INTERVIEW REQUEST: Let’s get LaVar on a mic with THIS guy.

  1. Greetings and salutations, people.  Thanks for coming aboard (the boat).  Let’s turn and burn.
  2. Not a slow one tonight, but I don’t have all night either.  Lindsey is at her sister’s and, as usual, I have a lot to say.  Let’s move.
  3. Do I like the ONLY Warriors commercials on ESPN for their games?  Nope.
  4. (You have to see the commercial to actually chuckle on that one)
  5. What does The Fillerbuster do in his non drinking nights when the wife is out of house?  Well, I throw $30 on two games that are back to back in order and sit on the couch with my cats and blog while watching both games.  You have to have goals, people.
  6. At first glance, I bet you think that Rafael Palmeiro is a fitness nut, drinking water like Tom Brady, and ready to give his ageless wonder body a shot at the big leagues.  Check that thought.  If he plays ONE single MLB game, he then gets eligible again for the MLB Hall of Fame.  Come on, man.  Just wag your Mutombo finger at us in the secrecy of your home and let the sleeping dog lie.  You cheated.  Image result for palmeiro wags finger hearing
  7. He kind of looks 50 in THAT old picture.
  8. And you didn’t cheat AFTER a HOF career like Bonds.  You BECAME what you were because of it and longevity.
  9. Yes, I am firmly in the court that Bonds should be in the baseball HOF.  Why?  Because he had a HOF career BEFORE he started cheating.  Just take his stats up until his head couldn’t fit through a normal door and call it a day and revote.
  10. The Eagles didn’t ruin my entire weekend, but let’s just say a decent weekend of betting went back to pretty much barely above even because of them.  Up overall for the season so all is good.
  11. It is like Rickie Fowler said “I am tired of this Tiger media shit” and then went out and blazed a 61 at the Hero’s final day.  Image result for rickie fowler 61 hero's
  12. Who the hell wants THAT trophy though?  Ugly and something I feel like I can buy at a pawn store.
  13. I can’t write that next list item in my blog.  Silly me.  Moving on.
  14. The good news about me losing in fantasy this week is that I am now definitively in last place in the league and I don’t feel as bad not starting Sanu last week.  But, as my name says, it really doesn’t matter.  
  15. Why?  Because we have an ice dragon on Game of Thrones.  All is good in life.  Image result for game of thrones ice dragon
  16. Did you SEE third string QB for the Saints make at least TWO tackles last week?  Awesome, and you had to love Sean Payton’s smirk after the first tackle.  Image result for taysom hill special teams payton smile
  17. Just finished sixth episode of Ozark.  WOW.  That show is off the hook.  Don’t like one side plot?  Well, there are about 5 other uncomfortable plots going on so you can pay attention to them.  Losing out if not watching that show.  Be mentally prepped for it though.  It doesn’t sugarcoat things.  Image result for ozark
  18. Someone on that show should win an award for casting in this show.  Damn, Jason Bateman plays the best guy who gets shit on in life.
  19. I can’t figure out the Chiefs.  Luckily, no one else can either.
  20. Hey, Chargers, you usually dig yourself too big of a hole to come back and make the playoffs.  Well, the Chiefs, Broncos, and Raiders have teed you up this year.  Do it up.  I would LOVE to see Rivers in another playoff game.  Love him, or hate him, he is a gamer.  Plus, it is fun to listen to him talk smack without cussing.  He is like a 1000 kid angry religious guy.  Image result for philip rivers does not cuss smack talker
  21. Doggone it.
  22. Survive and advance in road conference games.  The Steelers did that.  Part of me wanted to think through that old school Raiders-Steelers games used to have DOUBLE those illegal hits in a game.  But, maybe I have softened up or the times have rubbed off on me, but I was uncomfortable watching the game.  It was ugly and penalty rich.  And, the Steelers I admit got some calls their way that were key.  I was depressed that such a good young kid, JuJu, just stand over Burfict, even though we all know we didn’t mind that cheap shot player down overall.  Answer me this though.  If I were to ONLY have EITHER the Gronk hit or the JuJu hit to look at separately, we could analyze fines, suspensions, etc.  But, when COMPARING them, and whatever you think you need to do to the player as a penalty, HOW did JuJu and Gronk both get the SAME suspension???  Set the bar, but those two hits need to be separated.  JuJu just stood over a player on the ground.  Gronk HIT a guy on the ground.
