dodge the sanctions that have to be coming down the pike for UK.

7)      Oregon’s Chip Kelly is simply messing around with everyone.  He does know that bad teams are usually the teams on the coaching hunt, right?  Either you are interested or not, but I wouldn’t like your flirting if I was one of your incoming recruits.

8)      He might act dysfunctional sometimes, but VERY cool of Amare Stoudemire to buy 30 kids game tix in remembrance of his deceased brother.

9)      I think that Samantha Steele/ Ponder should have been assigned to Saturday night’s game.  It would have made it fun with her hubby hurt on the sidelines.

10)   Sometimes an actor will do a role where, movies and years later, you will still say that he will always be so and so to you no matter what new roles they do.  I find it interesting that in Mr. Miyagi’s case, that is ALL he did, so there are no multi role problems.

11)   Watching Karate Kid II makes me want to dust off the recorder somewhere in my closet to try and mimic the background music.

12)   I thought it was awesome that the Ravens put Ray Lewis in on the final snap, giving him one more chance to do his usual dance as a goodbye to the city as a player.  Very cool.

13)   Chris Marlowe was announcing the Nuggets game and yelled out “Gallinari for three!”  He then said it about 2 second later.  Problem is it was Andre Iguadola who shot it, and they don’t look anything alike.

14)   Last time I checked, Colts OC Bruce Arians was still in the hospital.  Thoughts and prayers to a great guy and great coach.

15)   Dirk Nowitzki is questioning the Mavs “plan.”  He has a ring already, so people will actually listen to him asking this question.  Let me know, Dirk.  I sure as hell don’t see any championship strategy in your personnel.

16)   I am not a Burger King guy at all, but I like the name of their new sandwich.  The Angry Whopper.  Sounds good too.  Instead of pickles, ketchup, and onions, it has jalapenos, angry sauce, and angry onions.  And bacon and pepperjack.  Sounds delicious. Maybe it writes an abrasive blog too.

17)   Why does the NFL put together “all star” refs for playoff games?  Crews are used to working TOGETHER.  Therefore, it makes more sense to pull all star CREWS for chemistry.

18)   Mike Shanahan says Dr. Andrews cleared RGIII.  Andrews says he didn’t.  I believe Andrews.  He looked like a nervous wreck just WATCHING RGIII play yesterday.

19)   The Rockets suspend Royce White (the guy who can’t fly) for breach of contract.  Ok.  So you are telling me you can’t figure out a bus solution, designate him to a lower league NOT because of his talent level, and then suspend him when he doesn’t go?  There is no easy fix in this case, but don’t go pissing him off either.  Geez.

20)   As we enter conference play, here is my bracket blind Final Four in college basketball.  Michigan, Indiana, Louisville, Creighton.  Kansas, Duke, UNLV, and Gonzaga are just on the outside of mine right now.

21)    UVA beat UNC last night in an ugly basketball game.  Yay for my Wahoos.  Holding run and gun UNC to 52 points is pretty stellar no matter how you break it down.  It doesn’t matter how much UNC develops.  Sure, they have a LOT of talent, but did they forget to recruit a top flight post player?  Joe Harris for UVA is a stud and will play at the next level.

22)   Virginia has lost three times this year.  Delaware.  Old Dominion.  George Mason.  So, evidently, we have problems with teams from the Colonial Athletic Association.

23)   Lindsey asked why UVA alumni refer to us as Wahoos.  The story comes from a heated baseball game in the late 1800’s against Washington and Lee, with them yelling the term at our fans being derogatory.  There are other stories out there also of its origin.  A Wahoo is a fish that can take in twice its weight in water to appear bigger.   Wherever it came from, the wahoo reference also became a joke about how UVA students could drink twice their weight…in alcohol.  Moving on.

24)   I never thought I would see the day when I opened up a newspaper and see a coupon for marijuana.  But, Lindsey and I did yesterday. Colorado passing that law will make for LOTS of new fun reading.

25)   Way to kick through pain yesterday, Steven Hauschka.  I suppose you did the kicker version of Kellen Winslow.

Kellen Winslow

26)   Thoughts and prayers to this stripper.  I bet you the guy was just happy he didn’t have to throw that additional tip AFTER the initial dance fee.  HATE that.

27)   I went to my laundry room last night and there were 2 minutes left on the washer.  I didn’t have my phone.  It didn’t make sense to walk back to my place and then back again.  I stood there for two minutes staring at the washer, and literally felt the feeling of wasting time on earth.

28)   Some of the Redskins had mouth pieces of the color of their uniform.  The nice yellow just made them look like they don’t’ take care of their teeth.

29)   I hear the Dwight Howard and Kobe almost came to blows the other day.  That sounds about right.  Seriously though.  One guy has lots of rings, and one guy has NO rings.  What is the argument about?  Dwight.  Shut up and go practice shooting free throws.

30)   Not only are these rookie QB’s in the NFL for real, but they are tough also.  I LOVED watching Russell Wilson blocking down field, and watching Andrew Luck make a great open field tackle on the guy who intercepted his pass.

31)   New rankings are out for college bball.  Is someone going to explain to me how Maryland is not ranked still?  They lost by 3 points in their second game to Kentucky, and haven’t lost since.

32)   That is it.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.

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