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Read it, don’t read it, I don’t care…just needed to get some things off my chest.

In no particular order of chronology or importance…

Not on the clock.  Airplane rant, but I might want to get a little shut eye also as my already evening flight from Pittsburgh was delayed.  Let’s turn and burn.

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1)      When I get back to Denver, I think I will have a couple Long Island Ice Tea’s, a couple of shots of tequila, and then drive home.  Oh, that’s right.  I don’t have an executive level job with the Broncos.  I just sell software.  Just remember, Broncos, things happen in three’s.

2)      Congrats to all of the NHL HOF’s that were nominated.  I got to experience your entire careers being at the same ages, and you were quite the players.  Shanahan, Niedermayer, and Chelios just to name the big ones.

3)      When I write a Hotmail email message, it spell checks “hotmail.”  That is just dumb.

4)      I have had a day of dodging flash floods, tornado warnings, long airport commutes, hoping for no flight cancellations, and flight delays.  Presently, we have some nice turbulence going on.  I actually LOVE turbulence.  Makes a flight exciting I say.

5)      The Cavs and Mavs are both courting Andrew Bynum.  Whoever gets him will not be certain they won the duel.  That guy is a wildcard.  It will sure be fun who made the mistake though.  Andrew will make certain of that I assure you.

6)      Speaking of the Mavs, Dirk made a funny on Twitter.  He said something to the effect that the Mavs spent all summer trying to get DH and got him.  Welcome, Devon Harris.  That is FUNNY, my German friend.

7)      That Gomez catch at the wall to end the game is about as exciting of play you can have in baseball.  Great stuff, and go watch it if you haven’t already.    Above average for a wall catch.  WELL above outstanding because the game was on the line.

8)      We are told by authorities that Aaron Hernandez was “argumentative” when being arrested.  So, what we have learned so far is that he is not very good at murdering people OR poker.

9)      The Detroit Lions have extended QB Matthew Stafford.  Has the stats, has chemistry with the best go to guy in the land, and is finally getting the pieces around him to make a good playoff run.  There are enough busts at the QB position that you go ahead and PAY a good one when you find one.

10)   I am flying back from a Clarksburg, WV client visit.  How was Clarksburg?  It is in competition with Dunham, PA as the most boring work visit I have made in the last couple years.  I would HIGHLY recommend the Horsey Beef sandwich at Hank’s Deli though.  There is a four lane road that people ALL over town will tell you is uncrossable by foot.  The lady at the hotel said it like it was LAW.  If you stay at the always trusty Hampton Inn, the GoMart in the same parking lot sells Sma Adams Double Bock, which is of course tasty and potent.  And I was even bored enough to work all night and watch the ESPN Pat Summit special.

11)   Did you know that after UVA kicked Tennessee out of the tourney in the early 80’s, and while Pat Summit went into labor a little later in the year in a plane, and when told she was flying over the state of VA, she told the pilot to veer another way because there was no way she was having a baby over the state of Virginia.  Nice.

12)   Monta Ellis, knowing he is one of the last big names left in free agency, has decided to treat the teams like a high school recruit treats colleges.  He has named his final four possibilities of a destination.  Sacramento, Hawks, Mavs, Charlotte.  The Kings and Bobcats would just be about the money, the Hawks are a bunch of misfits, and I I think Dallas is a black hole right now with an aging Dirk, no luck in free agency, and no real help around him.  I still don’t get how Denver is not on this list, but of the four, Monta, I would go to Dallas.  At least you know they TRY to win.  I would play for Mark Cuban ANY day.

13)   Do you remember the list of athlete’s hottest wives about 5-10 years ago?  Remember when MLB’er Kris Benson’s wife was on there?  Go look up this story.  They have split, and she has now been arrested.  She showed up at his door, already with a restraining order, with a gun in her hand, a taser gun, a bullet proof vest, and various other weapons.  Kris got out of the house, called the police, and they arrived to find her on his back patio smoking a cigarette.  That chick is NUTS.

14)   Ryan Braun has sure gotten shy around microphones these days with the new Bosch names being released.  We ALL know you got off last time on a technicality.  Just tell us about it already.  If only we could get Rex Ryan and Snowball to be this quiet.

15)   Awesome story that I am sure you have already heard about, ut it is worth telling those who haven’t heard.  True story.  A kid who was an OSU fan named his cancer Michigan and now has beaten it.  That is fantastic AND uplifting.