  23. Dammit, Antonio.  No need to be yelling stuff in the background while they are questioning JuJu.  You don’t need to go to that level.
  24. Interesting betting story on the MNF game.  I initially grabbed a 4.5 spread early in the day.  Then, after thinking about it and always making sure my betting doesn’t affect me rooting for my own team, I changed the bet.  Well, you CAN’T change an online bet.  So, I took the amount I would win IF they cleared 4.5 and then did the money line for more money.  So, I felt better about my action.  Get pissed if they lose.  Get rewarded bonus cash if they cleared the spread.  Or, just win that money back if they just win.  They JUST barely won.  I made $7 on the game-lol.
  25. You could have a couple of drinks or get high and watch this 6 second clip ALL day.  And no, this is not the Bill Walton boxing clip from my other blog, although that one qualifies.  Check out this cheerleader magic trick.  SIX seconds.  Check it out.
  26. So, I am confused.  Do Bryce Love and Lamar Jackson still write an acceptance speech for the Heisman?  Do they do it to be positive?  Do they do it to put on their bookshelf for when they get old?  Not going to be used-THAT is for sure.
  27. So, now I want to MEET this Ohtani basbeall player.  He gave his list of seven teams, and NO big money east coast teams.  Dude apparently just wants a chill west coast team with some cash.  I love the guy already.  No need for dense crowds, inflated prices, pushy street people, and cold weather.  Dude just wants to CHILL while throwing his 100 MPH heater and swinging for the fences in between pitching.  So, if he goes American Conference, do they just not put out a DH?  I haven’t looked at that tidbit.
  28. I can root against the Broncos all I want, but even I think that Gase pulling that onside kick up a couple of scores lost him some love in the football community.  Get back at your previous employer?  Ok, but do it more timely.  Image result for seinfeld tries to poison his boss
  29. Anyone find it ironic that John Elway is one of the best QB’s of all time and the one thing he can’t land is a QB?
  30. Their QB situation is funnier on Deadspin.
  31. Hopefully, you have read MMQB and Ten Things by Zach Lowe, as they are the best weekly articles and I don’t ask much from you all.
  32. Hey, Duke, when you have a bunch of young kids in your starting lineup, you are supposed to lose a game or two to nobodies while you figure it out, and THEN get really, really good late in the season.  It should scare the rest of the country that they are running people like they are already.  Well, except Villanova.  Sure the game was played at MSG and close to home, but Nova beat a very good Final Four contender in Gonzaga VERY handily last night.  Nothing flashy, but a bunch of seasoned efficient players with some young talent that is just really, really good.
  33. Hey, decision makers.  Legalize sports gambling.  It is happening anyway.  Kind of like weed in CO.  Just let it go and be easier.
  34. Ha.  Wisconsin just covered.  59-55.  I took them and 4.5 points.  Love it.  Now I just need Vandy to cover for a good night.
  35. That Artie Burns story before the game Monday was pretty solid.  I admit to not knowing his background, and I have more respect for him now.
  36. Right move.  Firing McAdoo.  Wrong decision.  Starting Eli again.  Get rid of the dude for losing and HOW he handled the Eli thing.  But, giving Eli the start doesn’t solve any problems.  Take the time to look at your talent since this mess was already created and existed already.  He will probably leave anyway.  I would if I were him.
