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  1. Greetings and salutations, people.  Thanks for coming aboard (the boat).  Old school style, which will most likely remain constant for in the past, present day style and eventually future style.  Bandwidth issue.  I like writing this way.  Let’s move.
  2. I am tired.  This will be shorter and to the point.
  3. Ahh, Celtics.  I get it.  After finally making a move, getting Gordon Hayward, and having to release some of your depth, Aron Baynes is the dirty little secret you have been hiding to get to the Finals.  Brilliant.  May the force be with you.  Love the guy, but don’t see him as an answer to much except for frontcourt depth.
  4. The Wolves scored AGAIN.  Crawford?  LOVE the move.  People, listen, I rotate on teams as I follow players more than teams.  Consider me a Sixers fan once again (from my childhood before Zeke was drafted-he retired and I went with Iverson with Philly and then with Denver) with a huge dab of Minnesota, with the last twenty years of home cooking of the Nuggets in the mix.  I can flow chart my NBA fandom if needed.
  5. I totally spaced out during this Marcus Morris trade about the fact he has charges still trying to be put against him.
  6. Not the end of the world of course, but JUST when we thought once again US Soccer had it figured out, they tie Panama at OUR home crib.  Not the end once again, but not exactly a high five of World Cup excitement either.
  7. You can tune into the HR Derby Monday for fake HR’s, or for Pitbull evidently.
  8. So, Joel Embiid gets fined $10k for saying basically the same thing every single person outside of the Ball family and non-truthful Lakers executives want to say.  Not fair.
  9. The recent SI with articles on misunderstood athletes is well done.  I am done three thus far.  A.I., Vince Young, and Lindros.  Great stuff, with a little blurb about Charles Oakley and friends doing a get together that is extremely transparent to the reader.
  10. The Iverson article will give you new respect for him and “answer” (I actually caught that pun on my reread of this-lol) your questions on why he is doing this Big 3 thing.
  11. By the way, in the Big 3, is that ex-UVA Roger Mason, Jr. heading that up?  Beautiful.  Wahoowa.
  12. Some of us have fun stories, but if Todd Marinovich does ANYTHING good on the football field at 48 years old, we can relive the fact that he was high on meth naked just one year ago in someone’s yard.  I am rooting for him only because I want to hear more about that exciting day.
  13. Tim Hardaway Jr is a likable guy, but somehow I think half the nation flipped on him subconsciously since we kind of WANT the Knicks to be wrong for giving him that contract with just really weird options and too much money.
  14. And even David Griffin doesn’t want to GM that mess.  Named pulled.
  15. The Raptors today traded guards.  Joseph-Miles.  Basically one needed offense, and the other needed defense.
  16. Well, if you can’t still win that title, you might as well sing about it shirtless.
  17. Jon Rahm won this weekend’s Dubai tourney, meaning he cements everyone’s dark horse pick even MORE than before amazingly in Majors.
  18. James Harden inked the highest extension ever in NBA history. If those Rockets can figure out a way to get a third star on that team, they will be semi-scary.
  19. You know?  Here we were ALL interested to see who the Warriors lost in the offseason.  They had to lose SOMEONE, right?  Guys take pay cuts, guys take less money, and they even get PACHULIA back, who no one even cared about.  It’s kind of like the Evil Empire realizing that small hole to the center of the Death Star BEFORE Luke could get to it.  Unfair.
  20. Meanwhile the Cavs countered strong with Jeff Green.
  21. The fact that Venus Williams got cleared in that vehicular thing is great.  The fact that she made it through the beginning of her draw with it still on her mind is amazing.  NOW, it will be back to a really, really feel good story if she can win it.
  22. Here is hoping that those Favre GM-Coach stories that disappeared quickly like a bad movie at the theaters really mean they disappeared.  Love the guy, but I need a break larger than the one we just got.
  23. The Astros have 60 wins at the break AFTER beating someone 19-1.  Fair to say we might not even have SEEN the best of that great team yet.
  24. I caught up on Ballers this weekend.  Two things.  Is The Rock literally like in every single show and movie these days?  Also, are him and Richard from Silicon Valley in a contest to see who can make more bad decisions?
  25. One more week…Game of Thrones.  Jonesing.
  26. How am I writing this when The Defiant Ones and my BOY on tonight?  I taped it.  Wasn’t in the TV binging mood tonight.  Going to wait it out a couple of days.  Don’t tell me anything.
  27. Lonzo Ball makes two shots in summer league debut.  Yay.  Triple double in second game.  Ugghhh.  (turn off mic NOW on LaVar).
  28. I really did LOVE Lonzo Ball before his dad started chirping.  Honestly.  My old blogs tell the story.
  29. Just found out Top Gun, NOT included at Film on the Rocks this year (WEAK lineup all around), will be in 3D at the IMAX at the end of July.  Schedule.  Cleared.
  30. I could go on a tangent about how much I love this movie.  I will save it.  I have multiple weeks.
  31. Every time I taste an extra special Iced Tea (my eternal flavor these days since I am permanently on the wagon (off the wagon-on the wagon-whole Seinfeld episode about it)), I ask my server and they say it is “Tea & Co.”  Happened a couple times now.  Need to investigate further.  Iced Tea is hard to mess up, but even harder to make extra good without making it all stupid fruity and stuff.
  32. Now that I am drinking like 15 Iced Tea glasses a day, is it even healthy for you?  More research needed.
  33. The meatloaf at The Range in downtown Denver is the best meatloaf I have had in many, many years.
  34. On the guy’s side at Wimbledon, the top four advanced.  Remember, the same theory holds true in March Madness.  The upsets are really, really fun.  But, when there AREN’T upsets, then the quality of the future matches increases ten fold, just without as much “fun.”
  35. See, everything is really just FUNNIER on Deadspin.  Don’t read any other Tour De France updates.
  36. I have a personal dream that Nick Young will single handedly blow up the Warriors (won’t happen I know).  But, if you have a goal, you have to track it.  Here is step one of a thousand hopefully, folks.
  37. Why can’t the kids just all run around the ball like normal kid soccer games?
  38. I had one of my late 1990’s days on Saturday.  I was trolling around Lakewood doing errands.  I always see where the closest 24 Hour Fitness is to my errands.  I went to one before my errands that I THOUGHT had a pool.  It didn’t.  I had already changed, so I hit the weights for an hour before leaving.  Did my errands.  Then, just because I was so pissed off I didn’t get to do my planned swim, I hit a DIFFERENT 24 Hour Fitness on the same trip AFTER errands 2 hours later and swam 60 laps.  Ahhh, this new workout regiment is going to be a lot of fun.
  39. And, if you thought the Cubs were heading into the ASG break on a high note, the Pirates made sure THAT didn’t happen.  14-3.  Wow.
  40. I know that wasn’t exactly a short blog.  Whoops.  Amazing how that happens once I start typing.
  41. That’s all for today (tonight technically).  Hope you enjoyed or are at least more informed.  Will I blog again?  That is a CLOWN question, bro.  Peace.
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