16)   I really wish I could give you inside info on this guy, but my hypocrisy only goes so far (awesome movie and the leader for the theme).  In case he starts out fast and becomes famous, just know the Detroit Pistons have picked up a guy named Luigi Datome.  If someone asks you follow up questions, just know he was the Italian League MVP this past year.

17)   Seriously, Tombstone is SUCH a great quote movie.  “I have two guns.  One for each of ya.”

18)   The Rockets were fined $150k for comments regarding Snowball during the free agency process.  Great, he is already making THEM irritating.  Wait until they have to be in the same locker room as him.

19)   I still laugh out loud at the AT&T commercials.  Don’t stop them yet, Mr. Television.

20)   A big decision for the Lakers is whether to use the amnesty clause on Metta World Peace.  At this point, since you struck out on free agency, you might want to think twice.  This idiot all of a sudden is looking like one of your better players after this underachieving year you had.

21)   Still, I say DO it.  He is an idiot.  You might as well be mediocre with NORMAL guys.

22)   Good to hear that Kevin Ware might be back playing ball by October.  For those of you not remembering the name, he is the Louisville player that shocked the nation with his horrible on air broken leg.

23)   Justin Verlander started a game where the Tigers ended up losing 11-4.  I think Verlander was topping out at 94-96 MPH.  Remember when he was one of the hardest throwing pitchers in baseball?  That seems to be a short prime if he is already dropping in speed.  I hope he gets it back.  Him and Scherzer would be filthy in the playoffs, and his stuff is unhittable when it DOES have the speed.

24)   Ex Yank Danny Tartabull evidently owes $250k in child support.  Forget the savings from his paychecks.  Can’t they just set up a payment plan where all of the residuals from his Seinfeld appearance go to the mother?

25)   Deadspin loves me so much that they did an article on nasty feet.  Right up my alley.

26)   Changing shirts?  Sure.  Swapping shoes?  Ok.  Changing bats?  Yup.  SHAVING?  Ian Desmond from the Nats was so mad at his last at bat that he shaved his goatee.  Good stuff, man.

27)   I was just at the Pittsburgh Airport with time to spend with no internet and a delayed flight.  I found the Lids store in search of a possible new recruit (I turned my present hat backwards and the hat doesn’t read my blog…shhh).  Anyway, the guy at the store even recognized my style and understood when I didn’t buy one.  They were all so LOUD.  He loved my present one.  One hat was ok, but it was a fitted hat, and I have a too goofy shaped head for most of those.

28)   San Fran pitcher Chad Gaudin was quietly finally charged with “lewdness” this week.  The event actually happened in January.  He was loaded in a Vegas hospital, walked by a chick laying on a gurney, said she was pretty, and then proceeded to touch her face and grab her breast.  He is all about class.

29)   .Ah HA.  He got LONELY.  Who have we not heard from in a while?  John Rocker, THAT’S who.  Rocker said in an interview that PED’s made the game of baseball much more appealing for fans.  They made it better.  He also mentioned that one of the greatest years in baseball was the HR race between McGwire and Sosa.  I agree it was exciting…until we found out they were CHEATING.  Rocker, go back to the hole you came out of.  Take Chad Johnson and Terrell Owens with you.

30)   The Bruins re-upped Tuukka Rask, their prime time goalie.  Good move.  And the Bruins are officially the most active, pissed off runner up I have ever seen.

31)   I hear the Birdman will stay with the Heat.  Why not?  They didn’t go for anyone in free agency for their front court, which means you still have a job with minutes and another chance at a ring.

32)   What’s crazy about the Laker’s mediocrity was that they STILL ended up the highest paying teams in luxury taxes.  $30 million.  That coupled with a bad first round playoff loss is one BIG swing and a miss.

33)   I am tall, and one of the sweetest little pleasures I have here and there is an open seat next to me on a plane.  MORE of a reason I will probably wrap this up soon and take a plane nap.

34)   Finally, we have news on one of the most polarizing players in the NCAA tourney last year from Mississippi.  Marshall Henderson.  He is a wildcard.  He is a maverick.  And he is officially not playing college basketball anymore.  Whether it comes forth that it was grades, drugs, attitude, or whatever, the kid doesn’t understand you can be rebel and different without being an idiot.  That kid will end up being a HUGE waste of basketball talent.  His done for now is all we know.

35)   That is it.  Hope you enjoyed.  I am going to get a little shuteye.  Will I blog tomorrow?  That is CLOWN question, bro.  peace.

36)   WRONG.  Just a tagline.  I have a hellish catchup day at work tomorrow after traveling with minimal computer time.  Therefore, no blog tomorrow.  Talk to you Friday night most likely.

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