  37. Interesting.  When I first went to Lindsey’s family’s place for the holidays, I complained about no football on Thanksgiving and no NBA on Christmas.  Actually, to backtrack, I don’t think I even went the first year.  Anyway, then I rolled with it, and did the holiday thing without the games on right in front of me (side room).  I have been very well behaved and respected the way THEY celebrate the holiday.  THIS year, it gets interesting.  I can bypass the NBA games.  Not a problem.  BUT, the Steelers play at 230pm on Christmas Day.  230-3pm is typical dinner time on holidays for her family.  Well, I hope they know my goodness over the last five years or so makes up for the fact that A) I am not going B) I will be in the side room with a TV tray C) I will be the fastest eater of a holiday dinner ever or D) we are eating early.  Games in general missed?  Ok.  Steelers games missed?  Ummm.  No.
  38. The Dantonio-Harbaugh social media spat was one of the most boring social media spats I remember.  It is only a LITTLE interesting because Harbaugh is involved (no offense, Dantonio-you are just classy and more boring).
  39. You can have your own favorites.  Free country.  My favorite bowl name is Cheribundi Tart Cherry Boca Raton Bowl
  40. Another blog and Donovan Mitchell is still tearing up shit in the NBA.  ROY might be easy this year.  Oh, wait.  Ben Simmons.  Yeah, well, can we give a most exciting rookie award?  Image result for donovan mitchell dunk
  41. This Rodney Anderson thing might still be at he said-she said stage, but this has two impacts in my eyes.  A) Whether he gets charged or suspended or not, he apparently was in a questionable situation at a very, very important time in his life.  B) From a football perspective, OU needs points.  Why do they score so much?  Because Rodney (guy on the short list of being able to jump out of a pool standing) is the fastest big guy in space I have seen since…A.P.  And he makes the D respect him so Baker can do HIS thing.  They will need every single point Rodney can give.  UGA has a whole SHED of badass running backs.  OU needs HIM.  Image result for rodney anderson jumps out of pool
  42. Box jumping out of a POOL.  That is just sick.
  43. Alex Ovechkin scored his 20th goal, becoming the 11th player ever to have 20 goals in 13 straight seasons.  But one thing they didn’t elevate enough in the article I read?  He did it this year in less than 30 games.  Isn’t he supposed to be slowing down?  Nope.
  44. Watching Warriors game right now?  Nope.
  45. Watching KU as tourney research against a bad Washington squad?  Yup.
  46. In case you don’t think that hothead DeMarcus Cousins is also smart, he dragged KD with him in ejection status the other night.  Well done.  Dislike KD, and tolerate Cousins.
  47. I see some articles about what KD will do with Curry hurt.  Who cares?  Now they are just a NORMAL super team.  Move on, media.  It is the beginning of the regular season.  I am sure they will win lots without Curry.  They just become SCARY with Curry.  No win records are going to be set this year, so give me Zach Lowe Ten Things quality stuff.
  48. Got off a call at work today with one of new directors, and he just looks at me straight faced and says “I heard that I probably shouldn’t play poker with you.”  I just smiled-he caught me speechless.  Well, you can play with me.  You just will probably be leaving with less than you came with.  But it will be fun, and isn’t that the most important thing?
  49. Rob actually won more with me, but I am the other guy you need to worry about.
  50. Rob is much better than me (although he is a friend who I like to hang with so I kind of have to invite him) and I take it as a compliment that he says he just really can’t read me at all.  Especially now that I don’t drink when playing.  No tells, no reactions, and bluff just enough to keep you on your toes.
  51. You don’t hear THIS that often.  After his girls high school team lost 102-0, the coach talked about how HARD his team tried to score.  We get it.  102-0.  That is hard to do.  I would just take the second half and launch half court shots until one of them dropped.
  52. Vandy didn’t cover the 3 points.  Push for the night.  They actually LOST by three at home.  They must have been confused as to whether they were giving or getting points.
  53. Watt and Altuve were deservedly Sportsmen of the Year, but I liked this picture of Embiid and Altuve much better.  
  54. What do FSU people celebrate over the holidays?  Lost QB, lost playoff season, lost coach, have new coach who has had like 3 jobs in 4 years.  Or 4 in 3 years.  One of those.  Lots of jobs in minimal time.  You are under the microscope, Taggart.  Oregon has facilities that blow FSU out of the water, so did you just really want to move to Florida?  I am sure this is your dream job, blah, blah, blah.  If I am a recruit, I am looking elsewhere.  Not trusting him to stay anywhere now.  Big school to big school move?  Lateral and makes no sense.
  55. I am totally against players bowing out of bowl games to prepare for the draft unless they are a first rounder.  But, with FSU’s season and the joke bowl game they now have because of it, I get Derwin James sitting out.  Smart move.
  56. I had to accompany my wife to her friend’s birthday happy hour last night.  Luckily, I was on my toes.  Got there early, and immediately had the bartender put the Nova-Gonzaga game on one TV and the UVA-WVU game on the other TV closer to the table.  I didn’t talk to many people at the party.  I really liked this dude who dates one of her friends though, as he lives his life vicariously through Seinfeld like I do.  He was Larry David at Halloween.  I was Kramer for Halloween years ago.  Twice actually.  The second time, I bartended at a place that had a door coming into the bar.  Needless to say, as people got drunk, I did that entrance bit often.
  57. I just really like people who like Seinfeld.  It is that simple.
  58. The boxing HOF just did their new inductions this week.  With the Russian now in there, we are officially on the lookout for a heavyweight, ANY heavyweight that has a prayer to get in any time in the next 10 years.  Nothing.
  59. Josh Heupel has a good life.  He takes over a full cupboard at UCF, and it is a perfect springboard for his next, and probably only future move into the big time.  Shame Lincoln is so young, bro.  That would have set up well.
  60. Just saw a Florida basketball score.  They are losing in a game they were 17 point favorites.  Whether they pull that one out or not, they just don’t look right at ALL right now.
  61. KU is still losing to Washington.  What the hell is going on?
  62. No, I didn’t touch either game.
  63. It is a shame that UVA lost to WVU last night, but I kind of expected it.  Fast paced team at home at one of the hardest places to win?  Their loss is not a big deal in the big picture.  But, what I WAS floored by was Ty Jerome.  He has taken over for mainstay London Perrantes at PG.  In three plays, he turned the ball over, committed a foul when only down two (or tied-I was eating a taco at the time), and then turning it over again on a bad bounce pass.  Kid, take the exam time and come back NOT doing those things.  The Hoos need another scorer, and if you aren’t going to be that guy, at least be a non turnover prone PG, OK?  Image result for ty jerome uva
  64. You should read that article about how they JUST found the killer of Lorenzen Wright from 2010.  Literally just found the gun.  But never really stopped looking.  Crazy what can pop up, and glad that family can go to sleep better at night.  Mom never gave up.
  65. See?????  Just when people are ruling out Arizona, they go out and beat a VERY good A&M basketball team.   Talent might dip for a while during the season, but it is still talent and can beat anyone on any given night.  Two really good teams in that one.
  66. Ball State, Notre Dame?  You know.  We would just write off that MSU beatdown…but Ball State?
  67. This guy really must have as many ideas as he says he does.  Dude comes on the new Shark Tank with RokBlok, a portable record player that fits in your hand (you have to watch a video to understand).  Robert offered double the ask for 100% share.  Done.  You don’t see that often on the show.  I think I remember one time, but I think it was for majority ownership and not 100%.
  68. I might get this.  This is pretty stellar.  Image result for rokblok shark tank
  69. Fun article on Deadspin about swords.  I have one a buddy gave to me years ago under my bed, so I get it.
  70. And an article from Deadspin on the greatest game on earth…that I can’t find anyone to play against (I admit to not trying very hard to track someone down).
  71. Bradley Beal had 51 vs. Portland last night.  Things I took from this.  A) Anyone who follows hoops knows that he is a danger to put up 50 any time he steps on the court B) I am surprised he did it against the guard star heavy Blazers and C) It was oddly the FIRST time EVER that any visiting player put up 50 in Portland.  I would never have guessed that with the history of that franchise.
  72. Big Ben.  Stop talking NOW.  Let your final year (if that is the case) be one of class and silence (the only way you can be classy).  Don’t summarize the MNF game as “AFC North football” and don’t say you have more respect for the Ravens than the Bengals.
  73. Wait.  WAIT a minute.  That is actually BRILLIANT.  He MUST be playing this year and retiring.  Because, the one thing he DOES know is that he won’t see the Bengals again THIS season.  Yeah, I am using that statement as proof he is winning the whole thing and retiring on the spot.
  74. SOOOO glad the free agent class will be what it is for QB’s the year that he probably will walk away.  I expect them to be camping out in tents.  Throwing to Brown and JuJu for years with Bell as your safety valve?  Sounds perfect.  I will take Bridgewater or Cousins, please.
  75. You lose, Jerry.  Goodell signs his new monstrous contract for running the league badly.  Since I think I dislike Roger Goodell and Jerry Jones equally, I guess that is what I call a push.
  76. LaVar special press rules.  Lonzo isn’t being coached right.  Younger kid shoplifts stuff as expensive as Big Baller shoes.  And then THIS.  He pulls the middle kid out of UCLA.  I could write all day on this, but lucky for you I need to go do some things like work, workout song update, etc.  LaVar can be bigger than life.  I get it.  It is working.  You are selling your brand.  But, to insult the greatest basketball program in history is a whole other thing.  You are an idiot, man.  A) UCLA will be around and prominent WELL after you are gone off this earth B) Your kids act pretty well with you talking up a storm, but up to this point, you left them on the court.  You are now taking your kid OFF the court.  NO WAY he gets drafted.  AT ALL.  He wasn’t on scouts radars yet, and now he will just disappear.  It is one thing to have your antics.  It is fine also if you get the mic and insult everyone and their mother.  But, when you are being derogatory to a prestigious university AND taking the court from your kid (after you already did one time in their HS career), then you need to lock yourself in a room and get a hold of yourself.  Stop it.  Definition of a car wreck.  We hate seeing him, but yet can’t turn away.  Image result for lavar ball pulls liangelo
  77. Close your eyes and imagine the brilliance of my idea.  Let’s get Bill Walton in a room together.  LAVAR:  “I am Big Baller!!!”  “You are the dumbest guy with three kids who lives in CA that has pulled one of them out of school and complained about NBA coaches…EVER!!!!!”
  78. I was down briefly today.  So, I looked up online the comedy bit that keeps me in line when things are down.  You should try it.  Happy now?  Then just keep the link.  Curious?  Then click on it.  Go to 15:00 exactly for the warmup.  The shit hits the fan on my point at 15:45.  It is literally 2 minutes of your time.  You will leave the link refreshed, sarcastic, and feeling good about life again.  God Bless, Dennis Leary.  Yes, it has bad language.
  79. Image result for denis leary no cure for cancer
  80. If you listen to that whole thing, know that I might have or might not have drank a whole bottle of NyQuil just because I was in college, stupid, and curious after listening to his bits.
  81. Completed my arsenal on my new workout plan now that I have access to my boxing room now at the rec center.  Boom.  The boxing room is BYOB.  Bring your own (speed) bag.  
  82. Ever wish you never found a particular food at a store across the street from you?  Well, I found a peanut butter cookie with chocolate ice cream that we might become addicted to.  Bad idea.
  83. That’s it for today.  Hope you enjoyed or at least are more informed.  Will I blog again?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.
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